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Mens Brooks Transcend Running Shoe

Men's Brooks Transcend

Item #BRK1126

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Product Description:

Men's BROOKS® TRANSCEND :: Be transcended into greatness when you run in the ultimate float shoe, the newly released Men's Brooks® Transcend running shoe. Score your most comfortable strides ever in the Super DNA midsole that delivers adaptable cushioning to customize your plush comfort and protection. You'll feel totally aligned to run with your strongest steps, while your knees and joints will be guided to move within their most natural motion. Give 'em a try and you're sure to fall feet first in love with the new Transcend running shoe. 12.2 ounces

! Endangered Shoe [?]

Features & Benefits:

  • Universal Platform engineered that narrows in the heel and widens in the forefoot: Disperses pressure relative to impact
  • New "guide rail" components passively engage to gently nudge your foot on its ideal path for transition
  • Double Omega Flex Grooves and Flextra: Allows for comfort and flexability
  • Full Length Caterpillar Crash Pad: Provides smooth heel laydown & transition to toe off
  • Super DNA Sockliner
  • Moisture Managing Element Mesh and Linings: Allows your foot to stay dry in wet conditions
  • Microfiber and Synthetic Overlays
  • BKW1868

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Product BRK1126 Review

Suprising stable and soft


As a pronator who relies on posting for pronation control on one side, I have been skeptical of any shoe that claims to be a "support" shoe without medial posting. I wear orthotics and need a strong support for the device to function properly. For example, for trail running, I use the Brooks ASR GTX with orthos and it works great. I'm not loyal to companies but am loyal to products that work well and keep me running injury free. Right now I'm using the GTS14 to ramp up for a spring marathon. I've come to rely on the posting in that style shoe to keep from rolling in and pronating. When i started doing test runs in the Transcend It was easy to notice how comfortable they felt.My arch seemed to be kept inline enough to not cause problems so i did a couple more test runs and was happy to discover they seem to be comfy and supportive. It wasn't until i took the Transcend off and put the GTS14 back on to finish up a test run did I really notice the difference. The GTS felt like a brick compared to the Transcend. I was shocked. The GTS14 is comfy, but the Transcend is something else altogether! Next step, gait analysis with the Transcend on Thursday. I want to watch the slo-motion video of these shoes in action to see if they truly provide the support I come to expect from a shoe labeled as "Stability". I've also seen foam on Brooks shoes die ahead of their time (less than 200 miles the foam flattened out). Only time will reveal questions around foam life and overall durability. Also, the overlay that is on top of the rear of the large toe can crease when running. It's pretty firm out of the box and took some miles to soften up. That and the price are my only complaints. If you have some extra cash laying around, these do make a nice addition to the arsenal.


Seattle, Wa


Like running on Marshmallows


I have been excited for my first run in these shoes. I have been wearing Brooks Trance 12's for the past year. Over 1000 miles in them last year including a marathon, six half marathons and a few other runs. Loved the Trance 12. I am a big runner - 240 lbs. Shoes mean everything when you are my size. Nervous about any replacement to a shoe I like. Today was the day. 6 below in MN, -26 wind chill. Long run day - 10 miles. Went outside and hit the button on my GPS watch and the most incredible thing happened. If felt like I was not wearing shoes. After 5 years of running this is the first time that it did not feel like I was dragging my shoes along on the run. They are so comfortable and lightweight. Another amazing thing - cushioning in cold weather, and the bottoms of my feet did not get cold like they would have in the Trance 12's. For the past few months I have been feeling this slight pain below my left knee when I run - not terrible, but sometimes concerning. Not today - not in the Transcend. Longest run of the year and feeling great! They fit like the Trance 12 - snug toebox. I ordered the same as I have been wearing in the Trance - love the way they hug the front of my foot. Looking forward to seeing how they hold up as I put more miles on them, but my first impression - most incredible shoe ever! I can't wait to get my second pair!

Minnesota Jim

Sauk Centre, MN


Soft but narrow


I've been running Asics Gel Kayano for quite some time now. Most recently the 20, which is also a great shoe might I add. However, I was looking for a bit more heal cushion and found it in the Brooks Transcend. These shoes are very soft and easy on the shins/knees. The weight is a trade off, but they somehow made this shoe much lighter than it appears. My only complaint is the lack of offering on width. My foot is slightly wider (EE) than standard width. I would have given these a 5/5 had it not been for the lack of width options. I sure hope that Brooks listens to the critics and offers them in wider options on the next update. Otherwise, I'll probably go back to the Kayano. On a side note: I don't really notice the narrow fit when I'm on a jog so much vs. if I'm wearing them around the town, but I like to wear all my shoes regardless of activity. Also, get some different colors for heaven's sake. I refuse to purchase a white shoe, so I'm stuck with these bright red-ish/orange fashion statements. I'm too old for that. As always, shoes arrived quickly and RRS took good care of me. Thanks RRS!

