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Womens ASICS GEL-Nimbus 12 Running Shoe

Women's ASICS GEL-Nimbus 12

Item #ASC1425

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Product Description:

Women's ASICS® GEL-NIMBUS® 12 :: Your favorite ultimate cushioned trainer the women's ASICS® GEL-Nimbus® 12 features fresh, new updates like a better heel fit and softer cushioning, and separate lace eyelets that shape to your foot for an even more sublime feel. Guidance Line technology helps to maintain your gait efficiency. 9.8 ounces

! Endangered Shoe [?]

Features & Benefits:

  • Asymmetrical Lacing Design: Enhances upper fit and comfort while minimizing the potential for irritation
  • Biomorphic Fit® Upper: Provides a superior fit and function
  • ComforDRY™ Sockliner: Provides optimal cushioning performance in a cooler, drier, healthier environment
  • Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.®): Linked componentry that enhances the foot's natural gait from heel strike to toe-off
  • Space Trusstic System®: An advanced system that creates a pocket between the Trusstic System® device and the midsole, allowing for greater midsole deformation and more efficient foot function
  • Guidance line: Vertical flex groove decouples the tooling along the line of progression for enhanced gait efficiency
  • Discrete eyelets: Independently placed eyelets disburse lace tension creating a customized fitting environment
Product ASC1425 Review


Hard to beat this shoe...


I'm not a high mileage runner - 10 miles a week max - but I'm a rugby player and need shoes that will hold up to a heavier runner. I also use these for Boot Camp sessions that involve running drills which require maneuverability. Lastly, I am coming back from an ACL replacement - working on upping my mileage and building up leg strength - and have a history of Achilles repair. In general this shoe is it for me. Lots of cushioning, very breathable and flexible especially considering how cushioned it is, etc. I've been using the Nimbus series for a few iterations - as well as the occasional Kayano. A few annoyances in this new version that I really didn't notice previously: difficult to stabilize the back of the heel. Not sure if that means the heel cup is wider or if the lacing system has changed. I'm also not finding the arch as comfortable as before but that could also be a change in my own foot I suppose. Also, since I find it hard to believe that my foot suddenly grew a half size it feels as if my toes are now touching the end of the shoe - feel shorter - but the next size up is a tad too big. I wonder if this has more to do with the lack of stability in the heel thus allowing my foot to slide more to the end of the shoe. The overall feeling of this shoe is that it's not quite as substantial as before. I don't consider these to be long-lasting anyway (I find the cushioning doesn't last me more than about 150 miles - I usually buy two pairs and rotate so I can get more mileage out of them - but again I am a heavy runner that works out on hard surfaces). I'll be curious how long they last compared to before. I love these shoes but I'm starting to feel as if it's getting time to move on to another series. This makes me sad especially since Asics is one of the few brands that doesn't irritate my achilles scar. Summation: recommend for lighter runners, very comfortable, breathable and great for summer temps but the heel stability, for me, is making the ride less enjoyable. Overall, feels a little too light and less substantial than I prefer. Still a very good shoe.


Cincinnati, Ohio


Great shoe but not for me!


I've run in the nimbus for years. Loved the 11's. Tried the 12's and found them cushioned, light, and comfy but couldn't run in them. I don't wear a wide shoe but when I run my toes spread. Asics narrowed the toe box in the 12's which caused numbness and pain in my small toes. I'm an underpronator which didn't help. Have always loved the way the asics hugs your arch and the cushioned ride but couldn't make it work, even with a wide width. Have gone back to the ll's. Tried the Brooks glycerin 8; very comfortable, good cushioning, arch not as close fitting, and toebox too narrow, also.


