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Womens ASICS GEL-Kayano 15 Classic Shoe

Women's ASICS GEL-Kayano 15 Classic

Item #ASC1441

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Product Description:

Women's ASICS® GEL-KAYANO® 15 CLASSIC :: The undisputed champion of stability supplies your run with a massive GEL® Cushioning unit in the heel for the best cushioning ever. The women's ASICS® GEL-Kayano® 15 delivers a wider outsole for even greater stability. An improved Solyte® midsole enhances responsiveness and rebound to add more spring to each step. And the best part? It's now a Classic running shoe, which means it's made exclusively for Road Runner Sports customers and can't be found anywhere else! 10.6 ounces

! Endangered Shoe [?]

Features & Benefits:

  • Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.): Linked componentry that enhances the foot's natural gait from heel strike to toe-off
  • Solyte midsole material: Lighter than ASICS standard EVA and SpEVA with improved cushioning and durability
  • Asymmetrical upper: Enhances upper fit and comfort while minimizing the potential for irritation
  • ComfortDry Sockliner: Provides optimal cushioning performance in a cooler, drier, healthier environment
  • DuoMax medial post: Corrects and slows the rate of pronation
  • Biomorphic fit upper: Provides a superior fit and function
  • DuraSponge outsole: Enhances durability, cushioning and flexibility
Product ASC1441 Review


An exceptional shoe!


I have exclusively worn Asics Gel Kayano shoes for over 15 years. I walk/jog 6 miles, 5 days/week but I am not an athlete, just someone that wants to stay healthy. I have a large foot - women's size 11 and I wear custom orthotic inserts. The Asics Women's size 12 fits beautifully. Living in Colorado can provide different weather conditions and this shoe is ideal when the pavement is clear regardless of temperature. Some Gel-Kayano models have not been as comfortable but Asics got the Kayano 15 right. Because of my foot problems I wear the shoes 8-12 hours a day in addition to my exercise time. I have no complaints with them at all and have three new extra pairs from RoadRunner Sports in my closet ready when the ones I have on wear out since they are on the endangered species list.

Walking in God's beauty

Denver, CO


My favortie shoes!!


I have ran in Nike's, Adidias, Newtons, mizunos, New balance. I always go back to my Kayanos. I have ran 3 marathons and 2 halfs in the 15's I have well over 500miles on mine and they have help up wonderfull. I did have a little ankel irrritation at first but wore high socks for a few runs and they broke in. One of the best fits, cushion and support I have ever found! I always go back to them. I am a midfoot runner and find them have great cushion in the midfoot. I think everyone is different and you have to try them yourself to see if they are for you.




Keeping up a great tradition


I have run in Kayanos since high school cross country/track. I made the mistake of downgrading to a lesser Asics model when I started running less frequently, thinking I didn't need something quite as powerful. However, I started developing problems with one of my hips. I suspected it may have been the shoes, so I returned to my first love--the Kayno. The first time I put these bad boys on, I actually felt the change instantly. I've been able to run for the first time in a year or so without having pain. I'll never forsake my Kayanos again.

Casual runner

Cambridge, MA


The best running shoes I have ever owned


I run mainly on pavement, road. This shoe hugs my foot as if it were made specifically for me. I use these shoes for short runs, long runs, walks, and when they wear out I use them for my gym workouts too. They provide plenty of cushion without a lot of weight. I have some knee problems, but when I run in these shoes I do not experience any pain during or after the run. They kept me warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I have nothing negative to say about these shoes.


Baltimore, MD




I was training for the Disney World Marathon Jan 9, 2011 and have ran in a couple different shoes to train. Started out in Asics 2150, and they are great shoes with lots of cushion and some stability, but I had problems with my knees. I bought the Kayano 15's 2 weeks before my race, and put 30 miles on them, to make sure they would be ok for the race. They were great. Yes, there were aches and pains, but my knees felt great! They fixed my IT issues and I plan on ordering more of these!

Sarah <3

Fort Smith, AR


Great... At first


Tried the 14s and some Nike's in the RR store. Went with Nike's for price and regretted the decision. Next pair bought the 15s. Immediately LOVED them. Felt like running on a cloud. No aches, splints, etc. Just as I was really improving my frequency and distances (couple months), I thought I got a stress fracture. Every step ached my hips and killed my shins. No stress fracture just worn out shoes. Happened too quickly and went from great to beat within about 3 miles. These shoes are great when new, but dont last. Would only recommend to someone who likes to replace their shoes often anyway.


