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Mens Hoka One One Bondi 2 Running Shoe

Men's Hoka One One Bondi 2

Item #HKA102

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Product Description:

Men's HOKA ONE ONE BONDI 2 :: Keep your feet happy every time you hit the road when you run in the superior protection and plush feel of the men's Hoka Bondi 2. You'll coast in cushioned comfort in this running shoe's maximally padded midsole, while getting optimal gait efficiency from the distinctive rockered geometry featured on all Hoka running shoes. Your steps will feel stable and in tune to the road thanks to the oversized outsole, and you won't feel weighed down by all these fabulous features because the men's Hoka Bondi 2 is 15% lighter than most running shoes in its category. 11.0 ounces

Features & Benefits:

  • Rockered midsole: Creates a unique rolling motion that encourages proper form by allowing a runner to easily strike the ground near the midfoot, so you can run more efficiently with less injury and quicker recovery
  • Cushioned EVA midsole: Foam is 30% softer than the material used in traditional running shoes and dissipates up to 80% of the shock associated with heel striking
  • Patented bucket seat: Recessed up to 20mm within the midsole unit for optimum control, also ensuring you maintain responsive contact with the ground at all times
  • Wide outsole: With a 35% wider outsole, it counterbalances the excess height of the midsole, allowing you to run with stable footing no matter how hard you run
  • High abrasion EVA outsole: High surface volume of the lug pattern as well as the shallow treads ensure good grip on even wet surfaces and high levels of abrasion resistance when you push your shoes to the limit
  • Debris-proof, closed mesh upper
  • Flexible molded TPU support strapping and thermo-polyurethane reinforcements in upper
Product HKA102 Review

Great Shoe but seeking more durability


I'm 48 years old, 5'10'' and about 160 pounds. I've run about 15 marathons and a handful of ultra events. My weekly mileage is usually between 50 and 100 miles. My ankles have started bothering me in the last couple years. I always thought that the Hoka's looked ridiculous but my ankle pain was bad enough that I became willing to try them out. The cushioning is great and they have allowed me to run in comfort. I've been running in light weight trainers in the past so these shoes are quite a bit heavier than what I'm used to. I expected that so that isn't a problem. When my shoes are at end of life 500 - 800 miles they typically show very little wear. The uppers are typically unblemished and the bottoms primarily only show wear in the middle of my foot from where I toe off. After reading reviews, I expected this pair of shoes to last me many many miles which allowed me to justify the the price tag. Problem is that I only have about 300 miles on them and they are blowing out on the inside of each foot. The bottoms are showing some wear in the soft rubber on the bottom but I think that if they were not blowing out that they would last a good long while. I like the Hoka's and the cushion that they provide for long runs but I hope that my next pair is more durable. I'm also excited and hopeful for the new lighter weight models that are coming out. If they can resolve the durability problem with the uppers I can see myself becoming a life long customer.

X Runner

Bloomington, IN

Great concept, but poor quality


Did a lot of research on this shoe before trying as I was looking for something that would give me more of a cushioned ride to help train while getting through some nagging injuries. The Bondi was great in all aspects of what I needed them for except the workmanship and poor quality of the shoe itself. Outsole started to wear and break down within the first 100 miles I put on them. I have 500 miles, my limit for a pair of running shoes, and the ball of the foot is worn through. Started to blow out on the sides within 300 miles of wear. Left outsole looked as if it placed on the upper crooked. Upper is dissipates heat and moisture well, but is a bit old school in materials used. Came with one set of shoe laces with once lace being a good 2 1/2 inches shorter than the other. I have had very few runs were the laces did not come untied even after double knotting them. The concept of this show is sound and thankfully Hoka was bought out by Decker (teva, Uggs etc..) and they have a new Hoka with their input coming in the spring 0f 2014 called the Conquest. Much better modern upper with the same maximum cushioning Hoka is known for. I'll give those a try, but I don't see were some runners said the put 800 miles on these shoes. Shoes did not effect my running mechanics at all and are surprisingly very light.


Lithia, FL


Loved them for 200 miles... then...


