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Mens Hoka One One Clayton 2 Running Shoe

Men's Hoka One One Clayton 2

Item #13227

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Product Description:

Men's HOKA ONE ONE® CLAYTON 2 :: Redefine your fast in the breathtakingly light Men's Hoka One One Clayton 2 running shoe. Cushion landings and toe off swiftly thanks to the PRO2Lite™ dual density midsole. Take your fast up another notch with an RMAT® outsole that cuts the excess weight of traditional rubber. Stay uber-comfortable in your Clayton 2 with a lighter, no-sew upper fit and an oversized base tuned to keep you balanced as you turn up the pace.

Features & Benefits:

  • New Ortholite® insert: Relieves arch friction
  • Lightweight, no sew TPU lattice: Provides forefoot support
  • Lightweight, form-fitting heel construction: Enhances fit
  • Early stage Meta-Rocker: Provides a smooth ride
  • PRO2Lite™ midsole: Provides a unique balance of propulsion and protection
  • Forefoot matrix technology: Provides a dynamic cushioning and flexibility at a breathtakingly light weight
  • Oversize active forefoot frame: Provides maximum tuned stability
  • Full RMAT® outsole: Provides high rebound cushioning and traction
  • 1000016291
  • Drop: 4 mm
  • WEIGHT: 8.3 ounces
Product 13227 Review


I would buy again knowing what I know now.


I started running in Hoka's several years ago and by far my favorite shoe was the first version of the Clifton's. I thoroughly enjoyed them but unfortunately due to design changes I can no longer run in them. I recently purchased the Clayton 2 and was excited to give them a try. On my maiden run at roughly mile 3 I began to experience a severe burning sensation on the inside edge of my right foot almost where my arch ends and the ball of my foot begins. Needless to say I cut my run short and headed back. Once back, I took my shoes and socks off and discovered I had developed a pretty nasty blister. I examined the inside of the shoe and noticed that the insole was wider than the sole itself and actually rolled up the interior wall of the upper. I removed the insole and trimmed some of the material away so the insole would lay flat along the bottom of the shoe. The following day I attempted another run and was thrilled to find that my minor experiment solved the problem and I was blister and pain free. I have since read other reviews where people have commented on having the same blistering problems on the same areas of their feet so I hope my solution can help others.

Bobby O

Annapolis MD


Skeet Skeet Skeet


I've spent several years hating (while still running in) Hoka for what they did to the Clifton. I just bought my first pair of Clayton 2s today from my local TC Running Co. and I'm happy to say this is as "right" as they've gotten it since Clifton 1. It might even be better because this shoe is more responsive and faster than Clifton. It's also LIGHT! Finally! One of the best features of Clifton 1 was how light it was and the amount of cushioning they were able to squeeze into it. Although Clayton 2 is not cushioned *quite* as much it's still pretty plush. I wanted to love Clayton 1 but that arch was just trash. They really got it right here. Well done Hoka. Please don't ruin this shoe by trying to make it better. Keep it light, fast, and plush. Love it.


Plymouth, Mn


Perfect after 50 miles


I've run exclusively in these since making a purchase on the first day of release, so I've put about 50 miles in them, including a half-marathon race where I ran my PR. No blister issues at all for me for Clayton 2, but I never tried the Clayton 1 for that reason. At 6'3" 200 I'm probably at the outer limit of the ideal customer for a shoe with less cushioning than the Conquest and Vanquish, which started me on Hokas. As I got more interested in racing, the Huakas became my favorite shoe before I finally destroyed them after 700 miles. These Clayton 2s feel like the Huakas in that I sense most of the cushioning around the midsole area. As someone who is trying to land on the midfoot as much as possible, this is perfect. The harder forefoot sole produces the best toe-off I've ever experienced, making this a very fast shoe for race day. But the shoe also feels more stable than the Huaka, which occasionally caused my feet to roll a little; I wonder whether the Clayton is wider? The complete lack of a heel counter (it's a very flexible heel cup) threw me off at first, but I seem to be doing fine without it. The ridges in the sole can collect pebbles but it hasn't affected my performance. All good so far.

