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Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS with HRM Run Soft Strap Monitors

Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS with HRM Run Soft Strap

Item #GAR183

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Product Description:

GARMIN® FORERUNNER® 620 GPS WITH HRM-RUN™ SOFT STRAP :: Train smarter with the revolutionary sports watch that gives you a workout coach at your fingertips, the Garmin® Forerunner® 620 GPS with HRM-Run™ Soft Strap. Use the touchscreen to seamlessly track all of your essential data like distance, pace and heart rate, while getting loads of advanced training-boosters like a VO2 max estimate, a recovery advisor and a race predictor. Plus, you'll love the added bonus of getting real-time feedback about your running form with the included HRM-Run™ soft strap that allows you to measure your cadence, ground contact time, and your degree of bounce. You'll also be psyched that the Forerunner® 620 GPS watch lets you automatically upload all of your data to Garmin Connect™, where you can track your personal records over time, get free training plans and connect with friends for extra dose of inspiration.

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Features & Benefits:

  • New: Two new activity profiles - "Race" and "Ride" - now make it easy to switch between activities, viewing the fields you want to see
  • To get these new features, update your device software free of charge using Garmin Express
  • HRM-Run soft strap included
  • Advanced GPS running watch with a high-resolution color display and comfortable, lightweight design
  • Running dynamics: Cadence, ground contact time, vertical oscillation
  • Faster GPS fix when user regularly connects to Garmin Connect for automatic satellite data
  • Set up exercise and rest intervals
  • Lets you know when you achieve a personal record
  • Pauses and resumes timer based on speed
  • Built-in accelerometer tracks distance and pace when indoors
  • Connected features include automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, live tracking and social media sharing so you can promote your achievements to your friends
  • When paired with a heart rate monitor, Forerunner 620 can help gauge your fitness level through advanced features like recovery advisor, race predictor and VO2 max estimate
  • When paired with the heart rate monitor, the Forerunner 620 provides feedback on running form by measuring cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time
  • Comfortable, lightweight design
  • Touchscreen
  • Configurable data fields
  • Training plan support
  • Virtual Partner, pace alerts, and auto pause
  • Calculates calories burned
  • Package includes: Forerunner 620 GPS, charging/data cradle, premium heart rate monitor, manuals

Product GAR183 Review

Cool but....


15miles out of the box...was cool...the recovery check and all told me my records of my first run with it. But I still in love with my 610 and 910xt. Colors are not that clear, for me is like different tones of grey but is a cool watch to have. The best that i like about it is the wifi and bluetooth connections and the vo2 max estimates.... Race predictor wasnt that accurate for the first use.... Will see what happens in the future.


Puerto Rico


Great Watch, Poor Promises.


Wow. This is a really impressive watch. After a little issue with getting the watch connected to the computer, (hint: connect the watch first before downloading any Garmin Software) I had an AMAZING call with Garmin Customer Support, and then was able to use my watch without issue. The watch charges blazingly fast and keeps the charge for days. So far the watch has been charged once, I have done about 4 hours of running, and it is at about 50%. Phenomenal. I really have appreciated the Garmin Connect website and have seen literally daily improvements in their services, it seems Garmin is rolling out a lot of features to their website post launch which is nice to see. I had the opportunity to test both outside and inside on a treadmill. I was very impressed with the accuracy of the watch on the treadmill run, and though I don't like to run a lot indoors, I am glad that at least the watch makes it tolerable. The touch screen is interesting. Prior to the 620 I was primarily using a Motoactv, whose touchscreen is honestly a touch too sensitive. The 620 solves that problem. The watch enforces a "long" touch of about 1/4-1/2 of a second for an item to be selected. This allows the watch to avoid having erratic behavior while underneath a shirt. Very nicely done. The only negative that I have is the contrast/brightness of the display. It is a little bit "grey" and I would loved to see a better contrast. I am sure that would come at a price of battery life though, and honestly...I want the battery life more. The biggest negative has been the wait for this watch and another which I have purchased for my Husband. I can not believe that it has taken over 6 weeks for my order to be fulfilled, and from what I hear will take until December 9th to be fulfilled. Quite shocking. Still, if I were looking for a watch with great battery life, excellent functionality, and an amazing off-board experience. I would order this, and hope that Production ramps up.