I am 6' 2" about 200 lbs, an overpronator, and have run 7 marathons and 3 ultras. I used these for my long runs and they helped tremendously in maintaining training for an ultra through the summer (significantly relieves wear-tear on legs when doing 20 mile+ long training runs). However, the outer sole began wearing significantly within 100 miles and by about 250 miles, my right shoe sole was significantly worn on the left side. Unfortunately I didn't notice it until I injured my right leg due to the overpronation. For someone my size who is an overpronator, I have no idea how people run in these more than 300 miles before wearing them out. By the way, my left shoe sole is worn (less) but not pronated and severely worn like the right shoe. Part of the problem is that the rubber on the soles is VERY soft and wears easily. Though my regualr shoes wear similarly, I get MANY more miles from those shoes (almost twice the distance) before soles are worn.


New Jersey


Just plain WOW!!!


By far the most cushioned pair of shoes I've ever owned!!! Wish I had bought some prior to running my first marathon. Definitely would have helped with impact and leg fatigue over distance. Don't let the awkward appearance turn you off. Truly will change your life running if you run heavy on your feet. And the 4mm toe drop is nice because it still feels like a "minimal" shoe just one that has tons of cushion....if that makes any sense. The shoes design helps with heel to toe transision and provides nice energy return when you toe off. You won't just feel faster they will help your turnover speed hence making you faster while expending less energy. Just walking in them feels like a jog! Definitely worth the money!!!


Federal Way, WA


Great cushion but....


My first run with these was a 6 mi. recovery over uneven trail with some rocky areas. Felt great over the bumpy surfaces on tired legs. Second run was on pavement and I noticed numbness between two toes and started feeling friction on the sides of the widest part of my feet. Also noticed the toe box was a little too small (and I have fairly narrow feet). I think if they fit right (which they don't) they could be a great shoe for steep downhill running and rocky terrain but unfortunately they won't work for me. They also are not a good replacement for racing shoes as they are harder to keep the form that I'm used too. Hopefully they will come out with a better fit someday as the design has a lot of potential.


South Orange County, Ca


Love this shoe


The shoe looks awful. I truly questioned the purchase when I opened the box (I am a little vain). My girlfriend giggled when I donned them for my first run. Once I got going, I realized that looks don't matter. The shoe is amazingly cushioned (almost too cushioned at first). It is surprisingly light. I have enjoyed every run in them so far and almost cringe when I have to run in my other shoes. I've noticed my downhill speed increases; I assume its due to the angle of the sole. The fit seems to be a little narrow so the recommended 1/2 size up is critical. The shoe does not feel all that breathable but it seems to air out and dry quicker than my other shoes. Look past the looks and buy this shoe!


Crofton, MD


A change to your running experience


I currently use the HOKA-1 exclusively for road running events. The most amazing aspect of this shoe is how it helps against sustained impact on ankles, heels,knees and hips. I have run several 13+ mile events -- including 50ks. I always had to stop midway due to knee pain and cramps. I was recently able to run my first 13.1 non-stop with HOKAS. The downhill run was awesome w/ HOKAS. I would only caution folks w/ weak ankles. The HOKAS' sole height is something to ponder on. Once you role an ankle w/ HOKAS, you're going for a pain ride. I would definitely recommend these to friends and will try the trail HOKAS as soon as I get my hands on them...

De La Sierra

Poway, CA


Best Shoe I have ever worn


I am a 56 year old long time (30+ years) runner. Primarily run marathons and halfs. Tried this shoe based on recommendations of teammates and my coach. Previously wore Kinvaras, but blew through them too quickly. While the Hoka is a bit heavier, the cushioned ride more than makes up for it. I have found that my legs stay fresher on long runs and more importantly that I recover more quickly after hard / long efforts. I have only used them on roads (blacktop and cement)so can't say how they perform on trails, but I currently have 400 miles on this pair and will probably get another 200 to 300 miles based on how they feel and sole condition.

Long Beach Paul

Long Beach, CA


Go-to long distance shoes!


