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Mens ASICS GT-2000 2 Running Shoe

Men's ASICS GT-2000 2

Item #ASC1638

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Product Description:

Men's ASICS® GT-2000™ 2 :: Get every bit of that perfect balance between luxurious cushioning and sleek responsiveness that has made the Men's ASICS® GT-2000™ line a runners' favorite, while enjoying a lighter, more comfortable feel from this latest update, the ASICS® GT-2000™ 2. Fall in love all over again with the streamlined upper that offers you a smooth and sleek ride while providing plenty of support. Be amazed by the reduced weight of the ASICS® GT-2000™ 2 that makes it the lightest generation of the GT-2000™ running shoe series ever. Plus, you'll be taking your comfort more personally in this update's new FluidRide™ midsole that provides a more cushioned ride. 11.0 ounces

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Features & Benefits:

  • FluidRide midsole: Bouncy underfoot comfort and a lightweight, responsive ride
  • Full length SpEVA 55 Lasting: Full length comfort
  • ASICS High Abrasion Rubber (A.H.A.R.): Enhanced outsole durability
  • Rearfoot GEL Cushioning: Improved visibility and superior shock attenuation
  • Guidance Trusstic: Increased rigidity for structured cushioning
  • Guidance Line: Increased gait efficiency
  • Forefoot GEL Cushioning: Ideally positioned Twist GEL
  • ASW3914
Product ASC1638 Review


Great Shoe


I'm currently training for my first marathon and started running into issues with pain coming from my forefoot when doing long runs in my Mizuno Wave Inspries. I have run in the 5 previous versions of the Mizuno's, and although they are a great shoe, I was having issues when the mileage really started to increase (running 5x a week). I do have ankle issues as a result of a previously broken ankle which does affect my foot strike so that might have been part of the issue. Anyway, after putting in 120 miles on the GT 2000-2's I can say I absolutely love these shoes. Long runs are no issue (the forefoot cushion in this shoe is awesome) and the ankle and foot pain that had become common place with the Mizuno's is now gone. Great shoe for my needs- I've recently added a 2nd pair to the rotation. I have noticed that the rubber on the sole does seem to wear a bit quicker than the Mizuno's did but it doesn't seem to be an issue at this point. Other shoes I also tried out: Asics Gel Kayano 20 / Saucony Hurricane 15. Both were good shoes but didn't have the same results as the GT's.


Hillsborough, NJ


Great support without too much bulk!


I switched to the GT 2000 2 after I developed some flexor hallicus longus irritation earlier this spring on longer runs in my Mizuno Wave Elixers. I was on my 3rd pair of Elixers (and was VERY unhappy that Mizuno no longer would be making them) when this developed. I mixed up my runs more, worked on some good mobility/strength/balance exercise and just couldn't get over the FHL pain once I got into the 9-10 mile range. I switched to the GT 2000 2 knowing that a bit more pronation control for those longer runs would unload that a bit. It worked like a charm and now these have become my go-to shoe for longer distances of greater than 8-9 miles. I rotate them with my Wave Elixers and Saucony Fast Twitch (sprint work, general exercise) and have been very happy with that group. These shoes have held up extremely well compared to the lighter weight Elixers and Fast Twitch so I am hoping to get a whole lot of miles out of these. Thanks to the RRS team for answering a bunch of questions for me when choosing to head to the GT 2000 2.


White Mountains, NH


Good job Asics


I never write on-line comments but in this case... I became a runner in 1998, have ran in the Asics 2000 series the entire time, and have remained perfectly satified and injury free. When they renumbered from 2170 to 2000, I read a lot of the stuff on-line and decided not to get the 2000s. I ended up in the 1000s instead. The 1000s are fine, just fine. But, it came time to get a new pair and I took a shot at the 2000-2s. They are fantastic. If you liked the 2170s and prior, I would have no fear in getting these (besides perhaps the increased price). They feel great. The toe box does seem a bit narrow and I went to E width to give a little more room (I have hammer toe so I truly need it). Big picture, I decided to write this review because I know there is/was a lot of info out there suggesting the 2000 model was not great; that may be, I can't say. But I can say... the 2000-2 is fantastic. FYI, I'm about 6' 160lbs and I do about 20 miles a week on varying terrain at varying level of effort. Run on!


Solana Beach, CA


Back to the old GT-2xxx's


I am in my 40s and a very long-time user of the Asics GT-2000 series (basically since they were created). I wear a 13B, 6'3", ~170 lbs. I train for and run two half-marathons per year, and use these shoes for most of my longer runs. This version is more consistent with historical models than last year's GT-2000s. Specifically, they are more cushioned and less flexible in the forefoot, and feel like they have more curvature in the forefoot sole which enables the transition to pushing off with less foot flex. For those the disliked the changes last year, you'll probably like these. For those that adjusted and now like the flexibility of last years GT-2000s (like me), these will take some adjusting to as they feel quite stiff. I had calf soreness from the first couple of longer runs. For others like me with narrow feet who need a B width, these remain a solid option.