Westminster, MD


A good 100+ miles in


I promised a second review once I had put some mileage in. I have run well over 100 miles and still feel AWESOME. I am 5'8'' 115-120lbs I run on the tredmil 3-5 miles daily and do a 1.5mile loop with my dog daily. I had lots of pain in knees and hip and was just about throwing in my running shoes for good till I found these. I CAN RUN AND IT IS FUN AGAIN! I was longtime Asics Gel Kayano fan but the newer models have caused me pain and injury. I tried the Saucony ProGrid Hurricanes they were nice but wore out quick. This shoe offers a cushiony yet stable but not stiff ride. I have spring in my step again... couldn't be happier.


las vegas


Still my favorite!


I received an early release pair of the Nimbus 12's. I have alwasy been a fan of this shoe since it offers great cushioning but it's not so squishy that I feel it in my knees after my long runs. This is a great update! It seems much lighter with a fantastic transistion. I've only put 30 miles or so on the shoe so far but it seems like this shoe is a winner.


San Diego, CA


Better than the 11's but not 5 stars!


I owned the Nimbus 7's and absolutely LOVED them!! They (the 7's that is) were 5+ stars...it was like running on clouds...True HEAVEN on earth!Not thinking they'd actually make the shoe less comfortable, I bought the nimbus 11's and was beyond disappointed. The heel on the right shoe caused me a lot of pain (even on short 3 mile runs) and the overall cushioning just wasn't as plush as my very worn out 7's. I read similar complaints about the 11's and I think the designers at Asics did too, because the 12's are definitely back on track with the 7's for comfort. The insert is nicely cushioned and the heels are comfortable. Good arch support (I'm a true neutral foot type). While these (the 12's) are a vast improvement on the 11's I'm still only giving them 4 stars because they are not perfect. The asymmetrical lacing system is a really BAD idea. Makes for a looser fit at the arch and too tight/awkward fit across the ball of my foot. I have narrow feet and must say that my pinky toes are feeling swooshed (only hope I won't have trouble in my upcoming marathon...but I must say I'm a little nervous)[...]keep (or give even more) cushioning AND bring back the traditional lacing system.


Monterey, CA


Improved cushioning in the forefoot...


I have worn several versions of the Nimbus (9, 11, and now 12). I'm a fore foot striker. The 12's include a better distribution of cushioning through the forefoot area of the shoe. I felt like I was running in clogs with the 11's since the heel seemed pretty high in comparison to the 12's. I do like the discrete/independent eyelets. They make for a more comfortable and secure lacing of the 12's. The 11's were almost too rigid though the upper and I really had to tighten up the laces in order to get them to feel like they were going to stay on my feet. If I didn't lace the shoes up tightly, my shins and ankles would get sore. I developed a sore spot on the top of my left foot from having to over tighten the 11's in order to keep the shoes snugly positioned. I have not had this problem with the 12's. The 12's are an improvement over the 11's IMO. I feel like I am not even wearing shoes when I run in the 12's. Plus I have noticed that my ankles/shins feel less strained when running down hill in the 12's. For the neutral runner who needs a well cushioned, sturdy shoe, the Nimbus 12 is a good choice.

Silly Sarah





I average about 23 miles a week. I also do racing on weekends. I love the Gel Nimbus #12 and have ordered 3 pairs so far. I am hoping the shoe doesn't change when they come out with #13 and if it does change I am hoping it will be the same quality as #12. My first Gel Nimbus was #10 and I fell in love with it. I was so sad when I could not find #10 after mine was completely worn out. I had 980 miles on that pink and silver #10! The shoe was a birthday present to myself on 2/6/2009 and I wore it until 3/10/2010. I ordered #11 and returned it because it just didn't feel the same as #10. Finally Number #12 came out and it continues to be the same quality as Number #10 and is a winner in my book. I really love Gel Nimbus #12 because it provides great cushion for my outdoor pavement running and racing!

Jamaica Sun Run

Edwardsville, IL


Great shoe, but inconsistent fit?


