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Womens Brooks Ravenna 4 Running Shoe

Women's Brooks Ravenna 4

Item #BRK1087

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Product Description:

Women's BROOKS® RAVENNA 4 :: Get the best of both worlds when you step into the middle ground between soft and supportive with the updated women's Brooks® Ravenna 4. Treat your feet to the foot hugging feel of the newly engineered, adjustable mid-foot saddle. Get ideal support for mild pronation, and flex easy without compromising cushioning. Bring a little snazz to your stride thanks to the sleek design and bold colors of this running shoe. 9.0 ounces

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Features & Benefits:

  • Rearfoot and forefoot DNA: Adaptive cushioning and resiliency
  • Stacked BioMoGo Midsole: Biodegradable, durable cushioning
  • Omega Grooves: Increased natural flexibilty
  • 3D Catepillar Heel Crash Pad: Smooth heel laydown
  • Blown rubber forefoot: Durable and soft
  • Adjustable 3D Arch Saddle: More dynamic stretch material to wrap the instep and secure the foot
  • Element mesh upper: Moisture management & breathable
  • Guidance specific Last: Flexible, moderate toe spring
  • 5mm BioMoGo profile sockliner: Custom fit, maximum cushioning
  • BKW1726
Product BRK1087 Review


I love this shoe.


I checked the box for "feels true to size," but with Brooks shoes I always order a half size larger than my casual shoes. Since I get the feeling that is the case for more than one brand, I didn't feel right saying it runs small; the size 9 I ordered for my size 8.5 foot feels just right. I started out with the Ravenna 2 and loved it. A year later I got the Ravenna 3s, and although I ran in those for a year as well, I wasn't quite as happy with the 3s as I was with the 2s. The toebox felt sloppier, and it felt like I was stopping every three miles to retie my shoes. When I needed new shoes at the beginning of this year, I tried several other brands because (A) I wanted something I didn't have to constantly retie, and (B) the Ravennas hadn't been updated yet when most of the other models were coming out with their next versions. I struggled for several weeks to find the right shoe, buying and returning at least four to five pairs. The last time I went in, the Ravenna 4 had just become available in stores, so I figured I might as well try it since nothing else was working out. Holy cow, was I ever glad I did. I don't know what specifically changed from 2 to 3 that gave me a negative impression, but whatever it was, the 4 has now fixed the problem. My feet sank into these shoes like I'd been wearing them for months. They're supportive of my high arch, although I do wear a stiff orthotic to help with that. The toebox is roomy and nonrestrictive, but it doesn't feel *too* loose like the 3s did. I have had problems with pain in the tendon at the very top of my foot, the one you can see when you flex your toes toward your shin; in many other shoes, no matter how tight (or loose) I tie them or re-lace them, that tendon will start to rub or burn after just a couple of miles. The Ravenna is the only shoe I've worn that I haven't had to creatively lace four different ways to try to find something that doesn't irritate the top of my arch and the tendon at the top of my ankle. It just fits, and it feels good without any extra effort on my part. I could not be happier that Brooks has, with the Ravenna 4, fixed whatever it was they messed up in the 3. Completely superficial, but I also really like the fact that they come with two different sets of laces. Since I own two pair, I left the neon yellow in one set and put the black laces in the other, so I can keep them both separated.


Howard County, MD


Meh, not impressed.


I am conflicted on these shoes. I love my Brooks Glycerin 9's, but am not impressed with the Ravenna 4's. I found the Ravenna's using the Shoe Dog with the same settings that I always use, high arches, medium frame, neutral runner, high mileage/road racing. The most important of these selections for me is the high arches. I understand that my arches are exceptionally high, but I would argue that the Ravenna's are neutral arches, there is very little actual arch support. RR still has the Ravenna 4's in stock, but they no longer come up in my Shoe Dog search - so does that mean they now feel the arch is not high enough? Well yes, I agree. I also read in another review that these shoes were slightly narrow. Perhaps they are slightly more narrow than the Ravenna 3's, but in general terms I feel these are slightly wider than a typical medium show. They feel wider out of the box than my Glycerin 9's do after a couple hundred miles of running. I feel RR needs to get more technical with how they rate their arch height. I also feel they need to add a preference of cushioning to their selections. Some people prefer a minimalist shoe while others want a lot of cushioning and there is no way currently to drive your selections one way or the other. When I was younger I didn't care about cushioning, but at nearly 50, my legs and knees appreciate extra cushioning and it would be nice to add that selection to the search criteria.


