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Brooks PureConnect Meet the lightest, most minimal shoe in the Brooks PureProject™ line, the PureConnect™ offers a completely different running style and mentality. Feel everything under foot and stay connected through every curve with a hug-the-road, sports car-like experience. Very low to the ground the PureConnect™ allows you to manage your running form on your own, without corrective designs built into the shoe.

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Brooks PureCadence Get that natural running experience while still enjoying the cushioning and support you love in a traditional shoe. The PureCadence™ is a minimal shoe that offers a flexible, low to the ground experience with a little stability and corrective support. The Nav Band wraps around the foot for additional support and stride alignment without a ton of extra bulk.

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Brooks PureFlow Feel a natural connection to the road without sacrificing comfort. Slightly more built up than the PureConnect™ or the PureCadence™, the PureFlow™ is well cushioned and offers efficient arch support with the Nav Band but still gives you that minimal feel.
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Brooks PureGrit Get optimal off-road protection in a lightweight package. The PureGrit™ is designed for to offer a minimal experience with maximum protection. A slim, pliable sole, wide stable platform and intuitive lug pattern make the PureGrit™ an ideal off-road partner. And the low profile of the PureGrit™ still allows a closer connection to the trail.

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Brooks® PureProject

Enter the world of natural running with a whole new line from Brooks®! Rather than dip their toe in the natural running arena, Brooks® decided to jump in big by introducing the PureProject™. Experience a range of super lightweight, minimal shoes covering all your running needs. As manufacturers find their footing in the natural running niche, Brooks® has released some unique technology features that will separate them from the pack and improve your running experience. At first glance it's obvious the PureProject™ shoes are a different breed, featuring a highly breathable, super airy mesh that will change your perspective on a running shoe's appearance!

Each of the four shoes in the PureProject™ line will also offer Toe Flex, Brooks'® split toe design, which allows the big toe to function independently, creating a more efficient push off and preventing roll in. Feet are pushed slightly forward promoting a more natural foot strike thanks to the Ideal Heel design. And the flexible Nav Band wraps the instep and keeps the foot secure. Designed on an Anatomical Last, Brooks® has created a foot-contouring design that fits like a glove. All the Brooks® PureProject™ shoes feature earth friendly BioMoGo materials along with Brooks'® patent-pending DNA smart cushioning plus gender-specific support that matches the needs of the runner.

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