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QuickFit Custom Insoles

R-Gear QuickFit is a heat moldable, pre-shaped insole perfect for sports, casual and everyday footwear.

The patented dynamic arch supports feet and provides correct alignment and improved energy transfer between the ground and feet. A thick PU layer delivers increased comfort and shock absorption to reduce stress related to injuries, particulaly on hard surfaces.

Key Features & Benefits

Dynamic Arch Support

Provides natural foot support and alignment, helping to prevent injuries and discomfort.

Personalized Comfort

EVA & PU foam offer enhanced cushioning, which combined with the molded balance plate provides personalized comfort.

Shock Absorption & Energy Return

The dynamic core construction helps to absorb impact and boosts power and energy.

Perfect Fit

Insoles can be heat molded to follow the exact contours of the foot, providing a perfect arch support on the right height.

How To Mold Your Quickfit Custom Insoles

  1. Using the factory insole from your shoe as a guide, trim the insole around the toe area to fit your shoes.
  2. Pre-heat the oven to 80°C / 175°F (do not use a microwave oven). Place your insoles upside down in the oven on a baking sheet for 10 minutes (do not exceed the recommended heating time). Carefully take out the insoles. Now they are ready to mold.
  3. Place the insoles in your shoes and immediately put them on. Lace up your shoes for a tight fit.
  4. Walk around for 5 minutes so the insoles adjust to your feet. The dynamic Balance Plate helps you achieve optimal posture and alignment while walking.
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