Rachel Duke
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Rachel Duke

Rachel Duke

Age: 7

September 2007

I would like to have a bike because everybody promised that soon I would be able to ride it. Also, because I love to ride my bike. I have not ridden my bike since last year. If I had one, I could go bike riding with my friends and family. I would use it a lot and it would keep me strong healthy and active.

Rachel Duke

Dear Athletes Helping Athletes,

My daughter Rachel was diagnosed in January with Ewings Sarcoma on the left leg.
After undergoing six of the fourteen rounds of required chemotherapy she under went a resection of her left distal femur. An expandable total knee replacement was put in its place. Rachel progressed well with her rehab, about three weeks after her surgery we found out the tumor that was removed was still greater than ninety percent alive and she would require radiation on that leg subjecting her to all the evils of radiation on top of all the other things she had been through already.

We prepared for radiation only to find out we had to wait to start because her wound was not healed enough so, we preceded with chemotherapy. After her last round of chemo when her immune system was at its lowest point, she spiked a fever and had to go the hospital for antibiotics. At the hospital, they noticed her wound had some redness around it and cultured it. The culture came back positive for a nasty hard to control infection. We were told we had to remove her leg in order to control the infection. Two days later Rachel had a hip disarticulation; this is removal of the entire leg.

Rachel is a very mature and intelligent seven year old and quickly started to realize all things she would not be able to do. She has handled everything that has been thrown at her with grace and a positive attitude, much better than most adults would. She was very upset that she would not be able to ride her bike any longer. That is when I said I would finder one to ride. The XLT Jr. would be perfect for her.

Richard Duke

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