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Mens Hoka One One Clifton 3 Running Shoe

Men's Hoka One One Clifton 3

Item #09293

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Product Description:

Men's HOKA ONE ONE® CLIFTON 3 :: If cushioning and a lightweight ride are top priorities to you, look no further than the newly updated Men's Hoka One One Clifton 3. Treat your feet to an even better fit and feel with this latest update that features an improved fit with a more accommodating forefoot, plus a new seamless speed frame construction for better lightweight comfort. You'll still get that same amazing ride that delivers a light and smooth run every time. Whether you're already a Hoka Clifton fan or new to the Hoka lineup, the Clifton 3 is sure to satisfy your cravings for light n' cushy!

Features & Benefits:

  • New Ultra-Lightweight No Sew SpeedFrame Construction: Now features a more accomodating forefoot and seamless construction for lightweight and supreme comfort
  • Early Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry: Meta-Rocker midsole geometry-sculpting with the transition zone placed behind the metatarsal heads, designed to encourage a smoother ride, and a faster transition to the forefoot
  • Full-Length Compression Molded EVA Midsole
  • Full Ground Contact Design
  • Strategic Rubber Placement on Outsole provides durability
  • 1000011219
  • Heel-To-Toe Drop: 5mm
  • WEIGHT: 8.6 ounces
Product 09293 Review


Would not suggest


I ran with the shoes for a minimum of 10 miles on the road and trails and they were just fine. But once I went out to the track and did some speed workouts, the shoes began to show some wear and the bottom soon fell apart. I only wore them on my runs so I'm very curious as why they wore out so quickly. The black rubber on the bottom of the shoes seem to be poorly glued on or my 10 miles really wore them out. It seems strange to me that such a greatly reviewed shoe could be so easily broken down. It's my first time with Hoka and I'm deeply disappointed.




Change for the sake of change?


I train and race long course triathlon, so I run a lot and I have run in a lot of different shoes. It pains me to see a great shoe continue to spiral downward. The Hoka Clifton 1 was hands down, the best running shoe ever made. Truly ground breaking. Light as a feather, fast, that sweet soft cushion. Then Hoka was bought and here came year after year of changes to what was perfection. Just stop. Stop overthinking things. Stop change for the sake of change. Grab one of the originals and duplicate it. I have a pair I will send you if needed. Surely the formula for the midsole material and design specs are in a safe somewhere? All you have to do is read a review from your original fan base to know what I'm speaking of. If you feel you must keep messing up a good thing, start a new line and call it " We Overthought it Again 1". Then you can come out with "We Overthought it Again 2" and so on. That way everyone can be happy. The Clifton 3, it's Just OK. 2.5 stars. Bring back the original, exactly the way it was. We will buy them. If you get it right, I will buy 20 pairs.

Power to the People!



Just awesome!


Looking for something with more cushion than my Nike Pegasus 33's that I love, but I developed a stress fracture training for my first half marathon. Bought a pair of Bondi 4's and the cushioning was great, but too heavy. Enter the Clifton 3's. Wow! What a difference! As light and breathe just as well as my Peg's but so much more comfortable. Just received my second pair today (had to search hard for my size 9 in the graphite blue/green) and could not be happier.


Dallas, TX


Helped old horse out!


Ten years ago I was a competitive runner. I'd run 5 minute pace for daily runs and today I'm lucky to run 12 minute pace with a pitbull chasing me. I simply stopped running and took a job that had me eating! So starting all over again I chose these shoes in place of my once regularly used flats. I've gotta say while it's extremely hard starting all over from scratch I wouldn't make it out the door without these Hoka running shoes. They give my huge behind the cushioning I need while giving me the old old feeling of lightness my days of sub 15 minute 5k times had on my feet. I'm loving these shoes!




Have three pairs


Was brought to Hoka by my podiatrist, I have three pairs of these shoes and hope that Hoka never stops making! I also own a pair of Arahi's which I also posted a great review. Ive always ran in other shoes but since wearing hokas I've gone on longer, harder runs then I have in the past few years. I had arch pain and a fractured foot, now i run fast and pain free! Give them a try, worth every penny!


South Carolina


A Beautiful Shoe!!!