Leo the Runner

Cambridge, MA


Build Quality?


After 100 miles, these are my tots. Some arch blister problems initially but were solved by changing the hoka sock-liner with my slightly thicker everun. Shoe felt firmer compared to my Clifton 3 but was fast and light. Some ground feel made running in this shoe a more pleasant experience than the Clifton. Trouble was the area which the tongue attaches to the shoe. There was material sticking out and rubbing against the top of my feet causing bad blisters. I tried to trim off the excess material but couldn't totally remove the rough edges. Still get some rubbing but bearable. Maybe it's just my shoe that has this problem but never expected such dubious QC from HOKA. So guys , check your shoe properly before bringing it home.




Blisters again!


Unfortunately the same problem of blisters in the arch as with the Clayton 1! Build The Clifton 1 again!!!




pick the wrong shoe for my foot


Nothing wrong with the shoe, Just difficult to find a shoe if you aren't familiar with the jargon. wanted a running shoe that is light, for an average runner. Picked the clayton2 because it was light. tried to find out what a "stable" shoe was. could not find an explanation any where on the hoka web sight. I figured that because it was light it would work. As soon as i tried it on i knew it was the wrong shoe. I finally found out 2 weeks later (from an intelligent man in a bike shop, that sold Hokas) that the clayton 2 fits runners with a high arch and or need some support from pronation issues( i have no pronation issues but have almost no arch). He steered me in the right direction into a pair that fit great, but it sure would be nice if your sight gave some explanation as to the terminology of the shoe characteristics. At least to us inexperienced runners who don't know all the jargon.

Blistered Arches

Bunkerville, NV

Best shoe ever if you give it some TLC


Great everyday trainer, absolutely love the two-density midsole which makes for a more efficient transition, more so now that I am now focusing on my technique. A lot of room upfront, but I did go half a size up. Now, this shoe can be a blister machine becaus of insole curving up the arch. But a very easy fix was to grab another of my Hoka insoles and just cut the extra material. That took care of the problem. Way better shoe than the clifton 3, very light that shaved 30 seconds per mile without doing anything different. Love the blue and orange color scheme (medieval blue and persimmon orange) and overlays, so while not a lifestyle shoe in its original aspiration, I do wear it with jeans in a long stroll around town. The orange on the outersoles mimics clay stains you'd get from paying on a clay tennis court, kind of cool.



What I was hoping for


I was skeptical about Hoka shoes, but now that I have experienced them myself, I am a fan. I was looking for a shoe that would deliver excellent shock absorption with a rebound effect that was light weight to use for fast pace workouts and races 1/2 M and below. I have had these for a week now and they did not disappoint. I waited for the Clayton 2's due to some of the comments on the original Clayton's. They are very comfortable and have used them in an 11 miler, track workout and tempo run. I sized up a 1/2 size like it was suggested and they fit perfect. Time will tell how well they hold up, but I intend to use them on fast paced days and races and alternate.


Mount Laurel, NJ


Talked into this show instead of the Bondi


I just started training for triathlon and I went in to my local jackrabbit store looking for the most cushioned shoe I could find. I have had ankle issues / plantar fasciitis since I stopped running track and xc. The guy there was super helpful letting me know that these would offer a huge amount of cushion and shock absorption but since I had a neutral strike I didn't really need all the shoe that the Bondi gives. I have loved every second in the shoes, I was training in Nike frees before with a super feet insole but after a couple miles my calves would be shot. These don't even make me feel like I ever had any injuries it's awesome. Glad I went with hoka and took the store associate's advice.


Princeton NJ

Very nice shoe but not for me


Love the shoe from the look to the feel for the most part. The upper is really breathable and nice material which helped get my locked into the shoe. The cushion is there but not feeling like running on marshmallows. The arches are just a bit too supportive for my flat feet. My right foot was really sore after just 5 miles in these, left was ok. Had a little bit of heel slide with the left show and I do use a lace lock always since my heels are narrow. Overall, wanted to love these but I don't want sore feet.