Wide shoe (4E) 2000 Series--Better Fit


I walk 3-4 miles daily. I found the GT-2000 2 model to be the first ASICS shoe in a long while that isn't too tight for my 4E-sized wide foot. Had switched to other brands recently when my supply of the preferred older models finally wore out. The toe box in GT-2000 2 is wide enough that my foot doesn't feel too compressed, returning to the feel IMO of the GT-2110 and GT-2120 shoes. I just purchased the GT-2000 3 model (direct from ASICS) and first couple of wearings have impressed me even more than the 2000 2 model. Wish all color selections offered by the manufacturer were made available in wider sizes. Even ASICS site doesn't offer the more colorful versions of the 2000 2 and 2000 3 models.

Overweight NC Walker

Charlotte, NC


Great Shoe, weak sole


I run 15 to 20 miles a week. Love the comfort and stability of these shoes. My only issue with them is that the sole, specifically the heel, wears out much too quickly. I only get three months out of a pair before I've worn through to the midsole. I have run in the GT 2000 series shoes for about 15 years and never had problems until about a year or two ago when they went to the 2000 series. I love the GT series. I've never had back, foot or knee problems and I am in the veteran of several marathons and many more half marathons. Even so I'm going to start trying some other brands in search of something with the same comfort that will last longer. Any suggestions?

TN Jack



Great shoe for 25+ mi a week runner


I use this mostly for my High-Intensity Interval Cardio training (think 30 sec sprints with 1 min moderate pace running). Great stability for my flat feet and stride. The sole has been durable and I've never had any issues with the shoe besides what I mention below. I even bought a second pair as my next set. What I dislike is how easy the layer just above the Dynamic DuoMax(tm) tends to rip away or seperate from the shoe base, especially when removing the shoe after a workout, so one should be careful about it, which is why it got 4 starts instead of 5. Aside from that, the construction of the material is good.

This Day Every Day

San Jose, CA


Perfect Right Out Of The Box!


Purchased this product according to recommendation (1/2 size up and 2E width.) Probably the best fit ever for a shoe right out of box. I bought it to replace the Gel Lite 33 2 (disappointment-No Cushioning), and as a replacement for the disappointing fit of the 2000, and the discontinued 2160-2170 series. I buy a lot of shoes as a 70-80 mile per week Runner and Triathlete. This is the first shoe I'm excited about in a long time. These will be on my feet in both the Austin Ironman later this month and SA R&R Full Marathon next month. Only negative, sort of plain looking.


San Antonio, TX


Excellent Shoes


I started using Saucony Guide 6's and they killed my patellar tendon. I happened to try on the Asics GT 2000 2 and they felt much better for me, because they slightly slanted my feet which helped my angle of foot strike on the ground. Although my knee still gets sore, it is much better with the GT 2000 2's than the Saucony Guide 6! I wish they were not discontinuing these shoes. I don't know what I will get once I can't get them anymore. Thankfully, Road Runner still has them available!! Thanks Road Runner!


Buffalo Grove, IL


great series


For me these shoes have always worked well and lasted well. I've worn out several pairs of them over the years--averaging 800 miles or so per pair. And I've worn a number of other brands/types during that time. Runners have different needs and preferences,of course, and so no shoe can be perfect for every runner. But this 2000 series stability shoe is as good a compromise as most runners are likely to find.


san antonio,TX


Another great Aiscs shoe!


Another great Aiscs shoe! Only things that I noticed are that it seems a bit shorter than other Aiscs of the same size I have worn in the past, but still fits well. The shoelace configuration is different than other models making them too short when you lace up all the holes. Not sure why but be careful not to tie them too tight. Leads to a bruise on the top of your foot like I have right now. Still running though!!

IM Clevdawg

Marinette, WI


Cant fail with this shoe


I've run in Asics for 34 years. Occasionally trying Nike, Addidas and Brooks. Always go back to Asics. Im 200 lbs. now, 65 and a bit beat up with a little knee, hip, and back aches!!! The feel, and cushioning of these 2000 are terrific. I loved the old 2080s, and have worn some 2160s and 70s, and these remind me of the old 2080s!!! Only had them a few weeks so I don't know about durability yet. only 4 stars since they are still new.

Joe K

Bensalem PA


Its back!


Had every 2000 series from 2001 to 2170 so thought the 2000 was just renumbered. They had removed every feature that had made the series so popular. I gave it a bad review. With the 2000-2 all the features have been replaced: large toe box, great stability and cushioning and overall extreme comfort. Everything they had removed from the 2000. ASICS thank you for giving me my favorite running shoe back.


Petersburg Va




I have run in ASICS (or "Tiger") shoes since 1982. The quality of fabric seems to have deteriorated. They last two pair of shoes have worn holes in the fabric towards the front of the shoe over the toe area. This did not happen in the past, and I was running more miles on a pair of shoes than now. What has changed? Were they made in China in 1982? I still think it is a good shoe however disappointed in quality.