What can I say about the Clifton 3 that hasn't been said in numerous reviews, casual conversations, and social media mentions? A lot actually! I am not a professional athlete, or revered reviewer! No, I'm the average guy in his early 40s who tries to take care of his body! Like many, when I first saw Hoka's shoes I snickered and said to myself, "I'll never wear anything like that!" Oh, how I wish I hadn't waited three long years to finally try a pair! The Clayton was my first introduction to the wonderful world of "One One!" I marveled at the amazing cushion and support in a shoe that weighed less than 8 ounces (men's size 10.) A few miles later, the shoes I'd once snickered at, became the most beautiful shoe I'd ever seen! I couldn't stop at just one pair, so another trip to my local running store, and the Clifton 3 were added! Finding a pair of shoes that fit comfortably, has enough cushion to protect my damaged back, and offers enough support to work with my body and not against, is a difficult challenge! I walk/hike 7 miles every day and have tried too many shoes to name looking for the perfect combination, to no avail! Always, around 100 miles or so, my right foot would feel as though I were walking on the side of my shoe. It was uncomfortable and made my favorite activity very challenging! This issue distracted me from enjoying the outdoors, walking with my faithful boxer, and taking in the scenery around me! I had come to the conclusion this was something I just had to endure - until, the salesperson at my local running store finally convinced me to try a pair of Hoka's! Several weeks and a couple of hundred miles later, I feel like a new man! Out of the box, the Clifton is a good looking shoe - mine are orange and blue! The Clifton fit true to size, where the Clayton felt better a half size down. I've seen many complaints about the Clifton 2's toe box, but the changes Hoka made to the Clifton 3 are spot-on, as my toes have plenty of space! I have very high arches and with most other shoes have employed a lacing method of skipping holes above the top of my arch; however, the Clifton's shape and lace spacing are just fine as is. I have not experienced the normal tightness around the top of my foot past shoes have caused. The heel cup is the real difference in fit and feel! My heel feels locked into place without adjusting from a conventional lacing method for assistance. Hoka's claim of the "bucket seat" design is not just fancy marketing...that is the best way to describe how my feet feel when I put my Clifton's on! With any shoe, however, my biggest concern is performance! I was worried that a shoe with this much cushion would feel boggy and heavy after a while, but this concern has been put to rest! The Clifton is a little heavier than the Clayton, but is still extremely light-weight! The shoe absorbs plenty of shock with each step, but is responsive enough not to slow me down. Understand that I am walking and not running, but the transfer of weight from heel to toe is smooth and easy with the Meta-Rocker design - I feel like I'm being rocked forward as I go! Additionally: I was worried that it would take time to get used to walking on a taller shoe; that standing on a sole this thick would make me feel unstable; however, nothing could be further from the truth! My foot sits in the shoe, not on the shoe. The Clifton, feels incredibly stable from the first step out of the box! My walking gait is not restricted at all - the shoe works with my body and helps me find my natural stride! With many shoes there is a period of adjustment: a hot spot here, refigure the laces there, blisters - you get the picture. With the Clifton, I've had none of these issues! My feet get plenty of airflow and feel cool and comfortable throughout my workout. (I'm writing this review in August from Oklahoma, where daily heat indexes are well above 100!) I never let outside conditions keep me from getting my miles in and the Clifton has kept my feet very comfortable in this hot and humid environment! Finding anything negative to say about the Hoka Clifton 3 is proving to be a challenge - all in all, this is the best shoe I've ever worn! I applaud Hoka One One for listening to the consumer and delivering a superior product! I am a customer for life!!! Whether you choose the Clifton 3 or not is up to you and what your needs are! Perhaps you need a hiking boot, such as the Tor Ultra (I hope to get a pair very soon;) or maybe a lightweight trainer like the Clayton or Tracer suits you better - I will say, do NOT let the appearance of Hoka's prevent you from trying them for yourself! After wearing a pair for just one day, I know you'll agree - Hoka makes beautiful shoes!!! #TimeToFly


Oklahoma City


Didn't think it was possible to improve the Clifton 1


Improved tongue padding, and perfect cushioning stability. I really didn't think there was a way to better the Clifton 1, but HOKA found a way!


