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Mens Hoka One One Clifton 2 Running Shoe

Men's Hoka One One Clifton 2

Item #02073

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Product Description:

Men's HOKA ONE ONE® CLIFTON 2 :: Experience innovation that'll energize your every step in the newly updated Men's Hoka One One® Clifton 2. Get an even better fit and feel from this latest edition thanks to its improved upper, softer and lightly padded tongue and improved outsole rubber placement for durability. Rely on that same ultra-cushioned Hoka feel you experienced in the original Clifton, while counting on this line's signature Meta-Rocker geometry to give you that fantastically fluid, amazingly efficient Hoka ride. Trust us, one run in the Hoka One One® Clifton 2 is all it'll take to get you hooked!

! Endangered Shoe [?]

Features & Benefits:

  • Updated upper with softer, lightly padded tongue: Provides increased protection and comfort
  • Structural overlays added to upper: Improves midfoot support
  • Updated rubber placement on outsole: Improves durability
  • 1000006082
  • Heel-To-Toe Drop: 5mm
  • WEIGHT: 8.3 ounces
Product 02073 Review


A Narrower Clifton


I have the original CLiftons and love them though they are a bit narrow. I was hoping the Clifton 2's would be a little wider, however, as you can see in the picture below they are narrower. Too narrow for me to be able to run in. The Clifton in my Pic has about 15-20 miles on it and the Clifton 2 is fresh out of the box. The new tongue looks great and I love the addition of the flat laces. They are a little heavier than the original Cliftons but I am not sure you will be able to tell. Bottom line give us a wide Clifton!!! I tried the Constants but they are too heavy.


Enfield CT


Narrower than the original Clifton's


I was really looking forward to trying out the Clifton 2's after finally retiring my original Clifton's in the middle of training for an Ironman. But unfortunately, the Clifton 2 doesn't fit the same as the originals. The 2 footbed is definitely narrower in the toe box and arch than the original Clifton's. During my first run in the 2's, I got blisters on both of my arches just behind the ball of my foot. I wore them on a couple more runs just to make sure there wasn't a break-in period but I still got the painful blisters during both runs. When my foot splays upon impacting the ground, that part of my foot splays out over the foot bed a bit causing the friction. I have an average width foot and I know people complained that the original Clifton's were too wide (perhaps prompting Hoka to make the 2's a bit narrower) but, I don't think the originals were too wide, rather there was too much fabric on the upper which caused the fabric on the toe box to bunch up when cinching the laces tight.


Herndon, VA


You guys blew it!


I'm a highly competitive Sr Master road runner who loved the Clifton 1. In fact I had 4 pair and I still run in 2, in spite of high mileage, because they're so much better than the Clifton 2. Now, I own 2 pair of Clifton 2's. I bought the second pair hoping the first ones were just a bad pair. They weren't. You guys had the best and most innovative light weight trainer I ever ran in (and that's all I train in), but then you listened to all of the people who didn't get what you doing or where you were going and de-innovated by adding a fat tongue, harder lugs, firmer bottom (defined harder), big flat laces, a useless fat cap over the toe (it's not a trail shoe) just to name to name a few things of the mistakes. If I wanted that I would've bought fresh foams or some other typical running shoe, but I loved the Clifton 1's so I hoped for the best you all let me down. I suggest that when you design the Clifton 3 that you take the Clifton 2 and remove everything that made the 1 the 2, add those two numbers together and call it the 3, but it will really be the 1 again. By the way, I never review anything but I'm passionate about the Clifton 1. I'm recommending to a friend only because I'm hoping you'll correct your mistakes.


Long Island, NY


Perfect Update


The original Clifton was an obvious hit with the running community. However, there were a few things that could have been improved upon. Hoka got it right. They left all that was great about the Clifton alone. Fixed is the tongue padding and some of the general structure of the shoe. It retains the light weight and generous cushion we love. I believe this will be one of the biggest hits yet for Hoka. I love these shoes without any reservation or desire for anything different. The new colors are an improvement as well. Once you start wearing Hokas it is very hard to go back. Congratulations on the Clifton 2. A perfect update and the creation of an absolutely amazing running shoe. Thank you Hoka!


Oro Valley, Arizona


Fabulous shoe!!


Hoka re-ignited my triathlon passion! I ran in my Clifton 2's for most of 2015 and ran a PR marathon split at Ironman Maryland 2015 (my first sub-4 IM marathon split at age 47!) in these shoes. I know they're fabulous shoes because I barely thought about them the entire marathon, except to note how great they felt!! Then, four weeks later, I ran my first 50k ultra-marathon trail race in the Clifton's trail-adapted brother, the Challenger ATR and had another great run during a tough, awesome experience on the trails. My foot is an average size 10, average to narrow width, but I'm big at 207lbs. My only complaint is that the tread wears out faster than the rest of the shoes, but that might just be a testament to how long the cushioning and upper lasts compared to other shoes!! So at the moment I use my worn Clifton 2s for walking and I train in my Challenger ATRs for the winter, but I'm about to order another pair of Cliftons for the 2016 season opener. I'm tempted to try the Vanquish, but I don't want to mess with something that works, so I'll probably stick with the Clifton 2s. Thanks, Hoka, for a great, great product!!