New York


Frustrating Product


I've been running with Garmin devices since the Forerunner 101 (back then the joke was that it stood for "Forearm runner" since the watch was over 3 inches wide). This was my 3rd Forerunner, and by far the most sleek and lightweight. I really didn't even notice that I was wearing it. The firmware updates that have been made since this watch was first released have helped a lot. The addition of both "bike" and "Race" mode help keep activities separate and allow you to set different data screens for different events. And the feature set is long and robust, but some of those features still seem half baked. The "color" screen is a gimmick, and barely noticeable under the best of conditions. Running dynamics are interesting to play with but seem to be quantifying for the sake of quantifying. Wifi connectivity is great when it works, but requires multiple sync attempts when it doesn't. A few times I got so frustrated, I ended up pulling out the cable to charge that way. Finally, the battery life of just 6 hours meant that I wasn't able to get a week of training out of a device - no problem with my old Forerunner 305. But the biggest problem, by far, is the random shutdowns. Within the past month, the watch has crashed 3 times during runs (it happened with a couple of firmware versions). For the same price, I purchased the fenix 2 which has many of the same features (including running dynamics) and many more (like navigation and a battery life that's measured in days). The only things I miss about the 620 are the wifi sync (when it worked) and small size (and the touchscreen I guess), but the gains in battery life and stability more than make up for it.




Great Watch!


This has been a fantastic purchase! The HRM strap is a MUST with this watch and the additional metrics it provides are very useful. The downside to this watch is that it only offers a Run mode, no cycling or other activities. I wear it for Gym workouts with the HRM and my only complaint is it thinks I'm running, so the Pace is really messed up (like 30min miles, etc). I have to manually put my stats (calories, time) into my workout app and delete the workout from the watch so it doesn't upload to Garmin and factor that into my overall stats. Running on a treadmill is hit or miss since the cadence is measured by the swinging of your arms by an accelerometer in the watch itself. You can pair it with a footpod for more treadmill accuracy, though. I've heard via the forums that Garmin will be adding features like Virtual Racer to this watch, which it's missing now, as well as more GPS functionality (Return to Start, Set Position, etc). I used a Garmin 405 before and this watch is MUCH smaller and lighter so I'll live without those features for now. Overall a great watch for runners.

Austin G

Powell, OH


Best $450.00 I Spent toward my running !


I run 5 days a week i use it to train for half marathon and in 2 years hope to be able to run the Chicago marathon.I street run mostly i have tried to use it on the treadmill on bad weather days but if you constantly check the watch the accurace will be off as it uses the arm swing to gauge distance plus you need to shut off the gps in the settings to get any kind of good reading on the treadmill.Its an awesome watch many feature to help with your run efficentcy much better than the 610 forerunner trust me if you got the money plunck it down on the 620. I ordered it and got in about 3 days wow great watch great service 5 stars all the way around enough said add it to your cart all ready !!!!!!


fort wayne,Indiana


buyer beware


I was shocked to read the possitive reviews. I own a 310 and 910 as well as buying the 620. 1. i guess you could call it a colored screen, but not really, more acurately a shaded colored gray screen 2. not nearly as easy to use as the 910. 3. difficult to sync 4. with in less than 1 month started to inaccurately record miles. I actuallly did 1 mile in 5 seconds. 5. watch software had issues ...contacted the company and they wanted me to pay to ship it back to them to get a refurbished watch(watch is less than 30 days old) in exchange and then said return shipping will take 10-14 days unless I wanted to pay for expedited shipping and handling.


Los Angeles, Ca.


Everything I've wanted out of a watch


This watch is awesome. There are few other things to say about it. In the five months I've had this watch to replace my Forerunner 210 -- which had a broken strap -- this watch has been everything I've wanted and more. It is accurate, and gives a ton of data. In the past five months, using this data, I have been able to change some small aspects of my running to be more efficient. The only negative I can point to is that it is too expensive for more consumers. I luckily got this watch as a gift, but either way, it is awesome.