Boerne, TX


Great shoes/You gotta trim the insole!


Very stable platform for a light weight shoe. Not gooey cushioning like some other Hokas. Uppers seem a bit harsh and not much ventilation. Just right on the heel cup with minimal padding. But, like other buyers have said, you have to trim the insole. Bend the shoe and run your hand down the inner edge of the shoe, the insole folds over and runs up the side of uppers, hence the blisters. Figured this out pretty quick after a tempo 6 with wicked blisters. It you trim, the insole will fit down in the shoe and blisters be gone. Thank god..C'mon Hoka, fix this, the rep said v2 would not give blisters...they will if you don't do a little doctoring. Otherwise, great stable, light responsive shoe.

Trim the Insert Billy

Scottsdale, AZ

An excellent cushioned shoe for fast paced runs


I normally do not participate in customer reviews but feel somewhat guilty because I utilize reviews submitted by runners to make an informed decision before purchasing a running shoe. I have used a number of shoe selection formats in the past to assist in determining a running shoe based on my weight, arch, miles run per week, speed, running style and motivation without success. I have found the Clayton 2 to be an ideal choice for me with an upgraded insole. This shoe is not going to be a great fit for most runners because of their weight and running style. I am 70 years old, five ten and one half, 200 pounds, medium arch and neutral running style. I lift weights two times a week and run two/three times a week. My mile pace is in the eight minute range but the incorporation of sprints into my running routine is a significant reason the Clayton 2 is an ideal running shoe for my needs. The shoe is light and well cushioned. I run on an asphalt track which reduces the life expectancy of the shoe. If you are a serious distance runner, the Clayton 2 will not last nearly as long as heavier neutral shoes. Providing your mileage is in the low to medium range (5 -10 miles/wk) and you incorporate a heavy dose of sprinting into your running agenda, the Clayton 2 will meet and probably exceed your expectations.



Great shoe and fit


A improvement from the Clayton 1, a bit more toe box room and the arch issue is fixed. I am old guy so no speed anymore, but the shoe feels fast and light. Maybe the best Hoka road shoe to date.


boise idaho


Perfect shoe until your first lengthy run...


I loved the initial try on, and the first time wearing them. But, went on my first run and suffered blisters that were very painful, and could barely finish the run. Granted, I did buy a half size down, (11.5 I normally wear 12s) because the store I tried them at only had 11.5s. Thought the fit was perfect... a bit too perfect and fell in love to order them shortly after. I am sending them back and going to give the 12 a shot, so hopefully it was just a size issue. FYI (The forefoot area is decently narrow)

Riley the Fittest

Austin, TX

Has potential, but blistering is an issue


This shoe has the potential to be great. Over short distances (< 10k), this shoe is quite cushioned, yet is great for faster paced workouts. Over any longer distances, blistering occurs along the medial ball of the foot. Not sure if it's an insole issue or if it's a design issue as the rubbing seems to occur where the external rubber starts to come up on the foot where the rubber begins to cradle the foot. My guess is that just widening the forefoot a mm or 2 would fix this.


Clemson, SC


Great Update!


Hoka got it right with this update. The weird arch and blistering overlays are gone. I have run in just about every Hoka model ever made and these are tied with the Clifton 1 as my favorites. The Clayton 2 does take some breaking in. They are very firm, which I have discovered is easier on my legs and knees. I did two 5 mile runs and then a 10 mile run and after my 10 mile run my legs felt great. If you ever ran in the Huakas (great shoes) these feel like a refined, better fitting update to that model.

Frank D

Costa Mesa, CA


Great cushion, right responsiveness!