Ironman Guy in DC

Washington, DC


I gave them my best shot!


I am what I consider an avid, certainly not competitive, runner who runs around 25-30 miles a week and at least 2 mini marathons a year. I'm 41, 5'10, 180, and have suffered many injuries over the years from various sports. I thought my running days were over until Hoka introduced the Clifton and it changed everything for me. I ran pain free, had two PB mini marathons and went through 6 pairs. When the 2's were released I was thrilled to be able to try a new version but that excitement didn't last long. The cushioning felt 'stiffer' and the entire shoe somehow felt clunkier and the feel was absolutely gone. I wanted so badly to love these, especially with the introduction of the shoes in black, but there is simply no comparison. Are they still great shoes? Yes, but unfortunately the origials blow them away. HOKA, in the next iteration, please go back to basics, the Clifton 1 was perfect!

Matt A



Love them BUT


Okay, so first time Hoka customer and let me tell you the Clifton's are a game changer for me. I was experiencing some foot issues and pain to include Morton's neuroma (seriously painful in ball of the foot). The Clifton's were an immediate fix. Brought back the joy of running instantly. BUT and its a big BUT -- In 3 weeks and just after 100 miles they are pretty worn. So much that I've worn through the outer sole and now eating the soft part of the sole. I'll be lucky to get 200 miles out of these. Too bad because they feel so good. I just can't afford to keep running in them...

Woddy Hayes



Buying all the Clifton 1's I could find in my size...


I fell in love with the original Cliftons the first time I ran in them. They were a perfect shoe for me. I run about 20-25 miles per week. My biggest challenge is finding a shoe with a toe box that wasn't too narrow. The Clifton 1's were great because you couldn't even feel the upper, just the soft ride below your feet. Not sure why anyone felt a thicker tongue was a good idea. Just adds pressure on the top of the foot. Maybe designing for kick-ball? Don't know. But I need cushion below my feet, not pressure on top. The toe box also folds down onto the top of my toes providing instant blisters two miles into my first run in them. Huuuuuge bummer. I've returned my Clifton 2's and bought several 1's. Enough to get me through a couple of years of running, hoping Hoka releases their original magical design once again before I wear them out.


San Diego, CA


Please bring back the Clifton 1


This shoe is nothing like the Clifton 1. The 1 was light, fast, perfectly balanced. Shoes I put a lot of miles training and racing in. The 2's are terrible. Heavy, harder soles. In most running shoes I am smooth runner- very little sound when my feet hit the ground. In the 2's I feel like my feet are slapping the ground with loud claps. Please bring back the 1.

Dave The long course triathlete

Sparta NJ


Please fix the toe box!


I had a pair of Clifton 1 and also had 400 miles in. Loved running on the road on them, so bought the 2 (love the black colour, please persist with this!) but I had to send mine back after 25 miles. The stitching on the underside of the material that sits on top the toes, really stuck out and caused a gash/injury to my foot. Toe box is just too narrow still. Please add a bit more width, get rid of the seams/stitching and make the top and side of the foot as pleasurable to wear as the bottom of the feet/legs. Please.




Let Down


I had three pairs of Clifton One and it was probably my favorite running shoe of all time. This one just doesn't live up to it's predecessor. The weight was increased and the shoe was made a bit narrower. A bad combination. My wide feet fit just perfectly in Clifton One but felt terribly cramped in this version. I hope Clifton 3 brings back the qualities that made this shoe so special.




I thought the Clifton's were GOOD! The Clifton 2 even better


The minor update to the Clifton 2 is the padded tongue. What a huge difference!!!


Brentwood, CA

New style Clifton 2 is much tighter


The original Cliftons were a revelation/gift from heaven and though the soles wore down quickly given my footfall (250 miles) I happily bought another pair and ran my 1st half-marathon on them. Then came the original Clifton 2s which corrected the far too thin tongue problem which was icing on the cake. Now the new model/design of the Clifton 2 is out and I am crushed. I ordered the same size as my current Clifton 2s and as soon as I put them on I said "This is not right." The toe box is much narrower than the last Clifton 2 design and pinched the ridge at the base of the toe so badly I dreaded putting them on. Thankfully I was able to find a pair of the original Cliftons at my shoe store but I fear what I will do in 250 miles. Also I tried on the Challengers at the store and while wider in the toe box, I could still feel whatever material Hoka is using to firm up the upper around the toes (looks like strips of tougher material in a lattice patern) and they abraded the tops of my foot just running in the store. I love the tech, love the lightness, but just hate the new design.