Colombian Mike

Lincoln, NE


Mostly Satisfied


This is my first gps watch so I don't have much to compare it to, but overall I am pretty satisfied with it. Since I am admittedly a running nerd, I love all the data I can get from Garmin Connect after a run. My biggest complaint, however, is the inaccuracy of the accelerometer. I run a lot on a treadmill so was really excited to hear that I could still get all my data, even if I'm not running outside. But the watch isn't even close to being accurate. I can run a steady 8:00 pace but my watch bounces between 8:30 and 10:00! Other than that, it is a fun watch!


Houston, TX


Best Garmin Watch to date!!!!


This was a very difficult watch to get. However, I lucked out at a local fitness store. This is by far Garmin's best running watch. Very easy to use, if you are already familiar with Garmin Forerunners. The bluetooth and WiFi features makes the transfer to GarminConnect quick, simple, and easy. The new VO2-Max, race predictor, and running dynamics is neat to have. I have had several Garmins, Nike, and Timex GPS watches. Don't waste your time and money! The cost might seem a pricey, but is well worth it!


Sacramento, CA


Great Watch


This is a great watch. I have been using a Forerunner 610 for about 3 years, and this watch improves on the few areas of weakness of the 610. Uploads with Wifi are great and satellite access time is almost instant. I have not seen any accuracy issues with this watch as some reviews state. The mile splits on all my favorite courses line up exactly with what I saw on the 610. The running dynamics are a great addition to the running data. Great running watch, I highly recommend it.


Boise, ID


Great Watch


I recently owned the Garmin Forerunner 410. The 620 is easier to use as I was having trouble with the bezel on the 410. The 620 picks up GPS quickly. I have only used the basic features so far. Charger connects easily. Watch is easy to use on a run without much reading out of the box. There are more features that I have not yet figured out and those may take a little more time to learn. The watch is a bit bulky, but that is to be expected. Overall a great watch. I hope to use for years to come.




Another helpful tool...


Similar to my 220, but with touchscreen and running dynamics, VO2, Recovery monitor. All good. Bluetooth connection maybe too much connection. Had a TV problem, went upstairs during workout, each trip inspired the watch to connect to phone, the disconnect when I went back to basement. Wifi is handy by comparison. Fast satellite grab.




keep it current


A few GPS's later this came along. Sync to WiFi was the top seller and it delivers Traveling was an issue past 100 miles it seemed. I had to do hard reset to the device and resync and program through computer. Updates at that time were also recognized. It's a pretty high priced item though, it does deliver and with the chest strap gives massive data through garmin connect.




The Complete Watch


The watch provides all of the data to improve; cadence, bounce (verticle oscillation), heart rate, etc. All of the information is collected during a workout and is easily downloaded. Once downloaded, the information is displayed in easy to use formats. Great investment and a easy to use race watch. Great buy.

Running AU Tiger

Brea, CA


Spend for priority shipping


Make sure you pay for priority shipping. If you buy just a watch, it weighs less than a pound and gets shipped via FedEx and the Post Office and it took two weeks to show up. This felt like a life time for a product that I really wanted NOW!!!


Chambersburg Pa.


awesome watch


I've had 3 prior Garmin GPS watches and this model is by far the best! Very easy to use and easy to read. It's pricey but My husband and I love ours we gave ourselves for Christmas!


Spring Valley, Ca.


Knowledge is Power!


It performs great. GPS seems to be spot on, as I'm running on routes I had measured in the car. It provides more information than I know what to do with right now, but I'm trying to educate myself! Also, I'm thinking about working with a coach (for a Fall marathon) and the data should be helpful to him. My daughter helped me sync the Garmin to Training Peaks. The Forerunner and HRM are a great combo! I'm very satisfied!



Great upgrade


Easy to use right out of the box Almost instant satellite connection once turned on. Much more accurate than my old forerunner 405. Wi-fi connection to upload data works great.

Mouse runner

Happiest place on earth


so far so good


I run competitively. I just love it. The cost is a tad steep but the 620 does everything it said to would and then some.


Richmond, VA

great product.


I use this Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS everyday, I run cross country and track for a college and it keeps me on track(lol).




4.4 20


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