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Womens Brooks Fiona Sports Bra

Women's Brooks Fiona Bra

Item #MCL217

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Product Description:

Women's BROOKS® FIONA SPORTS BRA :: Rated "Best for D's and Up" by Prevention Magazine. Our #1 selling C-DD bra. The sleek design lines of the Women's Brooks® Fiona Sports Bra offer great shaping and the plush-back, high modulus bottom band gives firm support. The cut and contours of the neck and armholes designed to minimize chafing and maximize support. No-chafe fabric, molded cups, stay-put, adjustable straps. The Fiona Sports Bra by Moving Comfort is a great running sports bra for women with large breasts!

Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal for large breasted women: Perfect for high impact workouts
  • Double-knit construction: Provides support and control
  • Loop back: Provides comfort and allows air to body
  • Interior molded bra cups: Provides shape and support
  • Three rows of hooks and eyes: Allows for a personalized fit
  • MCW463
Product MCL217 Review


  • Seamless
  • No Compression
  • Molded Cups
  • No Underwire

Best For:

Sportsbras support 3

ULTIMATE COMFORT-and it looks good, too?


This bra is just impossibly comfortable-it's actually BETTER than not wearing one! Plus-it looks good enough that you could let it show like a camisole and not have that sleazy look. I wear it for most days (except dressy occasions)and have forgotten to take it off when going to bed. Excellent product.


Lone Oak, GA


Love this bra!


I really love the Fiona bra. I have a couple of these bras now and they have been a life saver. I nursed my daughter for a year and suffered through terrible nursing bras that gave me no support. I had another child last year and was not looking forward to another year of terrible support. When I was ordering something else, I asked the road runner sports operator about nursing bras. She said they did not have any but that they had this bra with velcro and many women used it for nursing. THIS WAS GREAT ADVICE. I wear these bras constantly. I am ready for nursing but I am also ready for running down the road next to my daughter riding her bike or chasing my crawling son. I cannot stand to bounce and the Fiona bra takes care of that: no bouncing! I love this bra for regular working out and for nursing! Thank you road runner sports for suggesting this bra!

Jennifer, a running mom!

Erie Pennsylvania


Very secure and so pretty!


Bottom line: I won't buy ANYTHING that isn't on sale. But, I bought three of these at full price, for three different colors. It is impossible, even in the Helena, to get hot colors at my size: 32dd. One of the problems is I canNOT "size down" like the other gals; this is the smallest band width of any sport bra. I found the Fiona to be snug, secure, and with compression BUT no "uni-b**b," and so, so beautiful. I get compliments from the other dancers EVERY time I wear one to my Latin Cardio, Salsa Aerobics, or Zumba class. I'm not concerned about "headlights," 'cause at Latin dance classes, it's all about flaunting, and it's almost all ladies, anyway. If you want "the look," while doing high impact cardio, team this bra with a pair of low-rise cargo pants and you're stylin'. Unfortunately, other than the seagrass, guava, and mist, the other colors by Moving Comfort (petal pink, cafe), sold out a long time ago in my size. The only downside is the band rolls up, and it's lined in white, so it's a little unsightly, but not uncomfortable. The Helena provides a lot more "girding," but at my size, they only make black and white.

Latin, Bollywood, Hip Hop jonezzz

Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA


Great support, light weight


I use this bra for support for training and running half marathons. I like firm support, which this bra gives, and also a smooth line under tops. This bra supports well but does not bind; the band and overall fabric/construction are more flexible than most , but still support well in high impact. I am a full 36B, but I use a 34D in most sports bras to ensure a tight band and adequately full cups. The 34D fit my specifications perfectly in this bra. The design is different from most bras in that it has a band that comes over the outside, above the bosom, to support against upward movement at the top of the stride as well as the chest band to support during impact. This design limits motion in more of the stride than most bras, which only support during impact. I have bought this bra for my daughters and recommended to friends as well. Because of the strap design, it can also be used as a nursing bra. It does flatten, a bit, but I do not mind that as a trade off for good support in a bra that is light enough to wick well and be comfortable.