Beautiful Southern Ohio




This is my first pair of serious shoes specifically for running and I've just taken up running this year, so I'm a n00b. My mom bought these shoes for me as an early Christmas present so I can start training for a 5k in January. I went in to Road Runner and got fully evaluated for my running needs and ended up with the Brooks Ravenna 4. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOE!!! I literally want to buy a 2nd pair in another color set and just wear them constantly. I really like the flexible sole that allows great paw-back training. The shoes feel very light and agile with lots of support. I've worn all kinds of sports shoes from Nike and Reebok to Avila and New Balance. No other shoe has felt as beginner friendly or as easy wearing as the Brooks. I'm a Brooks fan for life now and can't wait to load up my closet with them! Additionally, the black and purple with the highlight lime green is AWESOME! The green looks bright in the pictures online, but in person they truly glow a little in the dark (not enough to use for safety at night, but super cool to look at). Great looking and feeling shoes like this just can't be beat at these prices.


Scottsdale, AZ


Great Shoe


For the past year I have been running in my Brooks Pure Cadence. I love the shoe but realized that my current pair started to wear out. I decided I needed to get a new pair of shoes prior to beginning my marathon training next week. I tried many many different shoes from Road Runners with no success. I tried the Pure Cadence 2, Pure Flow 2, Ghost 6, and many others non-Brooks as well. The Ghost 6 felt pretty good but I noticed a slight lack of support in the pads of my feet when running on pavement. I decided to try the Ravennas and I love them. I have tested them on the treadmill as well as outside and they are great support for my foot. I have an extremely high arch and these seem to support that well and have great cushion for both my forefoot and heel. I wish they would've had the others colors in the stores but living in the DMV area, Ravens colors are appropriate. I'm excited to test out these shoes on a long run in the upcoming weeks and will report if I discover any issues!

DMV Runner

Washington, DC


Love these shoes


I love these shoes! I have been a NIKE fan all my life and when I first tried on these Brooks - I thought...hmmm...they some time sells them at Big 5 and some always on sales so I was a little unsure. However, realizing that the ones at Big 5 are usually not the high performance shoes for running and you will not have the whole package of personalizing your shoes with the shape of your feet and the way your run that are being measured at Roadrunner... etc. Anyway, I get a lot of compliments on my shoes at spin class (yes, lazy to change to spin shoes) but my feet stopped hurting from the long runs and I run almost 4 times a week and spin with them at least twice or 3 times. Love these shoes!!


Brea, ca


Fantastic support for low arches


I have orthotics, but I try to buy shoes where I don't need em' & for this shoe, I didn't. I bought Nike Glide 4 shoes, great shoe, but too soft in arch, if running more than 3mi. This Rav 4 was amazing, ran 6mi right fr box. I hav low arch, wide feet, mild bunions & this shoe had total support. I didn't even hav to run in grass like when I do w/ Nike Glide 4, alternate grass w/ sidewalk. I bought the blue one as well today, I just tested the purple ones tonight. I live in Hawaii, weather was 70s & cool, so perfect running weather. I suspect these shoes will be fine in warmer temps, will test em during daylight hrs. Oh, I usually buy 9.5, but w/ these 9 fit better. W/ 9.5", I had too much ankle space, didn't like the movement, 9 was perfect oddly enough. But w/ NIke Glide 4, I hav 9.5, but it fits like a glove.


Honolulu, Hawaii

Great Road Running Shoes


Was looking for a pair of supportive shoes with arch support while still having some flair to them. These shoes are a perfect combo of what I was looking for. The cushioning in the heel gives a bit more than a previous pair of Brooks I ran with, which makes them a bit more comfortable as I run with heavy heels. The fit is nearly perfect, it has about a quarter inch more length in the toe than my other Brooks in the same size that didn't seem to be a problem in the store, but took a little getting used to when actually running in them. In the end, I think that's the only con I have with these shoes and it's certainly better than having no toe room. Great shoes!


Seattle, WA


They're back!