Camp Pendleton, CA


Good but NOT GREAT like the original clifton 1


I hate to complain and lobby while giving a review but I can't help it. Hoka, PLEASE BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL. I MISS my original Hoka Clifton SO BAD. The Clifton 2 was heavier, to narrow in the tow box, worst of all, didn't have an achilles V cut out on the back, and I got a blister on my big tow for whatever reason. Clifton 3 did have better wear on the bottom and a better tow box than the 2 but NOTHING compares to the Clifton 1, the LIGHTEST, two insert foot pads, best tow box, AWESOME shoe tongue, V cut out for your achilles tendon, etc. The ONLY thing is put that last black piece of better wearing material on the bottom of the shoe (up front) and go with it...STOP worrying about "newness" all the time and go back to what works and I will BUY them forever!!! And 1/2 my high school and middle school cross country and track teams will too!! PLEASE

Calvin the Coach



You should take a serious look at this running shoe


This is my second pair of Hokas. I purchased the Clifton Hoka Clifton 3 a couple weeks ago. I'm a 47 year old and run approx. 25 miles a week. The only BIG difference I see and feel in the HOKA sneakers is the cushion in the heal area. I'm 6'4" 195 pounds and I never feel the cushion in the heel bottom out. The cushion is AMAZING and nothing I've tried comes close to the shock absorbing material and design HOKA uses.

Steve NBPT

Newburyport, MA


Finally...toe room!!


I have been running on Hoka's exclusively for 4 years now...and currently run 25 miles a week. I received my Clifton 3's yesterday and ran my normal 6-mile loop this morning and can't believe how comfortable these are. These are my favorite Hoka's ever! They finally listened to the complaints of the footbed being too narrow. The toe box is very roomy with plenty of wiggle room for the toes. Thanks Hoka.

OC Runner

Orange County, CA


Clifton 1 was my favorite shoe of all time


Everyone has their personal faves and opinions on what is "the best" shoe. Never have I felt better running than in my Clifton I's! Be the real innovators and actually bring back the original! Now there's a marketing ploy that has never been done. Besides feeling perfect to me, I have a precision scale and compared the weight of 4 different running shoes I wear and rotate. The Saucony Kinnvara is a popular racing shoe and the Clifton 1 was still lighter.


Columbus OH


Best running shoe (period)


If you have sore knees &/or back problems ,buy this shoe. I stopped running for 10 years because of a bulging disc & knee pain. At 51, I am running 3 miles @ 9 min/mile. I am an old Marine and gained 30 pounds being lazy. Running in Hokas helped get my cholesterol back down and made me a happier man. I bought 3 other pair of shoes before I found Hoka. I gave the Adidas & Nike to the homeless.

M'boro TN

Murfreesboro, TN


Just can't wear them, sadly.


I've tried many Hoka's but just can't wear them. The Clifton was as comfortable as it got and they made my feet fall asleep. I've never experienced that with other shoes and I am a running shoe junkie. Sad. Just not for me.


Boulder Colorado


I ran a 12 K race. And I LOVE them!!


I ran a 12 k race in San Francisco. The Bay to Breakers race and felt like i could have run further in The Clifton 3. I cant wait to try The Clifton 4 as soon as they come out in July!!!! : )


San Jose Ca


Another Customer with Hot Spots


The Clifton 2 was my first experience with the Hoka brand and I loved them. The tread started to wear thin so I purchased a pair of the 3s - even after reading the reviews regarding hot spots on the arch. I broke the shoes in as I normally do with a few days of casual wear. From day one of training in the 3s, I started feeling the hot spots in the arch area after about 30 minutes on the road. I tried three different inserts (including my Clifton 2 inserts) and three different types of socks, but nothing helped. It occurred every training run, right at the 30 minute mark. The final straw was when I tried a heavier cotton sock and ended up with a blister that covered my entire arch. I then put my Clifton 3s on the shelf, broke out the old 2s, then ordered another pair of 2s. I don't know what changed from the 2 to the 3, but it is not the insert. The 3s are still a very cushioned shoe, that feels great, but be aware of the potential for hot spots.