These shoes deliver exceptional comfort for long miles. I have been running long distances in Hokas for the past two years and they are a godsend for fatigue management and fast recovery after ultras. The Biondis are great for pavement and easier (non-technical) trails. My last pair of Hokas has over 700 miles on them, still going strong. I completed 133 miles in one pair during a race this spring, with no issues. Size up if you like a roomier toebox - most Hokas don't have a lot of toe room (vertical height from insole to upper material).


Jackson, NJ


Thank you Hoka


I just got my first pair of Bondi 2s and have already run a marathon in them and could not be happier. I have been suffering through Plantar Fasciitis, and then a fractured metatarsal, and these allowed me to not only complete the marathon, but to do so with no more than the usual post marathon aches and pains. I have tried several different shoe brands and models over the years, all leaving me with foot, hip, and knee pain. These shoes also allow me to run with a midfoot strike which seems to alleviate the knee and hip pain, while at the same time providing enough cushioning so as to prevent any foot damage. Great Job Hoka.

The Northern Guy

Newberry, MI


Awesome shoe, low quality.


This shoe is awesome for running long runs in, the cushion and support is great. It is very light weight for how big the sole is. My problem with this shoe is that it wears very quickly, at 130 miles on it the soles where starting to show lots of wear and breaking down. at 150 miles the sides are splitting out! This is very unfortunate because this really is an great shoe and unfortunately I will probably get another pair or go with the Stinson Trail. The other issue I have is that on wet surfaces or gravel on the shoulder of the road the shoe would struggle for traction on my the kick off.


Springville, UT


Hoka One One bondi 2 - soft but fragile


Nice soft shoe...for the first six months. I then noticed a small tear in the left upper mesh. The soles are pretty soft too and don't seem to wear that well. I do around 10-15 miles a week, 170 lbs, and don't THINK I'm too hard on my shoes. My Nikes tend to last for years and their carbon rubber soles are very tough. The Hoka ARE super cushiony but I'm definitely unimpressed by their durability. Great shoes otherwise - half marathons and 10ks, 5Ks, all super great with the Hoks. But don't expect them to last.

Mark the runner

Simi Valley, CA


What a shoe....


This shoe is amazing. I got them in the mail, and went on a quick 4 miler, and what a strange feeling. Remember the moon bounce shoes as a kid with the rubber band material that you walked on? It reminded me of that, but VERY supportive. It is definitely a feeling to get used to, as your foot feels like it gets sucked in to the shoe on every step. It is a GOOD thing! I have never gotten back from a run and wanted to skip work to go further. I recommend this shoe to anyone that has had any shin splint issues, IT band, plantar issues, etc. The support was excellent, and the ride was superb!


Murrieta, CA


The best running shoe


Blew a disc and had back surgery in April. Started running again in early May, using the Hoka to cushion impact and prevent re-injury. It has worked like a charm. No pain in my back or anywhere else, and greatly reduced recovery time, all because the Hoka dramatically reduces the pounding and encourages good running form. Even though my back has healed by now, I will stick with the Hoka. I'm training for a 50-miler in February, which I will run in the Hoka for sure.


Elmhurst, IL




These shoes are awesome. They are surprisingly lightweight - even though you would not expect it. They have TONS of extra padding in the sole of the shoe. They provide amazing support and I feel great after I run. The first 3 or 4 times I ran in the shoes were a little awkward. I had some extra bounce while I was running and my coach encouraged me to "lean forward" at the waist. I adjusted well and LOVE these shoes.

OC Triathlete

Costa Mesa, CA


A Revelation!


I am a 40 year runner who usually runs in Newton Motions and Brooks Pure Cadence...tried these, and have put about 200 miles on them...was able for the first time in 30 years to run w/o my orthotics...this is a superb shoe that one cannot tell how great they are until you run in them...not one negative to report...will only be wearing Hoka's from now on...


south florida


More run time!


I was hesitant to try the Bondi B at first (mostly because they look heavy and big), but I was blown away after my first run in them. I cannot believe the lightness and support of these shoes! I'm running an additional 10-15 miles per week right now because of these shoes. They have changed my running experience dramatically!