New Hampshire


Great bra


I trained for and ran a marathon, using this bra for all of my long runs and the race itself. Fantastic for tall girls - I am just about 6'0" and the straps extend to sufficient length with plenty of spare room to extend more. The straps fasten with velcro, which I was wary of, but mine have made it through 1-2 washing machine cycles a week for 4 months without the velcro coming undone. Also, while I initially had concerns about the velcro causing chafing, I have never experienced any. The only chafing I have had with this bra is a small strip under the band in the front center of the bra, and only on my longer runs (more than 10 miles). Nothing that a quick swipe of body glide doesn't prevent entirely, even over the course of a marathon. My one negative - I had one of the metal hooks break off of one of the bras. Went to put it on, and there just wasn't a hook there. I've still been using the bra because the two remaining hooks still provide sufficient support, but I've been more wary to wear it on longer runs. All in all, the best bra I've found. It's rare I can find one that is adjustable to my height and provides such good support.


St. Paul, MN


Fits perfectly and offers great support!


I ran my first marathon in this sports bra without any issues. Even as a D cup, it provided me with great support and was comfortable to wear. The front straps adjust to create a perfect shoulder fit, preventing slipping during a workout. The band has 3 size options (like a regular bra) which also creates a perfect fit around the chest and provides support. The day of the marathon, it happened to be about 90 degrees outside, so I ended up wearing only this sports bra on top. The style of this sports bra allows for it to be worn on its own, which (luckily for me) is perfect for running in high temperatures! The material is also great for wicking away moisture (sweat!!) and allowing for breathability. As an added bonus, it is easy to launder and holds its form. I have already recommended it to others and would definitely purchase another in the future.




Finally, a sleek bra for larger sizes


I love this sports bra. I struggle with high-impact sports bras because I have a larger-than average bust size. I am always looking for a sports bra that does not restrict my breathing or movement, but that provides enough support. This bra is it. The design is deceptively simple with the velcro closure on the adjustable straps. The straps lie flat, and the back eye-hook closure makes it a serious bra - for those of us with D or larger cup sizes, I think we all know that pull-over bras just don't always provide enough side support. I have the black one, and it looks great. I would feel comfortable wearing this bra with nothing over it in hot weather, or with just a light tank. I wear it for running, but it would also be great for soccer or basketball.

Green Mt. Girl in Dixie

Carrboro, NC


Nice alternative to pull over bra


I have always used the pull on style of bra for running and been considering trying one that fastens like a regular bra for easier on and off when sweaty. Though I am a 36B and this bra is recommended for C and D cups, it does come in smaller sizes and works just as well for us! This bra is a gorgeous color and very comfortable to wear. My ony reason for not giving it 5 stars is that the straps are adjustable - with velcro backing and I haven't quite found the perfect fit for them. At what I think is the right length, the bulk of the velcro presses down on the top of my collar bones and is a little uncomfortable after extended use. I'm still experimenting and it isn't so bad that I would stop wearing the bra.

Running Bear

Northeast Colorado


Girls don't go ANYWHERE!


AWESOME immobilizing bra. The headline says it all - no movement whatsoever. After losing some weight, I found that my lululemon TaTa Tamer didn't support quite as well as it used to and I decided to give Fiona a try. Overall, I'm very happy with the bra. The only draw back is that the band seems a bit snug, though I haven't worn it on the largest hook setting yet, so it could be that I just haven't found the right way to wear it for my bust shape. It certainly does flatten the bust, which is why I selected the option, though I don't necessarily consider that a Con (where are they gonna go if they're packed in there snug as two bugs in a rug?). Cute colors are a plus!


Seattle, WA


This one is ok


I bought this after viewing a "bounce test" video on youtube. I think overall it is an ok bra- I have a small bust and it is a little more constrictive than I am used to. The colors are great, and I like the concept of adjustable velcro straps- but it is a little hard to get the adjustments correct. The one thing I thought was weird is that after running 30 minutes on the treadmill there was quite a bit of sweat on the underside of the cups- I thought that odd and think perhaps it's because of what I consider to be a lot of material. The other thing- if you like to wear a fitness bra under other clothes, this may not be the bra for you as it has vertical seams that go from the rib band up to the top of the cup- very large seams! All in all, I think this is a good bra if you are a runner and don't necessarily care about how it looks through clothes.


