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Mens Hoke One One Challenger ATR 3 Trail Running Shoe

Men's Hoka One One Challenger ATR 3

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Product Description:

Men's HOKA ONE ONE® CHALLENGER ATR 3 :: Spark your cushion revolution in the versatile Men's Hoka One One® Challenger ATR 3 trail running shoe. Equally adept on mountains, roads and everything in-between, you'll love oversized cushion that's unbelievably light. Enjoy smoother strides thanks to the early stage Meta-Rocker that creates a fulcrum effect to move your foot forward. Your Challenger ATR is all set to go with 4mm lugs driving your all-terrain traction.

! Endangered Shoe [?]

Features & Benefits:

  • Speedframe construction: For midfoot capture and support
  • 3D Puff Print frame: Provides additional lightweight, detailed support
  • Early Stage Meta-Rocker: Provides a guided ride
  • Oversize EVA midsole: Provides lightweight cushioning
  • 4mm lugs: Provides all-terrain traction
  • Podular outsole design: Provides stability on uneven terrain
  • 1000016286
  • Drop: 5 mm
  • WEIGHT: 8.6 ounces
Product 13239 Review


A Few Nice Changes from the 2's


The overall ride is very similar to the Challenger ATR 2's with a few minor changes. If you Liked the 2's you will defiantly like these. They have new laces that are very soft and stretchy. I was worried at first, but after lacing up I actually like them better. I had no problem locking my foot in and did not have to adjust the laces once during my first run. Out of the box ran a lovely 13 miles. No "break-in" required. No longer is there a flimsy insole. The new Orthlite X-40 is inline with a traditional insole. I only have one 13 mile run but so far so good. I will update after a few more runs.


Austin, TX


Done with HOKA


I am a loyal Hoka supporter and I was onboard with the Hoka brand way before Deckers got involved. My orthopedic surgeon turned me on to Hoka⿿s when I was recovering from a torn meniscus and I have never looked back. What I can tell you is that I have noticed a significant and consistent reduction in the quality of Hoka⿿s shoes since Decker took over.. Especially as it relates to the durability of the upper. In total I have owned 11 pairs of Hokas (4 before the Decker acquisition and 7 sense then). I almost didn't buy the latest Challenger because of my previous experience but I thought I would give it one more shot. I guess I keep hanging on in hopes that they would hear from enough people like me and do the right thing. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Within in two months, the uppers were already showing signs of small tares (on both shoes) at or near the area where the upper meets the rubber soles. And this is the same problem I have been having with other models. Back in the day (early Hokas), I averaged about 500-700 miles (depending on the model and surface) but today, less than 200 before they start falling apart. They have changed the amount of cushioning and the shape of the shoes, which also impacts how they fit and wear. To me, It is obvious that Deckers is going for looks over function. I get it, it is a business. But I don't have to like it and I will not support it. I didn't mind paying 170.00 for a pair of shoes that helped me run further and feel better doing it. The end result was well worth the extra cost. It is obvious to me that in the quest to be more profitable and sell more shoes, they have forgotten or are ignoring the attributes that put Hoka on the map.


Columbia, SC


Major durability issue with this version


I have had 4 pairs of the HOKA Challenger ATR 3 and the uppers have ripped on every pair around 60 miles. There is a major durability issue with this version of the shoe and it is not worth buying. The shoes are comfortable and feel great, but they will rip at < 100 miles.


St. Louis, MO


A good allround running shoe like the 2


After 30 Km i can only say that they good running shoes, but i am not sure if they are better than the 2! So we will see


Black Forrest, Germany


Bomber shoe but fell apart pretty quick


60ish miles per week runner. 80% off road. Run in all conditions. Training for ultra distance events. This is my second pair of trail Hoka's. Great ride, no break in time, felt light despite being slightly more robust than your average trail shoe, very comfortable. Have put about 250 miles on these shoes and they are now not usable. From about the toe box forward, the upper is literally tearing away from the sole. More than any shoe, any brand, that I've owned. Granted, I live in Oregon and these shoes have been pretty much been soaked on every run throughout their lifespan. The significant wear does not match the degradation of the shoe though. The tough part is that it's a GREAT shoe. Super soft, yet still nimble ride. I'm going to buy another pair with the hope that drier weather will prolong the lifespan. Buyer beware though - all the reviews that discuss durability issues are spot on.




