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Womens ASICS GEL-Nimbus 15 Running Shoe

Women's ASICS GEL-Nimbus 15

Item #ASC1611

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Product Description:

Women's ASICS® GEL-NIMBUS® 15 :: Feel like you're floating on Cloud 9 when you fly effortlessly through your run in the amazing cushioning and lightweight comfort of the Women's ASICS® GEL-Nimbus® 15. Coast in maximum comfort courtesy of this running shoe's new FluidRide midsole construction that offers a bouncy, responsive ride and the most GEL cushioning ever in the GEL-Nimbus® series. You'll be pleased with your perfect fit provided by the new ASICS® FluidFit upper that offers both stretch mesh and improved breathability. Plus, you're sure to start a long-term relationship with these snazzy shoes thanks to the new reinforced vamp that weightlessly revs up the durability. 9.4 ounces

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Features & Benefits:

  • Guidance Line: Enhanced gait efficiency
  • Heel Clutching System: Improved support and heel fitting environment
  • Discrete eyelets: Disburse lace tension, creating a customized fitting environment
  • ComforDry Sockliner: Provides cushioning performance and anti-odor properties for a cooler, drier, healthier environment
  • Impact Guidance System: Enhances the foot's natural gait from heel strike to toe-off
  • Guidance Trusstic System
  • FluidRide
  • ASW3715

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So far, Loving Nimbus 15


In my 16 years of 6-7 days/wk running I have tried every brand of running shoes out there. Some I stuck with for a while (New Balance 1220, Nike Vomero) and most I tried and gave up on quickly. That includes Asics. I remember trying the Nimbus about 12 or 13 years ago and finding them to be way too heavy. Well, I had been wearing Vomero 5's for a few years. Loved them like no other. All of my chronic injuries (tibial stress, runner's knee, ankle pain) were gone. However, I started running 1/2 marathons, and after training for the first one I started to notice lower back pain. It got to the point where my back would become weak by mile 5 or 6 of a training run, and my form became terrible. I was arching my back and it wasn't pretty (trust me, I have finish line pictures to prove it). At some point I moved on to the Vomero 6's, finding slight relief, but still not enjoying my running the way I used to. I gave up the half marathons and started on 10ks, still being in agony by the finish. I decided it may to time to think about another brand of shoes, and found the Nimbus to be the most similar to the Vomeros and to my surprise, they actually weigh less than the Vomeros. I guess Asics decided to lighten them up over the years. Well, all I can say is WOW. This shoe is beyond comfortable. Where the Vomero's were kind of clunky (looking almost like clown shoes) the Nimbus fit my foot like a slipper. I will say that the toe box is kind of narrow. But I have a very tiny foot and I know if I had gone with the wide, they would have been too big. I've only been running in them for a week, with a long run of only 5 miles, but so far, so good. The back pain is still there but I think it's residual from the Vomeros. Definitely not affecting my form and my speed is back to a 9-9:15 minute mile pace. I was up to 10:30-10:45 with the Vomeros. The cushioning is phenomenal, as is the flexibility. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Nimbus will enable me to slowly creep back up to half marathons.


New Jersey


GREAT Neutral + shoe


I purchased these for my mom who is a workaholic & rarely exercises...so, she has NEVER had the pleasure of experiencing a descent athletic shoe...she would always purchase sneakers without my dad or me (my dad was an avid runner turned swimmer & I'm a runner), so she'd purchase whatever was on sale & made her foot look smaller (size 10). So, since she is having KNEE REPLACEMENT surgery next week, it was paramount that she get a great shoe that would decrease her underpronation (her feet roll outward due in part to high arches). I confess I used - um - another website to order her shoes &, without realizing it, I purchased a stability+ shoe & her feet were so slanted, it looked like her feet were attempting to roll out of the sides of her shoes . . . I learned my lesson & turned to my home base for running shoes...RSS. I used the RSS "shoe dog" to sniff out that she needed a neutral+ shoe & selected this asics shoe and the brooks glycerine in WIDE width . . . both were too short on her foot (ordered 1/2 size larger than normal per the info on the website) & will return to get a size 11 (full size larger than normal), but OMG she could not believe that a shoe could be so comfortable & supportive even though her big toe was mashed up against the tip - just by looking at her walking, it was obvious that her foot did not roll out when stepping (neutralized that overpronation problem she always has in flat casual shoes). I just ordered the size 11 so they will be here in time for her recovery from surgery. The coral & white color is SO pretty. THANKS SO MUCH RRS - your website is awesome, your prices (as always) are the best), I love my VIP membership, & please send my mom's love to the shoe dog :)