Washington, DC




This running bra has literally saved my life. I am a larger busted woman (36DD) and currently am training or my second marathon. I have suffered for a long time now from uncomfortable bras that allow for too much movement-causing plenty of pain as well as serious chafing. This bra does not move. It is so comfortable and makes me feel lighter when I run because my breasts aren't bouncing everywhere and weighing me down. I have had zero chafing since I have started using it, even on 20+ mile runs! I am going to buy at least two more because it is the ONLY bra I will wear now while running.




The only sports bra I'll wear


I have worn this brand exclusively for 4+ years! I am a size 6 but also a natural size 34DD. I use to have to wear 2 sports bras when jogging/working out. (It was uncomfortable, looked tacky and I constantly was chafed.) The adjustable straps on this sports bra allow me to keep everything stable, which makes my runs more comfortable. The bonus is that the bra looks cute, too! (You could wear it "as is" without a shirt over it.) I've run 13+ miles and have not been chafed. I've recommened this to all of my larger-chested friends. My only tip is to adjust the straps to the correct spot then sew or pin them in place.


Morristown, NJ


Love it so much I bought another!!


I bought this bra because of the great reviews it received, and I also loved the price and decided to give it a try. I quickly regretted buying only one, and called Road Runner to buy another because it is THAT comfortable! I bought the bra for running, but realized that it was more than supportive for horseback riding as well. I even wore this bra all day while teaching and didn't notice any shoulder strain (a previous problem with other running bras). Since I am a larger-busted woman, I like my bras to be comfortable, and this bra didn't make me feel as though my torso was in a vise all day! Definitely worth it!!

Mom the Runner

Warsaw, Ohio


Best one for me!


Love this bra! I went to sports bra fitting at my local store and found this one to do the best job for me. It fits well, the straps are easy to adjust (FRONT velcro adjustments, must have been a woman who designed it!), and most importantly, it supports well. I am a big girl (44C currently) who works out and runs regularly; this is the only sports bra I've found that is both comfortable and supportive enough for me. It would be nice if it were available in the 'pretty' colors in my size, but the main thing is it does the job, so I'm sold.


Maple Valley, WA




I purchased this bra online and was a bit hesitant because I usually have to try on all clothing before I buy it to make sure it fits. I love this bra. I bought it for running, but it is comfortable enough to wear throughout the day if I wanted to. It doesn't smash me but it offers enough support that I don't bounce around. I bought the size I usually wear in a bra and it fits great. I just wish I would have bought more than one.


Cutler, OH


I Love Fiona :)


I love the adjustable shoulder straps. Plenty of comfortable support to keep me from painfully bouncing during jogging,soft to the touch and comfortable. The bottom band stays flat, doesn't roll or creep up. It's pretty and can be worn without a T-shirt cover up - love the blue! What really surprises me is I expressed my needs to the phone sales agent and she put all of them in check with this bra. All this without even trying it on!


Annapolis, MD


Puttin' an end to the bounce parade!


As a middled aged size 8 who wears a DD, I have tried multiple sports bras with absolutely zero success...until Fiona! I read the description and reviews, but didn't really believe any of them. Out of desperation, I ordered one. Within 3 days, I ordered a second. I am ecstatic! I am no longer the only large breasted woman in my aerobics classes bouncing up and down and side to side to the music! I have found the answer! Thanks so much!


Claridon, Ohio


My favorite workout bra!


I liked the first one so much I bought a second! I have several other workout bras, including some with underwire (not comfortable for working out) and this one is by far the best support & comfort for running/high impact workouts. I am a 34DD, and this keeps the girls securely in place. The only problem I sometimes have is the straps don't always want to stay in place - I think there is a similar bra with a racerback design that will be my next purchase for the best of both worlds!


Scottsdale, AZ


great sports bra


As a nursing mom who needs a smaller band size/larger cup size, this bra is great. The adjustable velcro straps are great. I would buy it in a 30D if it existed but 32D on the smallest hooks works well enough. I have worn this for a triathlon under a tri shirt and it worked great. I would give it 5 stars if it came in a smaller band size and had a little better encapsulation but as is, it is great for running/biking/tennis and all of the other activities I do.