I have two pairs of Nimbus 12's - one pink and one blue. I absolutely LOVE my pink ones. The lace system really allows the shoe to conform to your feet and the cushioning is plush without feeling heavy or unresponsive. I've worn them for numerous races and 20 mile training runs. Strangely, however, my blue pair fits completely different despite being the same model and size. I bought them before a marathon because my pink pair were getting old and have been disappointed with them. I should be rotating out of the pink pair, but despite them having 400+ miles on them they are far more comfortable than the blue ones. They even look visibly more narrow than the pink ones in the toe box. I'm hoping that the blue ones are the outlier, not the pink ones or I will have to switch shoes.

Runner Mom

Racine, WI


GOOD stuff


I do 25-30 miles a week. I do my runs 50/50 on the treadmill and outside. On the treadmill these shoes last for 400+ miles. On the pavement, boy do they wear out quickly! I am not a heavy runner (118lbs). I supine (run on the outside of my foot) instead of pronating and this causes my IT band syndrome to manifest itself as soon as my shoes wear out. So I know exactly when the shoes are no longer at their top shape. On the pavement, no more than 300 miles. Quite an expense if you ask me. BUT I LOVE THEM!!! They keep improving. I like them more than the previous version. They are lighter and more breathable (South Florida is HOT in summer). In other words: If you're looking for good cushioning and haven't found it yet, try them.


Hollywood, FL


Happy Healing.


I am 5'8'' 115-120lbs. 31yo F avg. to high arch neutral to under pronator I run 3-5 miles on tred-mil and 1.5 miles outside per day. I was using the Gel Kayano for years until they got rid of the Kayano 12, I had problems and injuries with the 13,14,15's the 16's were okay but not good enough and am afraid to even try the 17's. I have some degeneration in my knees and bursitis in my left hip and I am happy to say that the Gel-Nimbus 12's allowed me to Run Again and Enjoy it! Right out of the box perfect fit, cushioned ride. At first I thought the heel would be a little high for my liking, but it just seemed to work. Maybe 12 is my lucky number, I have only worn these shoes once for a 5 mile tred-mil run, I will try to post after 50-100 miles.


Las Vegas


Awesome Asics


I love Asics and have slways worn them but decided a year ago to purchase a new type of Asics. I purchased the Nimbus 12 running shoe and loved it! This is my 2nd pair of the same shoe. The only reason, after a year of wearing the shoe, that I purchased a new pair is because of the stability and that they were not as supportive. I wear this shoe to do the type of work-out called Crossfit, so its all types of exercising, cardio, etc...Actually I have recommended this shoe to other people at Crossfit who have purchased the shoe and havve been as happy as I have! Its an awesome shoe:)




Comfortable shoe, just not for me


These shoes feel awesome on my feet..like a glove! I put them on and loved them. BUT when I ran in them I had issues with part of my foot going numb. From what I can figure out, it has something to do with the way laces are different. It rubbed the top of my foot wrong and caused pain and numbness. So now I am returning these and continuing my quest for the perfect running shoe!!! (I was running in Adidas Supernova Glide but was getting too many blisters...I run about 15-25 mi/wk and do half marathons) And definitely go a half size up. I normally wear a 9 running shoe and got a 9 1/2 in these.




Great shoe


this is the 2nd pair of these shoes I have purchased. I usually buy running shoes 1 full size larger than my normal shoe size. My first pair of these shoes I bought a 10 and felt that when my feet swell on long runs they were a little short. My second pair I purchased a 1/2 size larger (10 1/2) and they are great. I just ran a 1/2 marathon in them last week with great comfort. I have narrow feet with high arches and find that these shoes hug my heel and foot well. When I started running more miles, I switched to these shoes for the added cushion and have been very happy with them.

SB Running Mom

Santa Barbara, CA


Love this Running Shoe


The description for this running shoe states to go up a 1/2 size, but I ordered my true size 9 1/2 and they fit perfect. Love the cushioning protection - takes the impact off my knees and feet. The difference between my old running shoe and this new ASICS gel are night and day. I will always come back to this ASICS style when they need to be replaced. If they ever go on sale I will surely pick up a second pair. These ASICS are a powerhouse of a running shoe.