Sleepless in Wilson

Wilson, NC


Beware of too much cushion


I have been running for 8 years. I am a long distance runner and run 4 days a week. I run 2 marathons a year and several half marathons a year. I used to run in Adidas Boston Classic years ago before they stopped making them and found the Asics Nimbus to take the Boston Classics place. I recently bought the Nimbus 15's to try them so I could see if I liked the changes and if I didn't then I would stock up on the 14's. I tried them on a short run first and really thought they were comfortable, very cushiony and loved the bigger toe box. I had no aches and pains or blisters etc so I tried them for a second short run and had no issues. Decided to take them for a spin on a long run and 6 miles into my run I had major heel pain. I had absolutely no issues with my foot, heel, leg or anything up until that moment. I was on a slower run, didn't twist my ankle, land strange...nothing to explain my heel pain. I had to stop running on the spot and now the bursa on my heel is inflamed has taken me from running or even walking normal. The only explanation for what happened is the shoe. I did some research on bursitis and one of the possible causes is a shoe that has too much cushion. I was told that one of the other changes in the Nimbus 15 was they dropped the heel a little and I think the combo of that drop and the extra cushion has created major issues. Honestly, I thought the shoe was comfortable but I returned them right away. Just be aware that this is something that could happen. Extra cushion isn't always the best thing.


Orange County, CA


A much better redesign


So far so good.. I have been running in the Nimbus for about 10 years. I have a high arch, underpronate slightly and have some joint issues from running track in high school... so if the cushioning in the shoes breaks down or they are a style that isn't cushioned enough to start with I end up with knee pain, back pain, or both. I was liking the remodels less and less with each passing redesign of the Nimbus... the 12's were tolerable, but the 13 and 14 were terrible and I couldn't run in them. I tried running in about 10 different models (not to mention trying on about every model on in the store) ... all resulting in pain within a couple miles. I really liked the fit of the Mizuno Enigma 2 and wanted those to work, it is supportive, light and more secure around your foot than the Nimbus... but just not quite enough cushioning for me. Asics improved the heel fit some with this model, but it's still not quite as good as the Enigma. The 15s are comfortable and have the nice transition from heel strike to toe-off that I have come to appreciate from the Nimbus. I felt that some of the other brands I tried got in the way of my natural gait, forcing me to change my stride slightly. I'm still working my way up with the 15's and haven't done more than 4 miles per run yet, but they seem like they are going to work. Finally :)


Ottawa Hills, Oh


Tried and True Asics Fan


I have been running and wearing Asics for several years. Last Asics Shoe I bought was Gel Kayano 19 and I was disappointed. I went back to my 17's and wore them instead. I have since tried these Gel Nimbus 15's and what a difference. Finally back to the Asics Quality shoe that I am used to. I tried out the brooks Glycerin which I liked but I have been running in them for about 3 weeks and it feels like the cushion is getting hard and not responsive. I tried these Gel Nimbus 15s and the cushion was awesome and they fit my foot like a glove. I ordered a 8.5 when my previous Asics were an 8. I have more toe length but the toe box isn't any wider, nor does it feel like my foot will slosh around. My only concern is how long will this cushioning last. My Gel Kayanos broke down really fast. I am runing 5-9 miles a day, 4-5 times a week. Treadmill and road. I am 5'3 about 130lbs. I need alot of cushioning to keep the knees from swelling, I can tell right away when a shoe is loosing its support. I hope these don't break down fast or I think I will become a Brooks fan. We will see. I can report back later and interested to see what others think about how long the support is lasting. Why change a good product if it works?