Lit W8

Williamsburg, VA


Wear it all day for everything bra


Very supportive bra that still manages to be pretty. I was happy to see it available in pastel blue this Spring. My black and 2 white ones from last Spring still look new despite being machine washed every week for a year. I own 4 of these bras. It also comes in a wide range of sizes like my "hard to find" 32 C. It does flatten you slightly, but you want that in a running bra.


Clifton, VA


Most Comfortable Supportive Bra EVER


Because of neck problems, I can't wear a typical racerback sports bra. This bra has straps and a hook back closure that fits like a regular every-day bra and doesn't pull on your neck. The cushioned straps are adjustable with velcro making it easy to adjust even mid-stride and they don't slip down at all. This bra also has great support. Even when I'm sprinting, I experience no bounce, jiggle, or pain. This is by far the best sports bra I've ever owned. I'm working on getting one in every color.


Rochester, NY


Zumba perfect!


I needed a comfortable, breathable bra for Zumba classes. I love Zumba and take 3+ classes a week.But I also am a big woman who heats up very fast. This bra is comfie, shows a nice little piece of fabric in the v-neck of my shirts, does not lead to overheating and keeps the girls from bouncing all over. Great bra. Will buy another. My daughter has the purple and it's such great color![...]


Greenwich, ct


Another fantastic bra by Moving Comfort!


I have been looking for a sports bra that was comfortable, easy to remove, and adjustable...this bra delivered what I wanted and more! I ordered the coral color and it is nice and bright not to mention easy to find in a stuffed drawer. The elastic on the band is wide and does not slip. It is very comfortable and is easy to remove since it has clasps. I also love the adjustable straps. I am a nursing mom and this feature is nice to have. I use this bra for running but im sure it will also work wonderfully for other sports and activities.


Sacramento, CA


My new favorite!


I wanted a sports bra that I could wear alone running & not have it look like I forgot to put a shirt on. This has been perfect! Have worn it for about 6-8 weeks and it's hands down my favorite. Getting more in different colors! I'm usually a 32C in most bras (Natori & Wacoal) but was most comfortable in a 32D in the Moving Comfort Fiona (the C squished too much.) NO chafing along the band like my old Champion bras & the straps on this are very comfy (padded/non sliding.)

regular runner, first time marathoner!

Long Grove, IL


Thank you moving comfort


Finally I found a supportive sports bra that fits me! I have a very small rib cage and an average bust size (30-32 d/c). Most sports bras come in s-m-l and to find one that fits my rib cage I have to get s or xs which is almost always too small for my bust. This bra fits well is comfortable, flattering and give fantastic support!!! For all the women out there who are not a 34 B/C this bra is for you!!!!!!

anna runs ok



Great fit, comfort and support


Tried this bra for the first time and was pleasantly surprised! Excellent fit, comfort and support. My size, 32D, is difficult to find in a supportive athletic bra. Too often I wear a 34C in other bras, to avoid an overly large D cup. The 32D in this bra is true to size, with the D cup being a properly proportioned "D" for someone who wears a "32" bandsize.

Carolyn, the workout woman

Westchester, New York




Currently deployed to the middle east. I bought these as I am only able to wear sports bras. I have not been dissapointed! They are comforatable as well as durable. I run between 15 and 20 miles weekly as well as lift weights and the support is AMAZING. I did buy one cup size smaller than what I am due to my experience with sports bras streching out and I have not had that problem with these bras. They hold the girls in place and NO bouncing around!


Puyallup, WA


Comfortable, but can see nipples


This is a nice sports bra. I like that it provides adequate support (I'm a D32), is comfortable, and breathable. I don't like that does NOT have foam molded cups; you can see my nipples through it. Also, the lining of the cups can crease which shows through to bra. I should mention that the straps can become uncomfortable, depending on where you adjust them to. Overall, I'm happy and will probably purchase more.

Constant Dreamer

Santa Fe

Great Bra


This is a great bra. I originally had to send mine back to Road Runner Sports because the shell and the lining were not correctly sewn together, which made the lining bunch-up accross the entire front of the bra. I replaced the product with another of the same model and color, and the replacement works perfectly. Just ran the NYC marathon in it... works great!