Portland, OR


Gliding on concrete


At 5'8" 163 lbs, these shoes are by far the best creation since God created water. You can run ample miles without receiving the abuse of impact from the road. If you are prone to injuries - lower back, hips, and or knees, these are the shoes. If you are not prone to injuries even better because these shoes will protect you from any future injuries.


Washington D.C.

I can run again!


I have had the Bondi B for a couple weeks now and have put more miles in than I had recently with my old shoes. I can run day after day after day and not feel the fatigue that these 40 year old legs usually feel. These shoes brought my smile back while I run. Ear to ear!!!! I look forward to trying other styles from Hoka One One.

T in AZ

Phoenix, AZ


Needed some mods!!


Took about 25 miles to break them in. Very itchy at first. Had to change the inserts for a set out of an old pair of Saucony shoes. the Hoka inserts were abrasive and causing hot spots almost immediately.Still itchy but with the right inserts and the right socks they feel good. I will buy a pair of 3's when these wear out but hope they fit better and are not itchy.


Chester Springs, PA


Like running on a cloud!


Training for my second marathon running an average 40-45 miles/week. I formally wore Asics Nimbus and I thought it couldn't get any better. Until Hoka came along these shoes are miles ahead of the competition in terms of cushion. I mostly run on the road and the only potential problem I see is the soles appear to wear fairly quick.






Love this Hoka One One Bondi B A go to shoe. Right out the box I ran 6 miles. 10 miles the next day. No problems. Light weight, your foot sits down in it like a bucket set. Hope RRS starts to carry all the Hoka styles. Tread on the outside heel seems to wear fast. RoadRunnerSports super fast delivery next day!






Greeat landing area for a 200 pound runner. Nice support for awhile. The upper material is too fragile. I am afraid to get them wet... I have purchased 3 pairs since February, and it is NOT because of the mileage I pile ON. Got hook overcoming an injury, but may have to stop if they continue to wear OUT soo quickly.


Barrington IL


Easy on the feet and knees


Definitely the right shoe for someone needing good cushioning/impact protection. I immediately felt the difference on my knees and joints when running on pavement. Haven't completed any long runs with these yet, but I know many who swear by Hokas. If you need a shoe that will give you a soft landing, these are the ones to select.


Scottsdale, Az.


Plush Is The Word!


I'm coming back from calf and shin injuries. I ordered a 1/2 size up, and the Hoka Bondi 2 fit me right out of the box! I am impressed with the cushioning while running on pavement, or just walking around the house. I am slowly getting back in to the swing, and the Hoka are helping.


Chambersburg, PA


Simply Awesome!


I run approximately 20 miles per week. Started experiencing IT Band pain. Switched to Hoka and I will never go back. Amazing ride and a real joy to run in. So soft yet does not hinder my stride at all. If anything, it made it better.

Sixgun Ron

Chula Vista, CA


Love them!


Awesome shoes! Granted they look pretty goofy, but they feel amazing! Definitely puts a spring in your step! I was an Asics Gel Nimbus runner for the last 8+ years... I still love the shoes, but I love the Hoka One One's more! My knees feel great!


Menlo Park, CA


Hoka one one Bondi B running shoes


First run in the Hoka Bondi B. Felt great running in them. I bought them help with my knee and heel injuries. Heard about them and thought I would give them a try. First run has exceeded my expectations. No pain. We will see how they do tomorrow


Gainesville, Va


What a shoe!


One of the most comfortable shoes I have used in 30+ years of running. Took them out of the box and did a 20 mile run without any problems. Had been recommended to me by two running buddies. Everything they told me about them is true.

Dr. Z

North Carolina


The bestest shoe I've ever run with


This is the most comfortable shoe I've ever run with. Very light shoe and very fast. Runners need to add this shoe to their "must try" list and I can almost guarantee that it will become their favorite shoe. It became mine.

Happy Feet

Hilo, Hawaii


Mens Hoka One One Bondi 2 Running Shoe

4.5 45


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