Sumter, SC


Very comfy but ugly as sin


After talking to the rep on the phone for 20 minutes we decided I should try these despite my last pair of asics seriously falling part very quickly--after only 200 miles or so--gt 1000. But my feet were killing me, aching pain all night long after every daytime run. And I wanted more cushion and maybe a neutral vs pronation shoe. Had been using nike zoom structure as well and these were also falling apart quickly as compared to my last pair in same model--and causing feet to really ache. Never had issues with feet before these 2 pairs--asics 1000 and nike zooms. Loved the original cushy structure triax that is now so changed it's just not the same great shoe for me anymore. Seems like as soon as you find what you want a company "Improves (ruins)" it. So, I bought these and the brooks ghost 6 for needed change. Wow, these feel so good on my feet. Ghosts are better cushioning than my last sneakers but not nearly as comfy as these nimbus feel. No more achy feet! But had to forego looks for sure--these are really clunky and gaudy but now too happy to care.

Fit mom



Best fitting, most comfortable!


Hands down the most comfortable shoe I've ever owned. You might find it funny then to find out I've tried this shoe on at least 5 times at different stores but it never "fit". It was only when I was given 1/2 size up in a wide that the real beauty of this shoe stood out. I can usually were a regular width if I go up a 1/2 size. I measure about a 5 to 5 1/2 so that usually means a 6 to 6 1/2. In this shoe I got a 7 Wide and it is absolutely the perfect shoe. It fits as if made for my foot. I like lots of toe box room, no tightness over the instep, a heel area that snugly holds me, and an arch support that hits just right or that I cannot really feel. I have high arched feet. These fit all those qualifications and they are amazingly comfortable. I run about 10-20 miles a week (gradually increasing training for a 10K) and these have served me very well. No pain issues and they are holding up just fine. I highly recommend them!


Washington, D.C.


Bought 3 pairs already&going back4 more!


My new favorites! I've bought 3 pairs and I will be ordering more soon. I am hooked on their extreme comfort/cushioning level. Awesome. I've had arthritis since I was 13 in knees/ankles.These take the burden off the joints, it seems. The one thing I have noticed is that they do seem to wear out a lot sooner than any Nikes that I have worn. (Although I do at least 2 1/2 hours of cardio per day). So if price is a factor for you, then these will definitely need to be replaced sooner rather than later. But otherwise, I give these a 99% recommendation. Great shoes. P.S. I had to go up a half size & my big toe is STILL at the VERY END of the shoe. So they do run pretty small.

Cardio Addict



My fave shoe!


I've been patiently waiting for the 15's to come out to replace my worn out 14's (that wore out much too soon, just sayin'). I'm a newbie runner and started out with the some 14's and loved them...switched to Mizuno Wave and loved those too, but craved that cushioned stride that Asics has perfected. I haven't had prior Nimbus editions so can only say that compared to the 14's, they do seem heavier-especially compared to Mizunos. BUT, my feet and knees are happier to run distance in these. So happy that the color choices on these are all fun. The shoe fits true to size, I have a narrow-ish foot and the shoe is not too wide. Roadrunner.com customer service was amazing-can't beat it. Go for it!


Richmond, VA


Gel nimbus- great but tight


I am a big fan of Asics Gel Nimbus and have been getting them for years. But the past few styles have been very tight, particularly in the mid to upper foot, just before the toe box. I wondered whether my foot got bigger but when I tried a couple of my older gel nimbus shoes (style 12, for example), they fit just perfectly. So now, I have to wear ultra thin socks. I just ordered a pair of 6 wide and 6 1/2 wide, as I previously got the 61/2 regular and it felt so tight. Honestly, the 61/2 wide does not feel any different or wider than the medium width. I am keep ingot hat pair too, and will update this review if the wide "gives" a little more. Still, I love the Gel Nimbus.