Bristol, CT


Do NOT order half size up


I have been running in the Air Max Moto+7 but my fitness level is to the point I needed a solid running shoe since I've worn out the tread on my 4 month old Moto's. I was SO excited for these Asics to get in I had a long run planned for Saturday. As I wore the shoes around the house yesterday I realized they were too big, even with insoles. The website said order half a size up, and they were right about the Nike shoes, but not these. I held both soles up to each other and the Asics were 1/8 of an inch or more longer. I will give this shoe a full review when I finally get them. They felt great in the house. They are heavier but I want to prevent injuries more than worry about weight.

Hill work in GA

Jasper, GA


This shoe makes you want to run forever!


After they discontinued the Boston Classic, I was looking for a shoe that offered good cushioning in both the heel and forefront. I have tried on quite a few shoes in an attempt to replace the Boston Classic. This shoe feels like you are running on a cloud. This is by far the most comfortable shoe I have ever run in. I was very impressed with the cushioning system and the weight of this shoe. I run about 30 miles a week and this shoe is so comfortable you want to keep running and running.


Buffalo, NY


Love this shoe!


I have been an Asics Gel Nimbus fan for several years now. This is the only shoe that doesn't give me problems with my knees or toes. I have tried many, and this is by far the best. I have trained for several marathons using these shoes, and they can be worn for many miles without wearing out. I am a neutral runner and need a quality shoe with no pronation control. This one is the best. Also, I love that they FINALLY have a women's shoe that is not white or pink (love the new black and purple shoe!!!).

WY runner



Springy and fast!


I'm training for a marathon, up to 55-60 miles per week. The Nimbus is my first ASICS - I usually run in Nike. The first thing I noticed about running in the Nimbus is how much faster per mile I am in these shoes. They are springy in the forefoot,and the slightest touch of stability they offer help me to be more efficient. I feel like I land more to the center of my foot, as opposed to rolling to the outside like I do in other neutral +. I have high arches and the support feels comfortable. I'm sold! A second pair is on its way so that I can rotate shoes between runs.


South Florida




I bought these after my 4 pairs of previously purchased Nimbus 9's wore out (I wore Cumulus for 10 years before that). The 12 fits WAY differently than the 9. Whereas the 9 felt like it molded to my foot, especially in the heel, the 12 felt like my foot was just sitting on top of the sole--like Frankenstein platforms. They were soft but you could feel the guidance along the foot too. I also felt like the heel was higher and it threw off my stride. I was very aware of the feel of these shoes as opposed to the natural feel of the 9's. That all said, I returned them (thanks to RRS's AWESOME guarantee!) and am trying out a different model. I wish makers would stop tweaking models...


Del Mar,CA


Way to Go, ASICS!


I run six miles a day and have worn Nimbus for years. But Nimbus 11 was a big disappointment and I tried a number of other shoes. Was having problems with my knees and IT band, so started running on the balls of my feet (Pose Method). The Pose Method has helped a lot. Just started wearing the Nimbus 12 a week ago and find it very comfortable and light. The cushioning is much improved over the Nimbus 11 and works well with the Pose Method. I just hope they don't go blow it again with the next update.




Love them, on my fourth pair!!!


I love these shoes - I'm a marathon runner and I'm on my fourth pair of Gel Nimbus shoes. I had two of the 11s and now two of the 12s, there is very little difference between the two. I use them with Super Feet so I can't comment much on the arch support, but the cushioning on these is spectacular. I also love the lace lines over my foot bone, it makes a big difference in my long runs. They are a little pricey and seem to wear out quicker than others, but I rotate two pairs and that seems to help.


Orange County, CA


I Love my Running Shoes


I use this shoe for walking, running on the pavement, working, and gym classes. I LOVE my nibums 12's to the point where I want several pairs. It is light and feels as if I am not wearing shoes, but provides the proper cushion that allows me to run 7 miles in them and still wear them to work. It take awhile to break them in which stinks because my right foot tends to turn outward until they are broken in. But once they are, it's like I'm comfortably running barefoot!