Clayton, CA


Asics are awesome


This is my second pair of Asics Gel-Kayano 15's. I use them for marathon/half-marathon training. They fit with my orthodontics perfectly. The support is great and I enjoy that they are lightweight and don't need to be broken in. The one downside is the top mesh cushion. My toe always breaks through this mesh. This time, I've had to use duct tape on the inside of the shoe to prevent my toe from poking through. Hopefully it will last longer.


san fernando valley


Like Coming Home


Been a Kayano devotee for years. I'm pretty light & not doing incredibly high mileage so figured I could try a lower level Asics model. No way. Too many years of running in the Kayano had me spoiled! After 2 weeks with the newbies I came home from a run, got on RoadRunnerSports.com & ordered up my best running partner. When I put them on, they fit like a glove, are nice & light with that great cushioning I need. Aaaahhh. I'll never (ok, probably won't ever) stray again.

B-Rock & Run

Atlanta, GA


Runner shoe adjustment


Run 25-35 miles a week. Previous shoes wear & condition indicated I needed more stability. Research directed this purchase, but use will secure repeat purchases. And there was no "adjustment" period and no joint or muscle soreness to indicate problems. Most important they feel great and comfortable to run in. Purchase was secured and recieved within a few days. Thanks RRS




Tried to switch- ALWAYS go back to ASICS


Instant, I mean 'INSTANT' comfort the second you put them on out of the box. I use them for power walking, hiking through airports, or in general when I know I'll be on my feet for a lengthy time. They are stylish enough but wish they were a little higher and sassier looking(yes vanity speaking her - want to be taller with cute shoes when I work out). Tried to switch, but always go back to ASICS ... for years now.

Always Asics



The BEST shoe [...]


[...] the "original" Kayano 15s because I didn't like the fit of the new Kayano 16s.[...]I needed the shoe for a triathlon and they got it to me! I ordered a pair of 15s for my husband a few weeks later. The Kayano helps with pronation making me a better, faster runner. RoadRunner Sports is now my "go to" resource for running/workout gear!

Runner Amy

Chevy Chase, MD


I am back!


I am back to this shoe for my distance running, and I missed this reliable, comfortable, all around great stability shoe. I had a baby 6 months ago and have since been dealing with plantar fasciitis and this shoe has been so great for me to get back to with this condition. The only negative is that the arch support could be a bit higher, but with the plantar fasciitis I may need orthotics anyway.


Phoenix, AZ


Loyal Kayano runner for 12 years.


I have been loyal to the Kayano for 12 years. It was the first shoe I put on and I love them. I run 50 miles a week and need a new pair about every 3 months. Being a VIP of Road Runner I get a discount but still wish they were less expensive. I run all winter, in the rain and in the heat and never have a problem.

Robin likes to run

Salem, NH


A Great Shoe


I have been wearing Asics Gel Kayanos for more than five years. I train in them year-round and run races about every other weekend. These shoes provide terrific support and cushioning. I buy a new pair 2-3 times a year, and I have never worn a hole in them (I do wear my running shoes about a size larger than street shoes). From daily runs to 5K's to marathons, these are the only shoes for me.

schoolteacher runner



Another solid Asics shoe


I am very happy with these shoes so far. I have always worn the Asics Nimbus, but am currently pregnant and thought that with the added weight and looser tendons I might benefit from a shoe with a bit more stability. They felt a bit stiff compared to the Nimbus at first, but after a couple of runs I am finding them to be just as comfortable - I might continue with these postpartum!

Runner Mom

Racine, WI


Long time Kayano Fan


The Asics Gel Kayano has been my go-to shoe since 2003 and it never disappoints. I have walked marathons in it and run to the store in it. It's the best all-around shoe. I also wear orthotics and insoles, and this shoe accommodates them comfortably. I have tried other shoes to save money, but I always come back to the Kayano.

Sharon the Size 12

Saline, MI


Holes in Uppers - But Still Love Them


I've only been using these shoes for about 5 months and there's already a small hole on my right foot where my big toe meets the shoe. I don't have long toe nails; keep them clipped pretty short. I've never had a shoe wear out there before. However, I still LOVE these shoes. They're super comfortable and help my hip joints. I only run about 9-12 miles a week.