I've been looking for a shoe after Nike switched the midsole and design of the Zoom Elite 6. Have. Tried multiple brands and styles, but had yet to find a responsive and cushioned ride. I wear Footbalance insoles which are really effective, but rob a bit of the shoes cushion. Shoes either had too much cushioning and it was like running in sand to not enough cushioning and the legs always felt fatigued. The Clayton 2's were perfect and I would highly recommend them to anyone who wears insoles and puts in higher mileage. Even when my Garmin says to rest or train easy, my legs still feel pretty fresh...never experienced this with a running shoe. This holds up whether running on concrete or blacktop. Got mine in September and have already purchased a 2nd pair for rotation!


South Salem, NY

I would recommend this extremely light weight shoe to anyone


This is the 2 ND pair of Clayton's I've had, 1's, now 2's. The 1's were great and longest mileage I've experienced with a running shoe. They had a couple hot spots and caused some blistering, but I just worked through them and accepted it as normal. The 2's started out with a blister on my right inside ball of my right foot, but were even more comfortable than the 1's. But after a few miles, my foot would be irritated. So I looked inside the right shoe and noticed the sock liner was curled up along the sides a little. I trimmed the right liner so it was flatter and it works great now! No blister and really, really comfortable shoes. I have less than 100 miles on them at this point. Ready to do a duathalon this weekend and hoping all goes well. Did a 1/2 with the 1's and they provided great feel and comfort. Road Runner suggested upping a 1/2 size and I'm really glad I followed their lead. It fits just right for me now with the liner adjustment. I didn't bother with the left since I wasn't experiencing any discomfort. Looking forward to getting 400+ miles on these like the 1's.



Too bad


I had high expectations to this nice pair of shoes. Used the True fit tool to find the right fit. The order was delivered in time with return label inside. On the next day I put on the shoes and went for a run. 9 miles later, when I returned home, my feet were on fire. I discovered two blisters on each foot: on the top and on the side of the arch. Something is really wrong with either the sizing, or the shoe. Returned. That is why I'm glad to have Hoka's 30 day guarantee and free return.




Hoka...we had a good run, but it's time to part ways


I've been running in Hoka for several years now. I'm 36yoa, 5'-8" and about 150lbs. I log about 35-40 miles a week in the off season and I'm just gearing up for marathon training season. I'm hoping to BQ this year at Philly. I was a big fan of the Clifton, until the 3 came out. I tried the Clayton and had high hopes, but it didn't deliver. The plus is that it's a lightweight and fast shoe. Like most Hokas, they have a lot of cushion if you're a heel striker. The major downside for me is that they have a very weird feel in the arches, almost as if you're walking on the inside edge of the shoe. After only a couple runs, I started developing arch pain in both feet that I've never had before. I gave them the good college try and logged about 75-100 miles hoping it was just a break in issue. Needless to say, they are back in the box and heading to the Post Office today. Unfortunately, I think Hoka has lost me. I'm planning to go back to Brooks, which I ran in previously. Also, what is with the exceptionally long shoe laces Hoka?



Favorite Light Weight Trainer


These are my favorite shoes ever. I'm 5'5" and130lbs, I run marathons and long course triathlons. Clayton 2's are light and supportive for a mid foot striker. They have a plush ride at a slower pace and seem to firm up at my tempo pace. Version 2 is wider than version 1 in the toe box and mid foot and both the tongue and heel cup are vastly improved. The overall fit of the upper seems more form fitting and supportive compared to version 1. These are my daily trainers and marathon race shoes. I can't give 5 stars since 1 pair out of 3 had loose material inside the toe box that caused blisters, the other two pairs were perfectly smooth even after 200+miles. Hoka exchanged them without question.



best road running shoe ever with one modification


I am still smarting from the demise of the Cliftons and what they have done with them. My answer? The Clayton! I didnt like them at first but then discovered if i put the inserts from the clifton 3's in the claytons replacing the ones they came with they are perfect! Much lighter, more responsive and faster than the Cliftons and super stable feel unlike tracers or track shoes & still has the nice rocker feel. Heel a bit loose and the side of the collar digs into my ankle a little but they are new. Otherwise new mesh upper feels really nice and they REALLY WANT TO GO FAST! not a radical difference from the clayton 1's (like they did with the cliftons) which is also nice. thanks Hoka for not ruining them = 5 stars! Now where can i get more Clifton 3 sock liners (inserts)?