Close to perfect!


I am an ultra runner. I currently use the Clifton 3 for the road and the Challenger ATR 3 for the trails. I favored Altra in the past, but my foot slid around inside on technical trails.The Nike Terrra Kiger had a nearly perfect upper, width, and stability, but lacked in cushioning for ultras. I see the Challenger ATR 3 as nearly perfect ultra shoe! If I had to nitpick, I would prefer a slightly lower stack height to prevent ankle sprains on the trail. I expected the Challenger ATR 3 to be identical in fit to the Clifton 3, however, I was pleasantly surprised that they seemed just a wee bit wider in the lateral toe box. I am not getting the slight pinky toenail soreness that I get with the Clifton 3 after 20+ miles. I love the new stretchy laces as well. Keep up the good work Hoka!


Tulsa, Ok


Hoka Challengers: Best trail shoes, worst quality


I bought 14 pairs of the Hoka Challenger 1 in 2015 and 2016, and loved the shoe. I won my first 100 miler in a pair of these shoes. But they consistently wore out after 160-200 miles. Most I ever got out of a pair before the upper-to-base seam gave out was 220 miles. I talked to a lot of people, many had the same problems, some people with narrow feet were getting more files. I anxiously awaited the Challenger 2. They arrived! I bought a pair. They lasted 130 miles before the seams gave out. I returned them - that's ridiculous. I spent a year trying Topo, Ultra, Brooks, others. Much better durability, not the same comfort. Tried the Challenger 3. They lasted 120 miles then the same seam gave out. I returned them and tried the Speed Instinct. They lasted 57 miles and the same seam gave out. I am done with Hoka! I now run and race in the Brooks Caldera or the Vasque Trailbender. Worthy substitutes. Any shoe that costs more than $1/mile of wear is just too expensive. In summary: best comfort, worst quality. Buyer beware.


Redwood City, CA


Super comfy but expect to buy three pairs per summer....


Love the fit and comfort of this shoe, wore it almost exclusively last summer and fall for long runs and trail races. Unfortunately after only a few longer runs I tore lugs off the sole and miles later ripped the upper. Almost immediately, within a few runs the toe of the sole pulls off the top of the toe. I went though three pairs last summer, and one pair in about one month that included running the run rabbit run 50...can't imagine what the 100 miler would have done to them. All trail running was in CO with a mix of smooth dirt and technical rocky terrain. Please enhance the sole and where the bond between the sole and upper!


Steamboat Springs, CO


Best running (trail) shoe I have ever owned!!!


Best trail shoe I have ever worn... I have wide feet so I was wearing New Balance Leadville v2 the past year and thought they were a pretty good shoe. I put 300 miles on the NB but after 200 started to feel the rocks and dirt more and more. I have never owned Hoka, NB I wear a 9.5 so went with a 9.5 Hoka, at first I was a little worried a bit tight BUT after 18 miles no worries and now after 50 miles I can say the best running shoe I have ever wore. I run a typical 3 to 5 miles on the road before I hit the trail's, I have run in dirt, mud, rocks, snow and Ice really can't say anything bad at all about Hoka Challenger ATR 3. So impressed I also have purchased the Hoka Clifton 3 for the road runs.




My new favorite trail shoe!


I have had trouble finding a Hoka that would fit my foot well since the Stinson Lite a few years back. Too high of an arch support that would cause blisters. But fortunately these new Challenger ATR 3's fit perfect so far!! Not too high of an arch support, plenty of room for my toes and as always, excellent cushion. Looking forward to wearing them in my next trail ultra!

Coach Crowe

Joliet, IL


Buyer beware


These shoe are one the the most comfortable shoes I've ever ran in however not the most durable. I'm very disappointed that I've ran in them less then a month and already noticed wear and tear at the bend of the forefoot. Hopefully they'll last through the next 6 months as I'm training for the Aloha Marathon Dec. 13th. I love the brand. Please remake these with a more durable forefoot bend. Great soles.

Mike Jones

Las Vegas




I was a huge fan of the challenger 1s. Not so much of the 2s. The 3s are hands down the best iteration yet. Just took them for a varied surface run and they performed very well. Nicely done Hoka! Will definitely be my go to shoe for all my upcoming races.