Marathoner Megan

Washington DC


Great running bra


This bra is very comfortable and easy to get on and off. The adjustable straps are the best because you can loosen them post-workout so that the bra is comfortable enough to wear around for awhile. Occasionally, the band around the bottom tends to chafe, but I have experienced this with other bras as well. A little body glide is the perfect cure.





4.6 337


Watch the Women's Brooks Fiona Bra Video!

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1.    Judy rated this product 5 stars
Thu, January 21,2010:
Just love my moving comfort fiona bra. The hook and eye closures are great! Don't like slipping the jogbras over my head at all. Very supportive for a 34D cup. This is a great bra for running and cross training. Am ordering another one!
2.    livelifefully rated this product 5 stars
Sun, January 17,2010:
I am really pleased with this bra. It fits true to size and I like the ease of taking it off and on with the regular clasp back. I ran in it today and stayed in place without much bounce(36C) and was comfortable. I would prefer a totally smooth front without the seams showing, but they are not right across the front and more to the side, so that is not too bad. A little of the bra will show if you wear a racer back tank, but the back straps go in toward the center much more than regular bra straps do. This is definately a comfortable, well made bra.
3.    runnin in hb rated this product 5 stars
Mon, January 11,2010:
I wore this for a half marathon this past weekend and this is one of the best running bras I have ever owned. I had some chaffing when I first got it but a little body glide in that area and it has been great for all mileage! So glad they decided to add colors to the choices.
4.    Bridget rated this product 4 stars
Fri, November 06,2009:
Love this! I wore it for a 15 Miler, no problem with the usual chafe at the top of my chest line where the bra fits. I will order more, I just wish 1. it came in more colors in my size and 2. it wasn't a hook closure so i could wear it as a running top
5.    4shley rated this product 5 stars
Tue, November 03,2009:
This bra is fabulous so far! What a great solution - very comfortable for short running (I'm just starting out) - haven't tested at distance yet, but I liked it so much I bought two of them!
6.    Kendra rated this product 5 stars
Sat, October 03,2009:
I always thought I needed an underwire to support me. Until I found Moving Comforts Fiona Bra. I wear it on all my runs, and areobic classes too! Way to go Moving Comfort!
7.    Jen rated this product 4 stars
Wed, September 23,2009:
This is a great bra for shorter workouts. It keeps everything in place and is comfortable. However, I made the mistake of wearing it through an 18 mile outrigger race, and I had open wounds by the end from the band and especially the clasp.
8.    Lisa rated this product 5 stars
Sat, September 19,2009:
I was shocked when I tried this bra on for the first time. I's used to the walmart seven dollar bras and had to wear them with my regular bra, I'm a 34DD. But with this bra, I only need one! Its worth the extra money.
9.    Jessica rated this product 5 stars
Sat, September 12,2009:
I love this bra. I'm a 34D and it's very comfortable and supportive. I love the clasp in the back.
10.    Sandra rated this product 5 stars
Sat, August 29,2009:
I like this bra because it is both supportive and comfortable without underwires. The back closure feature, like a regular bra, makes it easy to take on and off even when you are sweaty. This bra is also extremely well made.
11.    Vicki rated this product 3 stars
Thu, August 27,2009:
I got the green color, which is a great pop of color, but this bra is not as supportive as the CW-X sports bras. I would not rank this as a 3 Maximum Support bra since it is not very supportive of my 36D size. The wicking properties of this bra are great, and I really like the fabric, so I will keep it for shorter runs.
12.    Pat rated this product 5 stars
Fri, July 31,2009:
I first bought this bra about 2 years ago and I was so happy with it that I bought another one. I'm a 36DD and I like that it not only hold everything safe from bouncing, but actually keeps it in the right spot. It also minimizes nicely. I am so happy that I just bought another one and wear it on a daily basis.
13.    Deb rated this product 5 stars
Mon, July 20,2009:
Best sports bra ever! Its easy to get in and out of. Its comfortable and it has great support. It also holds up really well because it is well made. I definitely recommend for DD ladies.