Seattle, WA

Be careful about fit- caused blisters


I am an avid Hoka consumer, both trail and pavement, so this rating hurts. In the last 3.5 years, I have completed 28 marathons, 30 halfs and a number of shorter runs, most on Hoka's. I tried the Clayton 1's when they came out, as I wanted a lighter shoe for races. Although they felt fine in the store, when running the toe box was too narrow for my foot (I have a slightly wider fore-foot, and long toes), and I developed blisters both on my toe joints and arches (something that was unexpected). So I was excited when I read the Road Runner review on the Clayton 2, how the toe box had been redesigned and care had been taken to address the blister issues. I purchased a pair, tried them on and they fit like a glove. So I took them out for a 4 mile easy break in run. On that short run, I developed 2 blisters around my big toe joints, one of the top and one on the bottom. RR was great on handling the return, but be very careful to ensure the fit for anything other than "perfect feet."



Nice shoe....wish the Toe Box was wider


I have yet to find a shoe brand outside of Altra the has a wide enough toe box for me. This is a comfortable shoe with nice cushion for long runs but the liner had to be taken out and replaced (cutting into my instep). I also have ran in zero drop shoes for years so if Hoka could bring that to life and widen the toe box I think you could make a large impact to a ton of runners and multisport athletes. Upper is very comfortable too! A would recommend this shoe to others it just is not the best shoe for me.



Much Improved!


I run about 40 to 50 miles a week and have a medium to large build at 6 foot/180 lbs. I rotate the Claytons with Tracers about every other day. I ran on the first version of the Claytons and had a rough time breaking them in and overcoming a blister on my right insole arch. The Clayton 2s solved that problem...right out of the box I ran a 10 miler without getting any blisters. The shoe is true to size, responsive, and has a stable plant. Bottom line, Hoka made the exact right improvements without breaking the concept. Well done!




Great shoe, everything I hoped for, but bad arch blisters


Overall great shoe. Perfect transition from speed instincts for trails. Only complaint is these gave my wife and me, both, bad arch blisters on our first 4 mile run. It has seemingly gotten somewhat better now that there are 4-5 runs on them. Perhaps these just need a longer break in period.


Houston, TX

Arch Blister Problem Not Fixed


I was excited for the Clayton 2. Read that the blistering problems were fixed. They are not. If you had blister problems in the arches with V1 you will with these as well. Shoe is well put together and light and fast as promised. But, mine are going back as the arch blistering problem seems even worse in this version. More rigid overlays across the top and in the toe box might be problematic as well.






I love these shoes. I never wore the original Claytons so I don't have that comparison. The shoes are very light and provide a ton of cushion, yet have a good amount of road feel. I'm 4 runs into these shoes 3-5 miles per run. I wore the Clifton 3's last year for about 300 including a marathon, and I prefer the Clayton 2's much more. I did end up going with a 1/2 size smaller than in other running shoes.

Scott Z

Chicagoland, IL


Way better second than me around.


I had to return the Clayton 1 because of the high arch. I literally could not walk for a month after running in those with flat feet. I reluctantly bought the 2s after the customer service guy told me the problem was fixed. He did not lie!! They are awesome lightweight running shoes. For me I use them on shorter runs and for HIT training on the treadmill. I am 190lbs so I still use either Bondi or conquest on my longer runs. And the best pain at all. Highly recommend now.


Omaha Nebraska


Training for a Half Marathon, Perfect Shoe


I previously ran in the Challenger ATR, which didn't feel like a particularly stable ride. In buying the Clayton 2, I went down a half size (which could have been my issue with the Challenger), and I'm loving the ride. The Clayton feels light, stable, and responsive, due in part to the slightly firmer cushion (dual density midsole). During my first run, I was concerned the shoe might feel too firm/responsive, but I'm absolutely loving it now. I'm currently training for a half marathon in Nov, and this is the perfect shoe for my training.


Santa Barbara, CA



4.1 87


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