Che Guevarra

Boulder, Colorado


Minimalist Shoe runner converts to comfort


I used to be an avid Crossfitter, but I learned that I can no longer do these type of workouts after nearly tearing my minuscus in both of my knees. Thus, as my wife (Medical Doctor) gave me two options: surgery or behavioral modification. I chose the later to include reducing impact on my joints. I still like to wear minimalist shoes for doing deadlifts or squats. But mostly these days I do machine weights (anything with a pin for weight selection), swim and slowly getting back into outdoor running. I hate running on treadmills and prefer outside. The minimalist shoes aren't very comfortable for me and actually my joints hurt after a short run. I took a chance on these per a friends recommendation. After the Reviews, I picked these outlandish looking shoes. I got them and immedicately threw down 5 miles! Wow!, they were so comfortable I was almost not paying attention to my running form. I am not going to say they make running fun but they sure are comfortable and my knees and ankles don't hurt. I have tried lifting in them yet but I know I will be ordering more of these. I also wanted this tread as I like the options of running on unimproved roads as I travel to foreign coutries where the roads are not great or I am running on hard packed gravel roads that are meant for heavy duty military vehicles; think MRAPS. That's it. Buy a pair. PS, no one cares that you are on platform shoes.




So far so good.


Just received them. First trail run today in mud, rock, and roots. Performed well, effective traction and grip. I ordered a 1/2 size larger than typical shoe, just as I have for all Hoka shoes, road and trail. This is my 8th pair of Hoka. All needed to be a half size larger. Toe box larger than the Speedgoat, yet, big toe still rubbed the inside of the shoe. No blister however. Quality cushion, shoe strings too long, had to double knot. Seems to be a quality shoe.

The old guy on trails

Belpre, Ohio


Great Job!!!


I have stayed away from Hokas for the longest time because they were just too narrow. I tried Stinson ATR couple of years back and my pinky toes were just so crammed, it hurt after just couple of miles. So I went with Altras and Salomons, but always missed that Hoka cushion. ATR 3's are just wide enough for me to run without toes getting crammed! I've run twice so far, and I really love it. PLEASE DON'T CHANGE A THING HOKA!!!




Excellent Update


Very modest update, but feels a bit more cushioned (heel) than the 2 & toebox is similar to the Clifton 3. Seems to run a bit short, but almost identical (fit) to the Challenger 2 model. Like the stretchy laces & the comfortable tongue and heel. Very pleased after two 5-6 miles runs.


Tempe, AZ


How to handle durability with Challenger


Yes the Challenger model upper does wear amazingly fast, but they are light, cushy and I get no blisters. For me, the early wear is mostly around the base of the toes on the upper where the fabric meets the sole. I think its from descending on trails. So . . . when that wear starts coming on, I retire them to "road only" use and then I get to wear the bottom out :)


mendocino county, ca


Another PR in Hoka


I love the Challenger ATRs, especially after their toe boxes were made a bit wider (version 3). In them, I bested my 50k PR twice this year! Not worrying about my feet or traction certainly helped. I'm a big fan of the cushion and the slightly stretchy laces too. One quick question: The laces in my latest pair of Challengers are a fair bit longer than previous pairs. I'd prefer not to deal with the extra lace, tucking it into the lower laces to prevent a trip hazard. Just my two cents. Thanks for these great shoes!


Portland, OR


Responsive but not plush


Great product. Just as advertised. Just one question. Since there is no longer a Stintson or a Mafate, will there no longer be a plush max cushioned trail shoe in the line up?


Campbell River, BC


Getting a little better


I spend 85% of my time on trails. I run ultramarathons so I have many hours training / invested on Hoka shoes. I'm a mid-pack guy on a good day - but I seem to always finish :-) Loved revision one... Miracle shoe for me. I gave many recommendations for this shoe. Revision 2 - quality poor, fell apart, toe box shrunk (most critical for me). Felt the points of the rocks. I was very disappointed and started searching for another shoe. Revision 3 - design improved over Revision 2, toebox a little bigger but not R1 good, unfortunately seeing some wear early similar to R2 though. Hoka showed me what a "great" shoe was at one time. I'm very thankful for that, however, I'm still exploring other shoe manufacturers. I'm just looking for the "Revision 1 shoe" non-zero drop from someone else. I will find it...