Katy, Texas


Light but sacrifices cushioning, comfort


Extremely light weight and an acceptable replacement for the Gel 2170. However not outstanding in terms of cushioning and comfort. After long runs, 8 miles or more, feet are tired and sore. Bought two pair to rotate. Still not certain I will keep these. will try training in them for two more weeks and make my decision. At this point I do not think I would recommend this shoe.

40 years of running and sitll at it!

Atlanta, GA


Tighter than in the Past


I've been running on the 2000 series for a number of years. While I am no longer a marathoner, I run daily in all conditions (-10 to 90, snow and ice to dusty dirt roads and hot pavement). The 2000 is a good durable shoe however it seems that the last is shorter this year. They also seem to be narrower that in past. I have returned them for a 1/2 size up and a wider size as well.

Gary a Cold Weather Runner

Sheffield, VT

LOVE these shoes!


I recently purchased these shoes after completing my first 1/2 marathon in the Brooks Defyance. I also bought a new pair of Ghosts to rotate with. Although I have only run about 15 miles in these shoes, I find myself coming back to them more and more. So far, I have nothing but great things to say about these shoes!

New Runner

Longmont, CO


great shoe but ran wide for me


I have a narrow foot but always buy running shoes in a normal (D) width and never had a problem but on long runs my feet were sliding back and forth in the shoe causing pain on the top of my foot by the shoe tie area. I have a narrow foot and ordered the shoe in a B width and it works perfectly.


Dallas, TX


Now Perfect


The first model was good except the toe box was too tight, Asics must have listened because that has been corrected in this model, just enough stability and firm cushioning for my flat feet, good transition from heel to toe, not to heavy, for me the perfect combination, worth a try, I'll order another pair before they change them.


Northern New Jersey


Great for the distance


After I got these I spent one day just walking around in them to somewhat break in. Then a week later took them out for a easy 10 miles and from the first 1/4 mile to the last they felt solid. Each foot placement felt great and in control. I just wish I would of tested these a long time ago.


San Marcos , Ca


It's back!


As an avid runner, I was hesitant to purchase this shoe based on my experience with the previous version. However, I was pleasantly surprised, as it is much closer to the feel of the shoe it replaces, the 2170. I am very happy with the look and feel, but definitely a jump in price from prior versions.


Quad Cities, Iowa


Great Shoes!


I have a bad over-pronoation problem and have been struggling finding a good shoe. These shoes are great, they are cushy but yet provide great stability. I also really liked the Sauc. Omnis, but these ultimately won over, they did just a tad better with my pronation issues. Great shoes.


Chicago, IL


Great job Roadrunner


Great shoe ,put them on thought they were too tight, but settled in perfectly after wearing for an hour. The support is perfect. the shoe is lightweight and not clunky. Good bye New Balance. But , what's with the short laces? Never bought a quality shoe where I had to buy another set of laces!


Estero ,Florida


Great Old Standard


Until a few years ago I ran 3.5 miles per day wearing the previous versions. Now I speed walk with the last version and this new one (GT 2000 2). It feels just like the GT's I have worn for 20 years. I love it. Order a one-half size larger than your street shoe.


Beaufort, NC




My only complaint about these shoes is that, unlike the Addiction 10, the shoestrings are much too short for me. I do not like to lace shoes tight. I have had both knees replaced and bunion surgery. These shoes are comfortable. I walk on treadmill 6 days a week for 50 to 70 minutes.

joe 1948

Alexandria, LA


Let's get to the bottom of this.


Mostly on cardio machines (ellipticals etc.),running, biking. Great experience running 10ks in the past. Appears the quality has gone down in materials and workmanship compared to past asics shoes. The bottom rubber seems stiffer with less attention to detail and design.

Long legs

Florence, South Carolina


Still exactly what I want!


I have been using these for a long time at 100 miles+/month. Have tried other more expensive ASICS and in the end these just work for me. I am a mid/fore striker and so all the extra padding some other shoes give really don't do anything for me. I cant imagine switching from these anytime soon.


Pacifica, CA


Love my new rides!


I love these shoes, they fit great, feel great, and so my feet are happy. The only thing I noticed is that they are slightly more narrow that the Asics Gel-NEO shoes I've had previously, but they still fit great. I ordered half size up as recommended and regular width.


Yakima, WA


where is supporting? this is not stabil


This is not stability shoes, where is suppport? dynamic duo max = no support This is not stability shoes, only stiff cushioned shoes. If you are searching nice support of gt -2160, 2170 , This shoes is failure This shoes feel like stiff nike air zoom vomero



Even Better Than Before


Love this shoe for running, gym workouts, and wearing around. Even better than the previous generation. Don't know how it could be more comfortable and it is now lighter than ever before. Feels stable yet agile. Clearly one of the best athletic shoes on the market.


Midland, TX


Mens ASICS GT-2000 2 Running Shoe

4.4 75


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