Shrewsbury, MA


Not very happy


Have had three other Clifton One pairs and loved them. Got this Clifton 2 and very surprised. Within a quarter mile it seemed like I was running in my dress shoes. Very hard on the feet, calfs and hamstrings. Ran about four miles and my legs just ached. Never had that feeling before ever in my Clifton 1's. No bounce, no cushion. If this is the way they are I can't do it. I'm older, but generally run 3-4 times a week; I do 10Ks, a few 10 mile races a year and a half-marathon, and still play full-court basketball once a week. Never came close to feeling this much pain, literally step-by-step. I couldn't wait to get home. I will try it one more time, but if it still feels this way I would like to return them and get something else, or, reluctantly, go to a different brand. It's been two days and my knees still hurt.




Worth every penny


For the majority of my running I had been using minimalist shoes. I decided to try out the Clifton 2 and see what running in a maximal style shoe was like. The shoe felt just as light as minimal shoes I had previously used, and my feet bones didn't take a beating during long training runs, which motivated me to run longer. Because my feet had more cushion and reduced impact, it was easier to run back to back to back without incurring the pounding normally taken from minimal shoes. As marathoner and ultra marathoner, the Clifton 2 meets my running needs.

Michael (

San Francisco


Narrow, narrow, narrow....


For those that have worn the original Clifton, the Clifton 2 may leave you disappointed. The original version was narrow, but the Clifton 2 is so narrow that I have blisters for the first time in many years. Hopefully Hoka will move towards a more standard width - similar to other shoe manufacturers. A bit wider and you have a great shoe.

MN Nice

Saint Paul, MN


Not as good as the original


I am a very big fan of the Hoka brand and have had great success with the original Clifton...but the Clifton 2 does not suit me very well. It's still a comfortable shoe, but it feels a bit more narrow that the original and a LOT more stiffer. The back of the shoe was much to rigid against my achilles. The shoe remains a very soft comfortable ride, but the body doesn't conform to my feet very well. I'm going back to the original Clifton. In my opinion, the original Clifton is the greatest running shoe I have EVER worn!


Tewksbury, MA


Way too narrow


I have average sized feet. I read some of the other reviews that complained of the Clifton 2s being too narrow, but didn't think it would be a problem for me. Please believe me when I say that the Clifton 2 shoes have too narrow of a foot and toe bed! They forced the small toes on both of my feet inward so much that it caused foot pain after a couple of weeks of daily use. In the end, I had to stop using them and go to a physician for pain control. Never again!!!!


Denver, CO


Don't mess with success


I have been through two pairs of the original Clifton's and couldn't wait to get the new Clifton 2's. Sorry to say but I don't believe this shoe is as good as the original. While some may disagree, I liked the no pad tongue. It stayed in place and was not unfortable at all. The new one moves, even though I have put the shoe strings through the slit in the tongue. While my foot is not a wide foot, this shoe is narrower than the original and while it is not uncomfortable, I again prefer the old fit. This is not a bad shoe and the only reason I gave it a four star rating is that the original Clifton's are a five star shoe.

Over 55

Wichita, KS


Looking forward to Clifton 3


Have 3 pairs of Clifton 1 with 750, 600 & 350 km run: awesome shoe although always a touch tight for me in the toe box. For guidance, my pace is around 3hr for marathon. The Clifton 2 has an improved tongue, and 2nd top hole for lacing, but is 1oz heavier and even narrower in the toe box. (as a result, I have kept my last pair of Clifton 1 back for races). Have also a pair of Bondi 4 2E and that fit is great, but they are heavier still. Looking forward to the release of the Clifton 3. Hopefully you have reduced the weight back down. I know you have made them a touch wider, but better still bring out a 2E please




not the same fit as original clifton


the original Clifton has been my running shoe (2 pairs) for past 1.5 years. The clifton 2 is more narrow and much less comfortable around the tongue. Sadly, I need to find another shoe, after being so pleased with original. Beware of replacing your old Cliftons with The Clifton 2 is much different fit,

Peter runner



not the same


Its not the same as the fist clifton. It fits diffrent. I would say its a step back. Disappointed in the new version. Its also not a foamy...just not what I wanted. I will still use it but not really happy. I wont buy this product again, but will buy another Hoka product.


shelburne fall ma


Please address the shoe width!


I am a few weeks away from my Marathon that I have trained in the original Cliftons and I was shocked when I went to purchase another set for the race. I was absolutely stunned the difference in the shoe. I was wearing my original Clifton shoes so I compared the foot print with this version. It was absolutely indeed smaller in the toe box; Hoka narrowed the shoe. Hoka has officially eliminated me from this shoe with their decision to significantly change this shoe. I would hope that if enough people bring this to their attention then you would at least offer this show in a EE width.