Ice Age Trail, Northern Kettles, WI


sizing is not what they say,


sizing is not what they say, some hoka shoes fit very tight, some fit way loose, I am tired of playing the guessing game






Took a great shoe and made it even better with this model!


Venice FL


Too tight, had to return it.


I was able to run 850 miles in the Challenger ATR 1 without any problems, and I ordered the same size (10.5)in the Challenger ATR 3, but it was way too narrow and tight in the mid-foot. I sent them back, and received the Stinson ATR 3 in size 11, but they are too narrow as well. Hoka please make wider lasts.


Mt.Juliet, TN


Feels like heaven.


Started running again for a little over year. First pair back on the trail were with the ATR's 2 and never had a sneaker that felt so good. Finally at 9 miles a week, 3 miles each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I've run with asiscs, brooks and Nike and I always gotten shin splints since high school. I topped out at 255 lbs and started running to help drop weight. Never got any shin splints with any of the ATR's. Only pair that that's happened with and no knee problems with my weight. A few concerns with these is that they ran a little tighter at the toes and smaller in size. I usually wear 9.5 but the pair I have now are 10 and still a little tight just on left foot. The 11's felt to big and 10.5 weren't available. Only the 2's I've never gotten a blister and did a few 8 miler runs at the start park. The 3's I've already gotten one blister on the heal on left foot with just a 3 miler. Hoping they loosen up a bit after a few runs but will still recommend these over all the others. Comfort on these shoes are amazing and won't be switching any time soon to another brand.


Houston l, TX

Thanks for bringing back the cushion


Challenger 2's were a big disappointment with less cushion. So thankful for the 3's and the return of Hoka feel!

Bionic Mudder

Dayton, OH


Almost Perfect


These shoes are great. Here are the pros: -Extremely cushioned without being mushy. My first run in these was 10 miles and they felt great the whole time. -Great traction and they work well on both roads and trails. -Very Supportive, I think this shoe would work well with over pronators and neutral runners alike. -Greatly looking especially compared with other Hoka models. The midsole doesn't look ridiculous and the blue and grey color combo is great. Here is the Con: - Still too narrow in the toe box although this gets better after some breaking in time. I have average feet (I think) and these are a bit tight. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone with wider than average feet. I almost want to round down to 4.5 stars but they work too well for me. I am very pleased with these and plan to buy another pair.

Run Guy

San Diego


Love this shoe!


This shoe is great! I love the ride I get and enjoy the cushion/weight ratio. This is a great shoe whether your doing easy miles, tempo work on the trails or racing a 1/2 marathon+ in distance. I highly recommend this shoe.

Christian Van

San Diego, CA


Fit changes from year to year


Year round runner who has purchased 6 pairs of HOKAs. Amazed at the inconsistency of sizing with each shoe. Challenger ATRs have been my favorite, but with each model year they get smaller. Bought ATR 3s and have had to return 2 different pairs because they are too small and way too narrow in toe box. Oddly, this is one of the biggest complaints with HOKAs - poor sizing especially in toe box. The other complaint is that they wear very quickly. I have been ok with wearing out quickly because of comfort, but the sizing is getting really frustrating. As HOKA has flooded the market with new models, quality control seems to have gone south. I have mixed emotions about recomending to a friend. Saying "yes" here, but it's sketchy.

Trail Runner


I would definitely recommend this shoes!


The only concern I have with this model is durability. My first pair busted open around 100 miles. I send those back to Hoka and received a replacement. I decided to buy an extra pair and I am keeping a rotation of those 2 and only using them on trails. So far both pairs have gone past the 100 miles with no issues. With that out of the way, there is just so many good things about this shoes. It is a well cushioned pair of shoes as most Hoka's are. It grips really good and I use it on some technical trails with no issues. did I mention the cushioning?? < -Amazing!! No more knee issues and my quads are very thankful on the downhills. I will be using them on my first 100 miler race in August.


Simi Valley, CA


Size matters


I love Hoka One One. The Challenger ATR are my favorites. I have 8 pairs. I run in 7 of them. I don't know what happen with this last pair. It arrived and I thought it felt snug. The size said 13 but it felt more like a 12. Unfortunately the box got destroyed so it will end up as a walking or street dance shoe. Running in them would mean black toenails on every outing. I gave this a 3 star rating. Normally ATR's get a 5 star from me.


Pacific Palisades, Ca.



4.0 124


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