14.    Cyndee rated this product 5 stars
Wed, July 08,2009:
Love this bra. I am a DD and running is very comfortable. It's not cut too low (quad boobs) or too high (hot). Plus I love the 3 hook back closure. No contortionist moves are necessary to put it on or take it off. I have 3 of them and they've held up great.
15.    Tara rated this product 5 stars
Tue, July 07,2009:
I Love this Bra!!! I'm pretty busty and this bra has been the best running bra I've ever owned. I have ran four marathons with it, not once did I have to use my glide,and I will never buy any other running bra but Fiona!!!!!
16.    KR rated this product 5 stars
Fri, June 26,2009:
I am a DD cup. I have never found a sports bra that was comfortable and actually supported me instead of squish and flatten me. I'm buying a second one. Perfect bra and it wicks away sweat.
17.    Jen rated this product 5 stars
Fri, June 19,2009:
I love the Fiona! I trained for and ran a marathon recently and this bra was incredibly comfortable. Just like with anything else, it's a smart idea to use glide in the band area when running high mileage.
18.    KC rated this product 3 stars
Tue, June 09,2009:
Running long distances the material on the band chafes very badly. 5 Miles its OK, 8 miles skin is raw, 15 miles bleeding.
19.    Lisa rated this product 5 stars
Tue, June 09,2009:
This is the best sports bra ever!!! I have never felt comfortable running with anything less than 3 sports bras at a time. With this bra I only have to wear one and it's so much better. And it carries my size, it is so hard to find a 32D.
20.    Anonymous rated this product 3 stars
Sun, June 07,2009:
This bra is kind of strange. I have two and one supports better than the other. To the point where I can only wear the one during a run (I'm a 36C). Consequently, I love the support of only one. Another draw back is the clasps. So cheap! I have to fix them after each wash - I don't hand wash. I can't buy more of these since I need a bra that can handle the "handwash" cycle on my washing machine - like my other bras can. I'm sticking with Champion Powerback.
21.    chris rated this product 5 stars
Sun, May 24,2009:
I love this bra, have had it for a while and am about to buy another. I have had problems fitting a bra for years- like sine I was ion 6th grade, and finally at the age of 34 I found a bra that works. try this bra, you will be pleased. I have never had a problem with the velcro, and am suprised- it has been washed a ton of times too. I usually let it air dry
22.    Ann rated this product 5 stars
Thu, May 21,2009:
I have 5 of these bras...and by far this is the BEST that I've tried in comfort and support (and I've probably tried dozens over the years!) I have never had any problems with the straps or chaffing. I am a 36 DD/DDD and the 36 DDD fits just right - no bounce at all and is comfortable, even in sweaty workouts. I am just wishing that the green was in-stock in my size!!!!
23.    Lisa rated this product 4 stars
Fri, May 01,2009:
Excellent comfort. Good support, but the RRS pullover bra offers better support. I like the fact that the straps adjust in front, but I worry about the Velcro wearing out. Be aware that this bra has a hook-and-eye closure in the back (there is no photo to show you that).
24.    Susan rated this product 5 stars
Thu, April 09,2009:
After searching for two years for for a sports bra that would accommodate my new girls I found this bra in a 32DD. The band was true to size and I can finally complete a step aerobics class again with minimal bounce. This bra is stylish, adjustable and does a good job of whisking away sweat. Best support and fit I have found after trying on and passing on at least 15 brands and various styles there within.
25.    Maggie rated this product 5 stars
Fri, April 03,2009:
I absolutely loved this sports bra. For so long I have had to wear two at a time just for support.. and for once in my life I only need one- this one! I felt it was true to size and kept my 36D almost DD secure when running. I have ordered more!
26.    Elle rated this product 3 stars
Wed, April 01,2009:
This is definitely the most comfortable sports bra I've ever owned. Although think it runs a little big around the band? Not true to size??? Like the adjustable velcro straps. Don't think there is zero bounce...feel I do "move" a little, which is not what you want when you're a 34DD
27.    Maria rated this product 5 stars
Sun, March 29,2009:
This is the greatest sports bra for runners with a fuller bust. It makes running comfortable. I have 2 already and I am ordering a third. They hold up well also.