Parkersburg, WV


Best Clifton, bar none!


I have all versions of the Clifton, I had the orginal Vanquish and I have the Constant 2, and I can say without a doubt that this is the best Hoka shoe I have ever ran in. The Clifton 3 moves beyond the Clifton 1 (which by the way I still use, and it is an excellent shoe also). Minus the superb foot to pavement feedback delivered by the Clifton 1, the 3 has the nice cushioned response but it's more like running on a cloud as opposed to bouncing off pavement. Still, that's okay because it brings so much more to my run. The Clifton 3 brings more support for ankles, with a soft and high heel counter. It's more rigid and wider outsole allows for proper forefoot alignment. As a result and just like the Constant 2, my foot sits strait in the shoe and my feet stay nice and planted in my stride. The first Clifton used a more pliable upper than 2 or 3. This upper allowed the shoe to break in well and was more forgiving, thus allowing the shoe to offer more toe splay and basically stay true to size, leading to its popularity. The Clifton 2 has the opposite effect because the upper is much less forgiving. Yet the Clifton 3 is the best of both worlds. The upper is soft, flexible, and arguably the most attractive to date. Also the outsole and the forefoot areas are slightly wider to better accommodate wider feet. With the better overall build quality, soft upper, wider forefoot and outsole, and supper cushy ride, this makes for an excellent update to the Clifton line.


Las Vegas, NV


Amazing Shoe


An amazing shoe. I run marathons and after weekly long runs my legs are not beat up. Light weight, but with amazing cushioning. My first pair of Hoka's after trying Saucony and Brooks, which I returned. These have become my go to shoes.


Portland, OR


Yeah buddy


So I used to run in minimalist shoes....but now I'm 40. The Clifton 3s are fastest most comfortable shoes I've worn in a decade. If you can get over the fact that they look like orthopedic'll be super cush!




Clifton 3 ROCKS!


I've been a big fan of the Hoka Cliftons since they were launched. I've been through about 5-6 pairs of Cliftons. I recently purchased the Clifton 2 and I have about 100 miles on them. I liked the 2, but felt like it wasn't as cushioned as the 1, and the toe area in the 2 felt a little snug. Well, I just finished my first run in the Clifton 3. Wow! The magic of the original Clifton has returned in the 3! Great cushioning and lightweight. A little more room in the toe box than the Clifton 2 as well. Bottom line, while the Clifton 2 was a solid alternative to the original Clifton, I had a better running experience in the Clifton 3. Can't wait to hit the road again in my new Clifton 3s!


Columbus, OH


Finally a wider toebox. Combination between Clifton 1 and 2


The clifton 3 is the clifton 2 how it should be :-) Sizing toebox like the clifton 1 and better and softer material of the clifton 2. Thx Hoka that you listen to your customer :-)


Black Forrest, Germany


best shoe I've run in...


ill start by saying i returned my clifton 2 and went back to saucony rides, I'm a 11.5 and they were to big and 11was to small, the clifton 3 however are perfect, great fit both in size and width, i chuckle when i see these reviews stating not nearly wide, believe it or not there are people here with normal size feet and i think you found the perfect balance. i own 3 pairs of hokas, the clifton 3, challengers atr 3, and the ultra high wp that i use for hunting, and i must say I'm very happy with all 3. please don't do what all these other companies are doing and change great shoes dramatically for the sake of changing. keep it up




Helped with Achilles Pain


First off, I've had fairly severe achilles pain for the last two years. Yes, I've done the exercises, tried keeping off it, etc... anyway, a few weeks ago I went into a running store to get my son new shoes and saw the Hoka Clifton 3s on the wall in all their cushiony glory. I tried them on and left the store a bit poorer, but holy smokes was I surprised. The back doesn't rub against my achilles and all the supportive cushioning has greatly reduced the pain, even more than I'd hoped. The pain had turned me from a runner into a jogger but now I'm back in running mode. After running nearly 40 years I can't imagine running in anything else anymore.


Minneapolis, MN


So far so good!