Walnut Creek, CA


Great shoes, but run narrow


I run 3 times a week all seasons and I need a comfortable and supportive pair of running shoes. I only buy Asics these days after trying various brands. The only problem with these newer versions is that they seem to be narrower. I'm returning mine to get a D width. Other than that, they're great. I got a pair of Nimbus 12s and the Cumulas 12s. There are some minor difference between them, but they both are great shoes.




A dream shoe!


I'm 5'3" / 120 lbs and I avg 15-20 miles per week (sometimes pushing a stroller!) on pavement. Out of the box, these shoes were great. My last Asics pair was the Nimbus 9. I didn't like the 10s or 11s but it's great to see that Asics has developed an awesome Nimbus 12. The comfort is awesome. They cushion my strikes and my knees and ankles feel great after running. The fit is superb also. Overall, these are an awesome pair of shoes. I'm definitely stocking up with another pair!


Irvine, CA


Shake it or u may not MAKE IT!


I work out five days a week and I have very weak ankles and high arches. I had a pair of asics before the gel nimbus, but they didn't give me enough cushion for my cardio workouts and endurance training. The gel nimbus are just what the doctor ordered, my joints feel better and I never worry about support they are lightweight and great for crosstraining. I highly recommend for the newbie or experienced Athlete!

get r done jen

wahoo, ne


No wear in time needed


My work involves 9-12 hours on my feet, hospital work.There was no "feet learning curve". I put the shoe on and it was exactly the shoe i've ben looking for. With working at a hospital, it involves walking, sometimes almost jogging. The sideways motion, and the stability for myself and sometimes needing to help stabilize someone else, makes this shoe exactly the shoe for the job!

candi the nuc tech

Mansfield, Ohio


The ONLY Sneakers I Buy


These are the best sneakers I've ever owned. As a back surgery recoveree I need lots of cushioning to lessen the impact on my lower back. Asics Gel Nimbus are the only sneakers I will buy. Less than a year after back surgery I'm back to jogging again. The springy feel keeps me moving forward, and the soft landing they provide keeps my lower back from getting sore. I'm usually inside on the treadmill, and the all around venting keeps my feet cool in a hot room. For these and many more reasons, I love these sneakers!


Rochester, NY


Great workhorse shoe


I have owned several pairs of Asics Gel Nimbus over the years. I would say Asics has some of the best selection and sizes available. I wear a size 12 running shoe and it is hard to find. I can alway find Asics. The Nimbus is a great training shoe, great comfort and I can get lots of miles out of them. My only con is they are heavy. But they fit and wear so well I use them for training and a lighter pair for races.


Freeland MI


These shoes are my absolute favorite.


I am a runner who trains at about 65 miles per week. I absolutely love the gel nimbus shoes. They are comfortable, lightweight, and hold up well with all of the miles I put in. It is great that I can get them at an affordable price from RRS, especially being that I need to replace my shoes every couple of months. In addition, the colors the nimbus shoes are available in are always fun!

Runner girl

South Dakota


Asics: 25 years on and still doing 40m


I buy two pairs at a time and switch between pairs trying to rest my shoes after long runs. I find if conditions are wet and muddy, the shoes need to have time to recover. I also religiously buy new shoes every 3-4 months or 500 miles or so. I have been running for 25 years averaging about 40 miles a week or more. Each time I have been tempted by others to try another shoe, I have been sorry. I always go back to Asics, which have been a faithful running partner to me. I have no joint or other running problems and truly I put that down to my shoes and icing after each run. It is all about support, stability and comfort. For me, there is no other shoe for running in any condition. There are lighter shoes, but I have come to learn that light doesnt necessarily equate with quality and foot care.

Long Haul Runner

Hunting Valley, Ohio


Womens ASICS GEL-Nimbus 12 Running Shoe

4.7 236


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