@BenHillmon - Twitter

Chanute, KS


Definitely Different


So this is a better attempt at the new rage in running shoes: Trying to make everyone a neutral striker. The shoe rides like it has a more level heel to toe offset than most stability shoes. It has that rounded heel, you can feel it trying to correct you. I think the guide rails do work giving on-demand support for pronation if you have it, if not it's more a neutral shoe. The cushioning is huge with an external-type of arch support. The upper is nice, flat plastic overlays on fabric so there's nothing to rub on, pretty plush. Strangely I couldn't tighten it, but it never needed to be they felt looser but very secure. Mind games. Whatever the weight is you don't notice it, but they are trainers. Overall ride is extremely cushioned but deadened to keep you low to the ground with a more neutral feeling than anything stability. Definitely not stability plus, but it has stability plus cushioning. If you are more neutral striking these shoes would be cloud-like. So the float is the cushioning, and the feel is the external pronation control. Worth a look if you can live between the neutral and stability worlds.


Fresno, CA


great shoe with only a few concerns


I have been a Trance lover, and was disappointed when they discontinued the shoe. The new Transcend fits the bill. Unlike some of the newer shoes that sacrifice weight for stability, I appreciate the actual weight . I am an overpronator,and have arthritis in my left ankle. the support band around the whole shoe gives me stability; and yet this is one of the softest most cushioned shoe I have run in. Great shoe for orthotics wearers. My only complaints: Make it in widths. I have a wide toebox and have to size up in this shoe for it to work and to not rub the little toe of my right foot. Price a bit steep. Summary All in all a very comfortable shoe. I only hope that Brooks does not decrease the weight of the shoe under 11.5 oz ,otherwise it will no longer be a stability plus shoe. PS I bought two more pairs on sale.


Bellaire Texas.


Not the prettiest but super comfy


I've been through some shoes since I started running years ago and to be honest I like the feel of less shoe, I'm a minimalist at heart but I've never been able to do the distances I want to do in a minimal shoe and I started having problems with my IT-bands and then plantar fasciitis. It's not like I'm healed but this shoe is super comfortable and has allowed me to get back to higher milage runs without any new problems. I loved them so much over the past month that I bought another pair! I read many reviews that said to get this shoe a half size larger than needed because of the big toe rubbing the shoe and I'm glad I listened. I'm normally a 12 in brooks and the 12.5 was/is perfect in this shoe!

The red goatee

Wilmington, NC


Bloody good shoe in more ways than one.


After about the 1st week of 20mi, the shoe started to cut into my middle toe on my right foot. Not cool to see blood seeping through the upper on your $150 new shoes. I returned them to Roadrunner with no issues in the process. They gave me another. The Transend did the same thing to my middle toe on the left foot this time. In both cases there is a sharp ridge where the "tongue" is attached to the upper. I coundnt bare to return it again, so I used Duct Tape to cover the sharp area. That worked. The salesman did tell me that the shoe should last 6mo. It lasted 3mo like all the others. Overall, not worth the price. I hear the Transend is being discontinued after 1 year.

Runnin on Empty

Simi Valley


Good shoe for somebody else


I usually wear Saucony Hurricane or Asics Gel Kayano (stability plus). After many years' damage to knees from running on pavement, I'm pretty much restricted to the elliptical trainer or a stationary bike. The Transcend just doesn't do it for me - after 15 min on the elliptical, my forefoot starts to feel like it's going to blister, or go numb. I find the same conditions with the Saucony and Asics shoes, but only after 40+ min on the elliptical. Brooks just doesn't do enough under the forefoot. The shoes also feel narrow, which I expect will stretch. Finally, the laces are too short by about 3 inches.




Could be great


With the new rigid rail system design not offering a wide option does not make sense. This shoe seems to be narrower than other Brooks offerings. I am currently running in the Trans 12, which I like very much. The Transcend rail system dug into the inside of my arches, and I developed some knee issues, while only putting 20 miles on them. I contacted Brooks and they stated that no wide offering is planned for the Transcend and the Trans is being discontinued. Back to the Kayano's I guess. I can see where these shoes could be good with the proper fit.

Tri Guy

Lafayette, LA

Good, not great


After reading several reviews, some negative, some positive, I decided to give these a try. I'm a big Brooks, but have been trying out some other options recently. When I received these and put them on, they felt great and very comfortable and they still have maintained that comfort level over the first 80-90 miles. However, I was very surprised by how "clunky" they felt though. They seem very heavy and almost cumbersome at times. I'm not sure I would ever race in these, but they seem to be doing OK for training. Like the title says, good, not great.

Flying slapaho



Still Evaluating


Well constructed shoe. Not a fast shoe and if you want to feel the road, this is not the best choice. Excellent cushioning, plenty of toe room and a nice overall ride, just a bit clunky for anything over a 6-8 mile mid-week training run. A good choice to have in your weekly shoe alternating as it will give your legs a break but skip these for speed work or distance. They perform well in very cold weather and do not stiffen up and certainly have a nice grip on the road. Overall, the shoe lives up to the hype so far for a cushioned, nicely supportive, not overly heavy shoe.