This is my first-ever pair of Hoka One's. After some running buddies raved about the Clifton 1, I decided to take the plunge, but waited for the Clifton 3 as I heard the 2s were too narrow. So far I am loving them. As for the shoe fit, I consider my foot to be completely average in width, and I haven't had a problem with a crowded toe box, so I guess they fixed that in the 3s. All in all, after about 7 runs and 50 miles or so, I'm a big fan of this shoe. Extremely comfortable, and the cushioning offers a great ride. It's of course super soft, but still with some firmness at the end of your stride to enable a good push-off. My only complaint, and what is preventing this from being a 5-star review, is the shoe tongue. No matter how I lace the shoes, the tongue inevitably ends up sliding off to the side after a few miles. Some of my other shoes have sewn the tongue into the side of the shoe with a sort of elastic sleeve, and I like this very much. But on these Clifton 3's, the tongues always slips to the side. I'm still experimenting w/ lace tightness etc. so maybe I will uncover a better fit. In summary: Great shoes. Super comfortable. Toe box and width is good for normal feet. Tongue slips.






This shoe has been a God-send for me. I've suffered from stage 2 and 3 arthritis in my knee for years and have reverted to low-impact training over the past 4-5 years until I met this shoe this summer. I've been able to log road miles again in the Clifton 3 thanks to the perfectly placed padding and lightweight comfort of this shoe. This shoe absorbs street impact and I feel ZERO knee pain when running (making my post work-out recovery time shorter). Hoka - please keep making this shoe!!! I'm buying a back-up pair right now... #lifechanging


Lansdowne, VA


Great endurance tri shoe!


I have thin cartilage in both knees. During my first Full IronMan in 2014 I developed a great deal of left knee pain. I allowed myself to recover then back to training. In 2015 my right knee developed serious pain prior to IM and ended up getting a cortasone shot. In May of 2016, while training for my 3rd Full IM, a friend who works at one of our favorite running stores told me about Hoka. I decided to try them. I was concerned about the soft impact possibly slowing my pace. After a few short runs I tried them on an 18 mile training run. I was amazed! They felt great! My pace was great! My knees felt great! I was excited to see how they would hold up. In July 2016, I completed my third and fastest Full distance IronMan with no knee pain what so ever. I've had no more cortisone shots since the first one and no other medical treatment. I am absolutely convinced that the Hoka Clifton 3 saved my running. After nearly 500 miles on the first pair I bought a new pair and will be breaking them in soon. Thanks Hoka for these awesome shoes!


Northeast PA


Great shoe


Great shoe, I have bad knees and it absorbs the road well


Fort Meade, MD


Best Hoka Shoe


I run 30 miles a week on a soft track only due to knee issues. Since last March, I've owned the Bondi, Constant2, Vanquish2, and now the Clifton3. The Bondi and Constant2 treads wore out at 500 and 800 miles respectively. The exterior wrap fuzzed out as well. My Vanquish2 are heavier than Clifton3 and are now relegated to work shoes. Clifton3's are very light & the dark/gold pinstripes will make for decent/conservative looking work shoes later. I love the spring with these shoes! Nothing like them.


Corpus Christi TX


Awesome Shoes


Great shoe for road training. Very comfortable and durable. Loved the Clifton 2 and so far love the Clifton 3 just as much, if not better (30 miles logged so far). Tried the Vanquish line, but found these to be too narrow and rigid for my tastes. Clifton line has been my go to for road training.


Bloomington, IL


Awesome Shoe


The Clifton is the perfect blend of cushioning and responsiveness. It gives me a great shoe to run long training runs without trashing my legs but also responsive enough to race in. I have run in each edition of the shoe, and the extra weight the shoe has gained since the first edition is not a huge factor for me. The increased forefoot width is a big plus which more than offsets the weight gain. I get about 500 miles out of a pair which makes it an incredible bargain compared to other shoes.

Lone Wolf

Mesquite, TX


Finally a shoe that provides relief to autoimmune disease!!!


I was a daily runner, biker, and cross country skier before experiencing symptoms which prevented me from engaging in these activities. I was diagnosed with autoimmune diseases that are chronic and cause significant pain at all times. These shoes have provided me with such lower back pain relief and for the first time in months I am able to engage in low impact and time limited activity without reaching a 10 on the pain scale.


Montpelier, VT



4.4 568


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