I used to wear the Ravenna One and Two which were perfect! They were more narrow in the forefoot which I prefer since my feet are narrow. The Threes were awful for me-clunky and sloppy during my long 8 to 10 mile runs. I sent them back weeks after trying them. I tried Brooks Pure Cadence and became injured after a few months. I then tried the Mizuno Inspire 9's which were nice, but wider and wore out very fast running 40 plus miles per week. I broke down and tried the new Ravenna's again. Out of the box this morning, they felt like the Ravenna of old! I ran 10 miles happily ever after. Thanks Brooks!!!


san marcos, CA


Better than Ravenna 3


I purchased the Ravenna 3 and ran a four-miler and then a twelve-miler out of the box. Love them. I've run in the Ravenna 2, 3, and now 4 after changing from the Asics Kayano. The Ravenna 4 fit and feel are more like the Ravenna 2. I felt like the Ravenna 3 was less cushioned and slightly shorter/narrower. The Ravenna 4 seems to have brought back the cushioning and feels wonderfully wide and roomy. My bunion is happy. My feet felt great over 12 miles on concrete sidewalks. They feel lighter than comparable stability shoes like the Kayano or Adrenaline. I plan to use these for marathon/ultramarathon training.

Running Coach Donna

near Nashville


Great Shoes


I am a "casual" runner (I run 3 miles usually 3-4 days a week). I run only on roads or paved trails. I have only run about 15 miles in these so far but I am pretty happy with them. They fit well and have good cushion. I have not had any uncomfortable rubbing or blisters (I think shoes should be comfy right out of the box, and these definitely were!) The colors are okay for running but I would definitely buy a pair of these to wear to work too if they had more color choices. The metalics just don't do it for me with my scrubs.




Love the wide toe box


I am a 50 something woman who runs to stay healthy. I've run countless half marathons, 5K's, 10 K's, trail races, and most recently a full marathon. I don't run for PR's so I don't need a speedy shoe. Most importantly, the toe box is roomy enough that the shoe fabric doesn't rub or irritate my bunion. The shoe doesn't have any plastic that rubs the bone which causes pain. Best of all, I love the color combination. This is my THIRD pair of Ravenna's! My daughter also wears these to run in and loves them as well.


Indianapolis, IN


I used to be an Adrenaline fan......


I used to be a fan of Brooks Adrenaline -- wore them for about 10 years and ran three half marathons in them -- but the new model didn't work for me. After running in them on the road or treadmill my knees would be sore walking down stairs. Not sure if that is because I was mostly running on dirt the last few years and recently started running on the roads and treadmill or if it was the changes they made in the most recent model. The Ravena provide more cushion and seem to be working out for me, no more sore knees. Very happy with this purchase and with Road Runner Sports!

Jen C.

Massapequa Park, NY


Awesome Shoe


I switch between Brooks and Asics. I buy a new pair of running shoes before every race and this was the pair I chose for the Bridge Run in SC...LOVED them...wore them straight out of the box..they were a little tight and I bought them a 1/2 size up, but for the most part...excellent shoe...comfortable and breathable and great cushion but light. This is my 2nd pair of Brooks, loved both pairs. The colors are really cool too... :-)


Chester, Va


Great shoe


I went into the store thinking I was going to walk out with the Adrenaline 13s after owning the previous 3 pairs of Adrenalines. However, after running in those and the Ravenna 4s I was pleasantly surprised at the feel of the Ravenna 4s. The cushioning and support felt very comfortable. As a person who often blisters after 4 miles, I was really pleased when I ran 7 miles in these shoes within the first week I had them with no issues. So far so good.


Dublin, OH


Shoes do the running


I use the custom made inserts and do trail training runs. Have use the shoes in a couple races. I like the shoes alot. Toe slopes off so feels like the shoes run on there own and you are just along for the ride. Sometime I would like something that is not so breathable but for the most part I need the breathableness as well so comes down to not being able to have everything in the same shoe.

Happy Feet

Darien Il


My feet have FINALLY found a perfect fit


I've tried to find a replacement shoe for a long time. I loved my Brooks Cascadia, but they just wore out. FINALLY, I found a great replacement shoe. I run trail mostly, but have been using these for road runs in prep for a series of upcoming half-marathons. Very pleased. Order a 1/2 size up. I ordered the white with blue. Would like more color options.

Forest Cougar



Solid shoe for high-mileage runner


Avid runner (45+ mile a week) with narrow feet. I run both on roads and trails. I prefer fairly light, less cushioned shoes (I do not wear inserts)but still with some structure/padding. Used to run in Asics (too wide, too padded, felt "too fat"), swichted to Brooks -- much better shoe for somebody light, fit, and without major knee, ankle, etc...- issues.