Madison, AL


Hundreds of Miles in these Shoes


I've owned several pair of the 15's and have been wearing the Kayano's for years. The 15 is by far my favorite and I am thrilled that it's now a classic so I can keep wearing it. The only problem I've had with this shoe is the hole that develops at my big toes - but that only happens at about the same time that I should be retiring the shoe anyways.


Washington, DC


Can run again now that I have Kayanos


I developed plantar fascitis and tibial tendonitis and have to be very careful with running, running shoes, and a rest schedule. These are the ONLY shoes I can wear. Have improved my ankle and foot pain. They are comfortable right out of the box. I much prefer Kayano 15 to the newer 16s. The 15s have much more support.




Problems solved


I had nagging shins and knees untill I got these shoes. Unless I do something crazy on my runs the pain went away after I got these shoes. For me my regular size works fine. I did buy a 1/2 size larger for my longer runs (8-15 miles) and that seemed to feel better for me. For shorter run tho I stick with my normal size. So happy the price has gone down.


Fayetteville NC


Love This Shoe!!!!!


I have this shoe in all of the colors that it was out in when the 15 was out before. I was so upset when this style was discontinued, because the 16's do not feel the same to me as the 15's did. I have ran in Asics for over 10 years, and this is my all time favorite shoe[...]I plan on stocking up on this shoe this time.






I have been using this specific shoe for 5 years of marathoning. I knew i needed a good shoe to keep me out on the road and away from injuries. It has been my go-to shoe for many long training runs and I don't plan on changing something that has worked so well.


murrieta, CA


Love this shoe!


I had the kayano 17 before this and like the 15's alot better. The 17's wore out really fast and the lining inside ripped out after 2 months. These feel more supportive and have been way more durable. I just ordered 2 more pairs as backups for when I wear my current ones out.

Harstine Island girl

Olympia, WA


Solved my Running Problems!


Very very supportive shoes! I run 40+ miles per week and tend to have pain in my achilles, shins and knees. I've tried so many styles to ease the pain, and these are the only sneakers I can put on and have no worries about the pain!! I'm ordering 2 more pairs as we speak!! Highly recommended!!


Basking Ridge, NJ


GEL Kayano


I consistently wear this model of running shoe. Asics were highly recommended by my podiatrist and I've had fantastic luck. Only compliant is that because I wear them so frequently, they tend to wear out quickly. But generally last 6-9 months.


Boston, MA


Womens Asics Gel-Kayano 15 Classic shoe


I really like this shoe because it is a sturdy shoe that fits well, has good support, and feels great as I run. I run daily, mostly pavement and I do not feel the impact on my knees when running in these shoes. I would definitely order this shoe again.

Happy legs-Jackie

Plymouth, MN


Kayano vs. GT 2150


I thought I would try the Kayano since I really like the last Asics I bought (GT 2150s)and the Kayano is recommended for slightly heavier runners. Overall, I still think I like the 2150s better. The toe box seems bigger, which I like, and it also feels lighter.


Sacramento, CA


Been running in these for 2 years!


I've been running in this shoe for 2 years. Once the 16's came out, I tried them. I hated them! Went back to 15's. The only problem is they are hard to find given the 16's are out. Grab them if you can! Love them and won't wear antyhing else. I put about 25 miles per week on them.




Like the shoes, but do get holes.


Maybe its me, but all 3 pairs have developed holes above my big toes after a few months. I was interested in whether any of the other reviews mentioned it, and they do. I don't do a lot of running-- mostly intervals to get my heart rate up, and find these shoes are comfortable for walking and jogging.


Tifton, GA


I love this shoe!


I am training for a half-marathon and use this shoe exclusively. I over-pronate and use custom made orthotics. This shoe accomodates my inserts and keeps me from having shin issues. I tried to buy another pair, but unfortunately they are out of my size!


El Cajon, CA


Womens ASICS GEL-Kayano 15 Classic Shoe

3.7 134


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1.    Jessica rated this product 5 stars
Sat, January 02,2010:
I've had a great experience with this shoe. For me it's been comfortable and have had no problems with holes or anything like that. I'm looking to get another pair!
2.    Deanna rated this product 2 stars
Wed, December 30,2009:
I had one pair and my mother had one pair, performance was same but both pair got holes in the toe of the shoe. I also had this issue with the 14.
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