Baton Rouge, LA


An excellent shoe for ultras


This shoe protects you extremely well from shock; yet it is light. It fits my foot very well. The fact that it has a padded tongue is a significant improvement from last year's model. This product was a gift but I have not been compensated in any way for writing this review.

Trailrunner Bill

Eugene, OR


So far better than the original


Finally wore out my original Cliftons just in time for the release of the updated version. Just got back from a 9 mile run. I run 20-30 miles per week and use the Cliftons for my long runs. Despite what other reviewers have said, the updated Cliftons feel much more comfortable and spacious around the toes than the original, though admittedly I have narrowish feet so these have been perfect for me. I think this may be the beginning of a long love affair!


Boulder, CO


Apparently they didn't screw up the C1


The Clifton 2 is my 5th pair of Hokas. A lot of people complain about the original Clifton (and especially this newer version) being too narrow in the toebox. Well, I guess I have narrow or low volume feet, because that's never been a problem for me. If anything, I had a little too much room in the original Clifton's forefoot area. Out of the box, the C2 looked awesome, but I thought the extra welded overlay near my pinky toe was causing the mesh to rub while walking around. Being super sensitive to blisters, I was kinda bummed and almost returned them on the spot. I'm thrilled I didn't because all of my worries evaporated as soon as I started moving in them. My first run in was 6 miles of flat pavement on a warm day. I went on my second run, 14 miles, this past weekend with a mix of trails (Marin Headlands) and pavement. No blisters; happy feet; happy joints; job well done. For those looking for comparisons to the original Clifton, I found this newer version was slightly narrower in the forefoot. If you hold them side by side, it's obvious. Also, the C2 seemed slightly less "airy" and breathable (probaby due to the thicker tongue padding) overall. This becomes more noticeable if you're hitting hot pavement in the Summer. On the plus side, it had more structure in the midfoot, new flat laces were more locked in, and I felt more secure when elevation came into play. It's a hint heavier and the action of the meta-rocker was less perceptible in the C2 - maybe just because I haven't broken them in?? Overall, these are solid shoes with less wiggle compared to their predecessor for low volume people like myself. Good job HOKA OH-nay Oh-nay!

Alex the Newb

San Francisco, CA


From Awesome to Good


So bummed. Loved the first version of Clifton. The only Hoka model I will wear. 2's? Not so fond of the hard toe material at the end of the shoe. Instant hot spot on my pinkie toes. Upper feels stiffer and less roomy/narrower and does not breath nearly as well. And it's HEAVIER! Wrong direction guys. In my opinion, first version is WAY better. Now I'm left scrambling trying to find any last Clifton 1's out there. I really hope Clifton 3's are more like the 1's.

Bummed Clifton Runner

Salem OR

Great Shoe


This show is the first HOKA shoe that I have bought and it really worked for me. I was into Brooks cushioned shoes before but I think I have found a shoe that works. It reduces the shock of my step drastically. The way the sole of the shoe is shaped, it kinda gives me a push through my stride or an extra kick. I would be careful though, around slick smooth surfaces because of the traction and foam bottoms. Great shoe, you should definitely buy it!


Branson, Mo




I just got these and barely put 9 miles on them and my pinky and big toes on the sides are rubbed raw, I thought they would give a little like the Clifton did and I loved those shoes!!!! These uppers feel even tighter, great for walking, but once you start moving they start rubbing some real hot spots! Why won't HOKA make a slightly wider version? I'm afraid I'm going to have to return them.


Independence, MO


Very Impressed


So I live in downtown Perth, Australia and it's a great place to run outside since there are so many bike/foot paths, however with my normal running shoes the impact running on the paths is more than I liked (I would try to run in the grass along the path if possible). When I saw the Hoka's on a triathlete site I thought they were a great idea, especially for my case of running on hard footpaths, and decided to give them a try. I've done a handful of 5-10km runs and love them. It took about 3-4 runs for my foot to get adjusted and now they feel great. I used to get pains in my shins and calves and haven't noticed that yet in these Hoka's. They are also deceptively light for the size, they were just as light as a pair of Nike Frees, but with heaps more cushion, but still a reasonably low drop from heal to toe. All in all, great shoe and I plan to buy another pair once these start to wear, Hoka might be a new staple in my shoe stable. The only downside to the Hoka is the looks. Unfortunately some other brands have tried the "thick sole" thing and made poor products that have ruined the image. And it does just look a bit odd. But I don't run to look cool, I run to accomplish a goal, so I choose function over style. Plus, if you run fast enough people won't notice anyways.

Josh in the Outback

Perth, Australia



4.0 367


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