Philadelphia, PA

Stable Comfort


I bought these shoes because I was having some forefoot pain. I always wear orthotics and never have problems but here I was with an odd pain in the foot. I could still run but I wanted more cushion. The transcend really made a difference compared to my normal Ascis GT-2000 series shoes. I had to size up by a half as I know the brooks are a bit tighter fit. (Normally 8.0 with Asics now 8.5 with Brooks). I liked them so much I bought another pair (older model as the price is kind of outrageous).


Hillsborough, NJ


I can't make myself like this shoe


I've tried the shoes on the treadmill twice. Uncomfortable, heavy, and clunky. The plastic overlays cause me problems in the toe box, which will cause toe problems on longer runs. I don't know how they'll perform on the road. These shoes are walkers, loafers, and loungers. First pair of Brooks I cannot stand. I'll give them a few more tries, but, unless they get a whole lot better, it's off to the reject pile in the garage.




Breaks Down Too Soon


The Brooks Transcend doesn't hold up! I'm not a heavy runner in terms of weight or frequency. Yet, the Transcend shoes wear significantly on the outer corners within weeks. I have week ankles due to many injuries and I need a good stable shoe. Sadly, the Transcend is only stable for about a month of running.

Twisty Ankles

Chippewa Falls, WI


what a surprise


I used to run in netural shoes, I have a big pronation problem as such my knees were killing me, Im 49 years old and am working for my first 1/2, it was to the point I couldnt take the pain anymore ... till I bought the transend,, knee trouble not an issue my feet dont hurt, and not at all heavy GREAT SHOE!!!




From Trance 11 to Trancsend.


I'm 36 yo, 5'8", 195lbs with a 33" waist. I'm heavy for my height, over pronation is a problem for me, and cushioning is a must. Using RRS custom inserts and these shoes allows me to run on the road for 6.3 miles, 3-4 times a week without any issues. I love these shoes.


Yuma, AZ


Great Shoe


These are extremely comfortable with fantastic cushioning. Somehow they are very supportive without having a medial post like my Adrenalines. I love how they fit. I will be buying this shoe again. I hope this line isn't discontinued in the future.

Pistol Pete

Vallejo, Ca


Best runner ever!


The staff at Road Runner set me up with this shoe after going through their in-depth fitting process. I've worn gel-kayano's for years so I wasn't sure if I wanted to switch but I'm glad I did. I have to say these are the best and worth every penny!


Phoenix, Arizona


Great fit!!!


I have to wear mans size , my biggest complaint was that I could never get cool colored shoes , but I got the black brooks transcend & they were the coolest shoes !!! I love them ... Oh and they fit perfectly !!!!

The one who loves to walk !!!

Richland , wa.


Bring the Trance Back


The Transcend does not have the stability of the previous shoe - the Trance. Nor does it have the durability. I'm going through my Transcends much faster than I ever did my Trances. I'm disappointed in the Transcend.

Bad Ankles!

San Antonio


Brooks Transcend not my beloved Trance


Nice looking shoe!! Still need to log a few more miles in them..lots of cushion. .nice shoe Only negative is they say purchase 1/2 size up but I wouldn't. I wear 12 & definitely should of bought one


Ansbach Germany


Comfortable for Running / Walking


Typically run in the beast or addiction. This seems better with no drawbacks yet. I'm limited to only two miles due to repeat knee surgeries, but it's great to run again. Walk 3-5 miles and they feel fine for that as well.

Old geezer

Irvine, CA


Great feel


I am a professional high school coach and Physical Education teacher. I walk over 10 miles a day and wear out my shoes very quickly. These are some of the most comfortable on my old (60) feet.

Greg fast walker

Ft. Lauderdale Florida


Great shoe but low toebox


This shoe is well made and comfortable except that the toe box is very low. I do not like that my big toe feels sore after a run. The show would be perfect with a higher toebox like the Trance had. If it were not for the toebox, I would giv.e it a 5


New Jersey


Good shoe for long distances


I use these shoes for my long runs. They feel very comfortable and help the feet stabilize for proper running form. I will be using them for a marathon soon.


Moses lake, WA

Great Running Shoe!


I have been running long distance for 10 years now. Logged countless miles in races & in training. I am also a former Asics user. This was my 1st time using another brand upon advise from a friend. Overall: well made shoe. Great support. The cons are a smaller toe box than Asics of the same size and and it seems a little clunkier than Asics. The Trancend 3 though, improved that.





I got these as a backup after running in my first pair for a month, the only shoe I've ever gotten again within another month of my first run in the shoe!

The red goatee

Wilmington, NC


Plush ride


Like the ride overall. Good cushion with plenty of stability support. My only knock is that it doesn't lock the heel in place as well as I would like.


Longmont, CO


wonderful stability


Just getting back into running. I did the custom run and they picked the perfect shoe for me to get back into running.


delaware ohio




Service was great price was right...Bought 2 pairs sent on back. Like Kayano 20 better...

Flat Foot

Hermosa Beach



4.1 35


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