Brendan Driscoll
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Brendan Driscoll

Brendan Driscoll

Age: 10

Athletes Helping Athletes,

I really wish I had a handcycle of my very own because I would be in much better shape for my triathlons if I could cycle every day. I love doing triathlons. I love the wind in my face when I go fast down a hill. If could ride to school with my friends I would feel more like a part of the group. I'd be very happy with a used handcylce and I would pass it on when I grow out of it.

Thank you for what you do for kids like me!


September 13th

Hi Erin and Fred, et al
Athletes Helping Athletes

We took Brendan out to practice on the cycle I rented Wednesday from Northeast Passage in NH. It is the same model you are shipping. Brendan quickly learned it is best to ride without his prosthesis, much more maneuverability. Within an hour he had it down and was so excited by how much easier and faster the XLT Pro is compared to the XLT Jr. We rode about 3 miles with lots of up and down hills. We set up cones and courses and best of all he has mom and dad on bikes again also. Tomorrow, Sunday we are all heading out to a State park near by that has no cars on weekends, for a good practice run. Monday we will be ready to ride to school. Figured out a way to attach a canvas bag on back to hold his prosthesis.

This is another life changing, freedom creating moment for Brendan. Thank-you so very much!!!!!

Ginger Driscoll

September 15th

Hi Erin

Great excitement with a huge box on the porch when we came home yesterday. The handcycle was here when Brendan came home from school. His dad and I got it assembled last night and Brendan just rode it to school with much applause upon arrival. It is a hard and hilly route but we did not have time for the easy start on the playground pavement. I had to push up one hill but he made it and we both got a good workout. We will be able to take an easier ride this afternoon.

I will take some photos after school and send them to you quickly. We are off to the Westchester Triathlon on Friday.

Thank-you all so very much!!!

Ginger Driscoll for Brendan

September 21st

The Westchester Kids Triathlon was awesome on Saturday. Brendan started to get the hang of shifting the gears on the new cycle just in time to make it up the hill independently. He finished in good standing. He was very pleased with that and spoke about it at the adults pasta dinner that night. The crowd cheered him on for his honesty as they had all met him one year ago when he had crashed the rented XLT Jr. into a gate post and had an ambulance ride to the ER.

Here are a couple quick photos, before, during and after the race.

Ginger Driscoll

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