Sylvie, Boston marathon runner

Boston, MA


<3 LOVE these shoes! <3


These are my first pair of Brooks - I've had the Mizuno Wave and I wore those down to nothing - so I decided to try this pair. I was so pleased to find out that they were just as good as my Mizunos, if not better! They fit the top of the foot really well and is form fitting. Wore them today for a short run to break them in and they felt great!


Bellflower, CA


Found a shoe that is light yet strong!


I am a nationally and world ranked age group duathlete. I need a shoe that is light yet durable as my sport has 2 runs with a bike ride in between, thus my legs are heavy for second run and don't need a heavy shoe! I also found the " regular" lacing great....so many other shoes have new lacing which tends to pull my arches down.


Philadlephia pa


Trusty old friend


This is my third pair of Ravennas. It's taken me a long time to find a shoe that fits just right. This is it. The shoes are snug and comfortable. They are durable as well. I liked them so much that I purchased a second pair before this model disappeared. The purple/black combo isn't my favorite but then again this isn't a fashion show.


San Diego, CA


Finally a Great Shoe!!!


I have had problems with finding the right shoe. I have a high arch and get shin splints easily. I am a runner on hard roads and found these to be a perfect fit for me. I tried the Brooks Ghost & Adrenalines and wasn't happy but these rock the socks off!!! I ran 6 miles in them right out of the box. Order at least a half size up. Love the color (neon and purple)



perfect shoes for people with flat feet


These shoes are so comfortable for my feet. Before I bought these shoes I could barely run 1/4 mile, now I am able to run a mile due to the comfotability and shock absorbancy of the shoes. I never knew running could be so pain free. These shoes are great for people with flat feetand feet that pronate slightley.


Ramona, Ca


Best shoe 2yrs in a row!


Extremely lightweight shoe, great cushion & support. I use them primarily for walking and training @ the gym. Even though they're running shoes, they beat the other cross trainers in comfort, style & durability. This is my second pair and will be first on my list to try when the new model is available.


Cliffside Park, NJ


New Shoe and Liking It


Ravenna is my 4th shoe in 2 months. So far, it's working out. I'm training for a marathon and having good shoes is important. They feel pretty good, but they are a bit stiff. My right foot hurts a bit on the bottom right side after running more than 10-12 miles. I like that they don't show dirt and the color combo looks good.


Vista, CA


Very comfortable


My first "Shoe Dog" fitted running sneakers. I tried on 5 different pairs of shoes and these just felt "right" for me. They made me want to walk/run and felt very light on my feet. All in all, I'm happy with this purchase, although I'm not overly impressed with the color palate of this shoe, I bought for performance.


Northern VA


Stylish Classic


Bought this shoe while looking for new runners since I found out the shoes I was running in were actually trainers, glad I didn't pay to much for those. Loving the purple which is hard to find in any brand other than Nike which I prefer not to run in. Glad I bought them for sure.

Natasha, beginner xc

Fullerton CA/ Grand Junction CO


Great Shoes Continue...


I love these shoes. I've been in them since Ravenna 2, have owned at least 8 pairs throughout the years (I road run about 100 mi or so a mo) and they continue to be great. They give just enough support for my pronation but not so much that my body cannot work the way it is supposed to.


San Diego, CA


Great running shoe!


I love this running shoe. My last pair with the custom orthotics lasted me close to 9 months. I run about 1.5 miles a day on pavement, including steep hills. When it was time to buy another pair of running shoes, I knew I wanted to get another pair of Brooks. Great value for the money.


Dundee, OR




I was hesitant to purchase another pair of Brooks, as my first pair I felt caused foot pain shortly after wearing. Had I known or went to Road Runner before purchasing my first pair I would have found out that what I was purchasing was not what I should have. I LOVE my Revenna 4!

Eryn in training

Shorewood, Il


Love them!!!


I run usually 15 miles a week. If you have a low arch and pronated feet, these are the shoes for you. The shoe does feel all little narrow than I'm used to. They are light weight,and provides stability. Overall I am pleased with my first pair of Brooks and will buy again.




Womens Brooks Ravenna 4 Running Shoe

4.5 66


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