Joey Abicca
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Joey Abicca

Joey Abicca

Age: 14


Dear Athletes Helping Athletes,

My name is Joey Abbica and I heard about your program from my neighbor and friend, Eric Northbrook. I was just injured (T11) two months ago and just got home from the hospital. Eric told me about your bikes and I would love to try one. I used to ride with my dad and his friends on a road bike, and I have strong arms so I think I would be good at this. Thank you!


Dear AHA,

My son Joey is 14 years old and was recently injured in a freak machinery accident where he was crushed, knees to chest, and incurred a spinal cord injury and fractured pelvis. The doctors suspect a probable infarction or loss of blood, and inflammation at T11 where his spinal cord was stretched. He is currently paralyzed from his hips down, but is otherwise healthy and getting stronger by the day. Joey is an excellent athlete and has a very positive attitude about trying all the sports he can while we work on his recovery. Just prior to his accident, he surfed almost every day. He was part of his middle school surf team in Encinitas and finished the season (his accident happened right before the state championships) as the number one short boarder in ISF San Diego Middle schools. He had played basketball as part of an All Star team for a few years, and the last couple of years has been consumed with biking, skating, and surfing. He has just started his outpatient therapy (at Project Walk) and remains positive and determined to get stronger and stronger. Joey has always loved biking and building dirt jumps in the yard for BMX, in fact, his accident happened while making jumps for the BMX track. He has cycled with his dad and friends on road bikes along the coast and around Encinitas and he could beat some of the adults on the hills. His main goal is to get back in the water and surf as he used to, so we are also looking into local events to get him in the ocean this summer. As a kid that craves adrenaline, having a bike like this would give him a sense of freedom and speed he is probably craving right now. Thanks for considering his application!

Renny (mom)

July 20, 2009


It's so nice of your organization to provide such a gift! I had Joey on a road bike at around the age of 12, and he was really good at it. I know he will enjoy using this bike, and it is something was can do together as father and son again. Thanks again,
Tony Abicca

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