Rye NY


Treadmill Runner


I have run in Asics for many years and I've never been disappointed. I upgraded to this more expensive style thinking I would be impressed by the benefits, but that wasn't the case. My heels ache and the inside stitching rubs against my foot. The novelty of the bright colors wears off. (I'm over 40 and the neon just doesn't suit me.) While I'll stick with Asics for the whole family, I won't be buying this version again. For the price I just expected a completely painless, smooth and comfortable shoe. I wear a 9 in street shoes, so I ordered a 9.5 and it barely fit. Tried a size 10 and it was too big. Going back to my Asics GT-2000! Also, wish the country of manufacture for Asics would remain consistent across the brand!




Super Cushioning


42 y/o jogger. 3-5x per week. Avg. 3-5 miles per run with the occasional longer run. Use orthotics. Several "biomechanical" issues such as one leg shorter than the other, so orthotics and a cushiony neutral shoe is a must for me. Wow. This shoe is the mac-daddy for plush; however, the cushion comes at a price for me. This shoe is HEAVY! Feels a good bit heavier than the previous Nimbus model. I am not big (5'5 & 106 lbs) nor a high mileage runner, but I prefer the height & cushion typically found in the neutral plus shoes. I am going to keep these shoes while I try others, but so far, none feel as good. Just beware of the heft. I feel like I'm jogging with weights strapped to my foot!




Good, not great


I'm torn on this shoe. I actually feel disloyal saying anything negative about the Nimbus. I've worn them a long time and they have been great. In my rotation, I use the Nimbus and the Brooks Glycerin. Have to say the Brooks edges out the Nimbus. They are very similar, but as stated in other reviews, the Nimbus this time around is just too snug fitting. This is a frustrating inconsistency to an otherwise great shoe. I run 25-35 miles a week outside in Spring/Summer and the same on a treadmill in the Winter. I usually do 1-2 Half Marathons or 10 mile races/ year. I still recommend, but just not as good as other years as far as fit. Still great cushion!

Jedi Girl

Allentown, PA


Very cushy!!


I've been training for 2 fall marathons in Nike Vomero 7s. The Vomero was my go to long distance shoe. Then Nike upgraded to the 8s. I tried the new Vomero in the store; too narrow. I tried the Nimbus 15 on and love them! The cushioning is great! I ran 9 miles this morning and it was like wearing pillows on your feet! I bought the Road Runner arch support insoles to go with these and they fit without any trimming necessary! Just like they were meant for this shoe. I only switched out the insoles as I had plantar fasciitis last year and want to avoid it coming back. Otherwise the insoles that come with the shoes are fine. The fun colors are also a nice touch! Great neutral+ shoes for long distance running.

Run Cora

Chicago, IL


most cushion ever


I have been running in Brooks for the past 3 years and although I loved the Glyceryn 9 I have not been impressed with the new Glyceryn 10. I run 15-23 miles a week with at least one run 6-10 miles in length. I was encouraged to try the Asics Nimbus 15 and WOW! what a great shoe for those of us who want lots of cushion for long runs. First time out I ran 9 miles without the insoles and metatarsal pads I usually use and came back without tired feet or legs. I will have to see how many miles I can get out of them but for now I love them and would recommend them to anyone who needs a lot of cushion when they run.Lastly I wear a 9 1/2 in Brooks and a 9 in the Asics Nimbus 15.

Never give up

Gainesville FL


Too small :(


Oh how I love the Nimbus! Avid fan for years! Always always a size 9, but these have a smaller toe box, and there's no way I could run in them without getting a blister or losing a toenail. The color (pink/titanium) was a bit awful-- thought this was the best option of what was offered, and was willing to suffer with ugly shoes for the awesome comfort that you get with Nimbus...but it just doesn't fit right. From previous reviews, I see I'm not the only one with this issue. Seems comfy and fits everywhere else-- heel cradle was comfortable, arch support seemed good, but these babies weren't leaving the kitchen with my big toes rubbing. I'll wait for the 16.


Columbus, GA


Perfect Fit, Cushy Ride


I ordered the Asics Gel Nimbus 15s in women's narrow (thank you Asics for offering narrows!!!!) 8.5. They are the best fitting, cushioning, stable ride I have ever had .. and they look cute in Coral. The heel padding keeps my slightly narrow foot secure, the toe box is also perfect ... not snug even with an orthotic insert, but doesn't let my foot slide from side to side while I plod along either. I'm a 30 mile a week, 50 year old former long distance runner with lots of chronic joint pain. The ample cushioning supports my joints and absorbs so much impact I can dream of adding more mileage ... Thank you Asics! Love these shoes!

Renewed Runner Girl





Bought these after I had to return the Mizunos that I had loved until they upgraded to the new style. I was a little concerned about all the cushioning. Well, I am sold. Took them out of the box, put them on and ran five in them. I was comfortable, my feet were well supported and the shoes have that extra sticky feel on push off that lets me know I'm staying upright! Highly recommend these. I'm 5'4" and 120 lbs, run about 25-30 miles a week for fun. My arches are high so my feet take a beating if the shoes aren't just right for me. These are. Fingers crossed Asics doesn't change the style.

Kait the mystery author

Ft. Denaud, FL


Squishy, lovely shoes!


For my recent return to running I was looking for really good shoes with really great support. I have a back injury that has resulted in sciatic pain, so I wanted to find shoes that would cushion and absorb shock. The Asics Nimbus(es?) did not disappoint! I have to run on pavement and I don't event feel the ground. My knees and back feel great, my feet aren't tired, my ankles don't feel any pain...they are just great! The only negative I could come up with (and this is really, truly minor) is that the colors are pretty bold and almost eye-searing. But that is FAR outweighed by all of the pros.

Stephanie New-Old Runner

Anaheim, CA


Very, very happy


I use these sneakers to run 15-25 miles per week. I have a high arch and trouble finding a shoe that will support my arch without being too heavy. These sneakers are everything I hoped they would be and more. Supportive, cushiony, light, attractive, durable...my feet still feel great even after a long run. Make sure you order a half-size up as it is suggested. I typically wear an 8 and an 8.5 is just right. My only complaint about this shoe is that it is hot. I won't mind this during the winter months but even in 50 degree weather this fall my feet are very hot.




LOVE these shoes


Haven't had them long enough to rate durability or long-term qualities, but these shoes are incredibly comfortable and even seem to make running easier. Of course, if I replaced my running shoes more than once every two years, it might not make for such a big contrast. ;o) I bought these in an 8.5 wide, and the fit is great for me (duckfoot) - plenty of room in the toebox, no slipping in the heel. I don't know if I have a high arch or just average, but there is good support from this shoe either way. I run a lot on pavement and these shoes provide plenty of cushioning and comfort on the hard surface.


Ann Arbor, MI


Great shoe, had to get bigger size.


I love these shoes. I'm a big fan of asics in general, and I've worn the brand for years. I was surprised that I had to go up an additional half size to get enough room in the shoe (I usually go up a half size, but needed to go up a full size for these). Once I got the size right I loved them. I have high arches and plantar fasciitis in my right foot, so I did need to add arch support with an additional orthotic insole. The shock absorption in these shoes is awesome. I can run 15+ miles and my feet feel great. I only wish the shoe came in other colors, but the function is great.

Run Girl

Manchester, NH


Great Running Shoes!


This is such a great shoe! I have high arches and was getting a lot of pain in my lower legs with my old shoes. Since purchasing these running shoes my leg pain has all but disappeared and I have comfortably been able to run for longer. I purchased half a size larger on the recommendation of previous reviews. I also chose the 2A width as my feet are narrow. They hold the bridge of my feet very well, but still have plenty of room in the toe box. They are probably the most comfortable running shoes I have ever owned! I would definitely recommend these shoes.

cayman clarey

Grand Cayman


Great, high cushion running shoe


After finishing off my last pair of Asics 2170s, I tried the replacement GT 2000 3 series. I have Morton's Neuromas on both feet that immediately started aching in the 2000s--after one run, I really hurt. I researched online and found positive reviews re. the cushioning with the GEL-Nimbus 15s. As soon as I put them on, I knew they were my new go-to. So far, I've run about 30 miles in them over the past 2 weeks and my feet feel great. I've also tried the Nimbus 16s and 17s and while the 17s are close, they are not nearly as cushiony as the 15s.

Tuck's Running Mom

Washington, DC area


Huge Nimbus fan


I have been wearing Nimbus running shoes since the Nimbus 7 came out. These are the only model of shoes I wear for marathons as they fit my foot just perfectly. I tried other brands and models, but none seem to do the job like the Nimbus does in providng the cushion needed for all those miles. The only thing I don't care for on the Nimbus 15 is that there is a seam near the top of the laces that the prior Nimbus models didn't have. This seam can cause rubbing on the top of the toes that I have experienced in other shoe brands/models.

Marathon runner

Portland, Oregon


ASICS, Always the Best


I run 18-25 miles per week and four Half Marathons a year. I trained in the ASICS Cumulus 8-14. I then changed to a less cushioned minimal shoe. Not that there is anything wrong with the minimal shoes for races, but if I wear them for long training runs, I have sore knees. So I went back to ASICS and tried the Nimbus and it is great and the sore knees are gone. A very comfortable shoe, nice and wide in the toe box, and a good snug fit in the heel. Room for my custom orthotics. This shoe does run small, so order a half size up.


Dallas, Texas


Not the same shoe as Nimbus 13 & 14


I've worn Gel-Nimbus for a few years, and this model isn't the same fit for me. Not sure what was changed in the Nimbus 15, but it doesn't feel comfortable to even walk in. I used to jog (30 years@20 miles a week) until achilles tendon surgery, so now I power walk@5 miles per hour. This shoe is stiff and lands hard, ungiving with a pronounced lump in the middle of the front sole,rubs on the top side of my feet. Had to send it back. Every few years when I think I have the perfect shoe, they mess with it and ruin it!

Runaround Sue

Franklin, TN


Great improvements!


I have worn the Nimbus for too many years to count. I have loved them all except the 14 which ironically I trained for my first half marathon in. This model the 15 is awesome. I broke them in 2 weeks before my Half and they felt great! I add additional heel/arch insoles. I have done this for the past few years since I had a bad case of plantar Fascitis. I recommend this shoe to anyone with a high arch and who likes cushioning. Best shoe ever!


Radford, VA


Love them! So much better than the 14's!


I am an instructor at a Marine Corps academy aboard Camp Pendleton and we are constantly running hills and pavement depending on the schedule. My nimbus 15's ease the pain on my joints and support my high arch. I was waiting for the 15's to come out because I was disappointed in the 14's, the cushion wore out to easily. The nimbus 15's live up to the hype, I run over 15 miles a week easily and so far my nimbus 15's let me cruise with ease! Lovem!

Cali girl

Temecula, ca


Greatly improved, compared to Nimbus 14.


Great shoe. I almost gave up on Nimbus, because model 14 was too short, too unstable, and just overall unbalanced. Nimbus 15 is wonderfully true to size; the footbed seems a bit more wide and the shoe feels more stable; the cushioning is fantastic. I usually wear a Superfeet insole for high arches, and I do not need it with this shoe. May I just add that a few of my running colleagues found Nimbus 14 just as disappointing, and were thrilled with Nimbus 15.


New York


Womens ASICS GEL-Nimbus 15 Running Shoe

4.5 204


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