28.    Tanya rated this product 5 stars
Wed, March 25,2009:
I'm a bigger woman but I love to run...running has never been easier with this bra! Absolutely ZERO bounce and no pain! I can't stress enough how amazing this bra is for curvy women :-)
29.    Natalie rated this product 5 stars
Wed, March 25,2009:
Love this bra! My 38D's stay in place thoughout my run, no chaffing, straps are secure and it is entirely comfortable. Well worth the $!
30.    Trina rated this product 5 stars
Tue, March 17,2009:
I'm a 34D, but have been wearing the 32D for even extra support. This is a wonderful!! I ordered 4 and am ordering 2 more so that I enough for a week's worth of runs.
31.    Kim rated this product 5 stars
Mon, March 16,2009:
Perfect for my needs!! Held them in place! I am a fathful user of this bra and have no desire to try a different product- 110% satisfied!!
32.    Carrie rated this product 5 stars
Tue, March 03,2009:
This is hands-down the best running bra I've had. I'm a big D and it holds 'em in for the long haul, I've done 2 marathons with this bra, and countless other distances. It does seem to chafe under the bust, but nothing a little body glide won't fix.
33.    Jessie rated this product 5 stars
Sun, February 15,2009:
This is a really comfortable sports bra. The fit and support is excellent which is important to me right since I"m breastfeeding. I"ve worn it on a couple runs and to spinning class and have no complaints at all. I may buy another one in a different color
34.    Sharise rated this product 5 stars
Tue, February 10,2009:
This is boobs-up my favorite running bra! I also have the Maia but don't care for that one so much. I started running as a 38DD but got this in a 40C. I'd been told and read that when the actual size doesn't fit quite right go up in band and down in cup 1 size. The bra has been fabulous. Most of the time I don't even know I am wearing it. I only notice a little bounce when the boobs are tender during "that time of month." No problems with the straps at all, surprised to read that. Anyway, I am now buying a couple more in my actual size since I am down to a 38D. I pray they never stop making this bra!
35.    Amy rated this product 4 stars
Sat, February 07,2009:
I love everything about it except for the bottom of the band kind of presses on the top of my ribs in a way that I can feel my breathing being restricted. I am hoping I can break it in and erase that sensation. I am 5'2" and I think that my shorter torso is why the bra band is hitting me in a spot that is a little too low. I would imagine if you are taller it won't be an issue. True to size fit.
36.    Sonia rated this product 5 stars
Fri, February 06,2009:
This is my favorite running bra! I have this one and the Maia. I much prefer this one. I am a 36 D and I feel it fits true to size. It is a nice snug fit, but not constricting. I used to wear 2 bras, and now I do not have to. This is so comfy, and I am not constantly reminded that I am wearing a sports bra. It has a nice sweat band that is nice and soft against the skin. I am definately going to buy another one of these! This is the best sports bra I have ever worn, and believe me, I have spent a pretty penny on tons of them.
37.    Melissa rated this product 5 stars
Fri, December 19,2008:
I bought this because of the excellent reviews from other well-endowed ladies; I kept it because it did what it promised. :) I'll stick with this one as long as it is around! :) Just for reference - I have a D/DD chest.
38.    Emily rated this product 2 stars
Wed, October 29,2008:
While this bra is great at preventing the bounce it's also kind of painful. I am generally a 34D or 36D but in this bra I have a 34DD and a 36D, the 34DD makes it sort of hard for me breathe (the 34D was really bad) but the 36 tends to ride up in the back. My sister, who is also large chested, had the same experience.
39.    Jackie rated this product 3 stars
Sun, October 05,2008:
The fit is good, but the velcro on the strap adjustment doesn't hold. I'm surprised no one has mentioned this, because it is no fun to try and stick your bra straps together while you run. I finally sewed them shut, so that there is no possibility of adjustment anymore, but at least I don't have to hold onto my bra. I also ran a row of stitching around the band to keep it from rolling over.
40.    Brandie rated this product 3 stars
Mon, September 29,2008:
I was disappointed with this bra as the shining reviews I read prompted me to buy it. I bought the 40D and found that it gave very good support for high intensity walking, but not running. The wide, adjustable straps are extremely comfortable. The hook back closure is annoying and make it hard to get on... and after one wash - without putting it in the dryer - one of the hooks came out. On a positive note the fabric is AMAZING! I will return this style and try something else from moving comfort.
41.    Karla M rated this product 5 stars
Wed, August 13,2008:
I have been wearing the MC Fiona (34D) for about 3 years now. I have experimented with other running bras but nothing compares to this one. With the ability to adjust the shoulder straps and the band, makes all the difference. I won't go back to any others. This is the best!
42.    Aimee Pinheada rated this product 5 stars
Wed, July 09,2008:
When I look for maximum support, MC never lets me down. I find that that broad shoulder straps and deep cups really support me through my tai-bo classes and 1-mile family fun runs with my dog in tow. The pink color is my new fave, and my new industry rep boyfriend doesn't mind it either :)
43.    Kathy rated this product 4 stars
Fri, June 20,2008:
As far as comfort and support, this bra is great! However, the first time I washed it, and yes I put it in the dryer, one of the hooks fell out.
44.    Debbie rated this product 5 stars
Tue, March 18,2008:
This is the most comfortable sports bra I have ever owned. Would like to start a collection so I can wear one every time I run. I'm a 38C and have no bounce. Have not experienced any chafing. Maybe I have too much padding :-) I forget I'm even wearing it. Please stock38Cs again soon.
45.    Holli rated this product 5 stars
Tue, March 04,2008:
Yay Roadrunner! I just bought another one in my size. Thanks for restocking them.
46.    jes rated this product 5 stars
Mon, February 04,2008:
I looked for awhile before I chose the Fiona. I'm a 34C and needed the maximum support w/o the uniboob effect that i'm constantly getting from lesser bras. This one has been perfect, I will order more in the future. The only thing I can find not to love about it is the adjustable straps dig into my collarbone a little bit, but not really enough to bother me much.
47.    Holli rated this product 5 stars
Sun, January 13,2008:
I'm tall with a long torso...the adjustable straps on this are great! This bra doesn't have as much of the mono-boob effect like other sports bras. Very supportive but not restrictive. I wish I had bought 3 more...when will there be more 34Cs?
48.    Carissa rated this product 5 stars
Sun, January 06,2008:
If I had only known about this sports bra back in high school my boobs would probably be a lot perkier! I love this bra! I'm a 34 DD and I'll be darn, those suckers don't move when I run now! So much more comfotable then doubbling or trippling my bras like before! A God send! Only one thing, since my chest doesn't have it's own "support" any more, they do get just a tad squished together, but Ijust "move" 'em around and they're fine =)
49.    tina rated this product 5 stars
Fri, September 07,2007:
Awesome sports bra. Talk about takin' away the bounce!! Only one I buy now.
50.    Sarah rated this product 5 stars
Sat, August 18,2007:
This is one of the best sports bras I've owned. I love the adjustable straps and back closure. I'm 5'2" and a 32C and less adjustable bras usually don't support me because they're either too long or too loose in the band. The bra material itself is firm and not very stretchy so I don't bounce at all. I've never had trouble with chafing, even on longer (10 mi) runs in sweaty weather, probably because I wear the bra too snug to move around and cause friction.
51.    Kathleen rated this product 5 stars
Sun, August 12,2007:
Best sports bra, ever! There is a spot that chaffed, but kept it covered with some Vaseline and it wasn't a problem. Run lots a miles in these... best by far.
52.    Roberta rated this product 4 stars
Fri, July 20,2007:
I am a small-chested, large breasted runner - a 34 DD - so I need plenty of support. This bra did it. I love the soft fabric, and the great colors it comes in. One complaint though - I got some bad hot spots and chafing where the bra straps thread through the bra cups on the front. This only happened on longer, sweatier runs (9-10 miles or more), and could probably be prevented with more Bodyglide.
53.    Heather rated this product 5 stars
Mon, May 28,2007:
This bra is excellent. Great support, no bounce, and extremely comfortable. For me, this is the first bra that hasn't caused any chafing.
54.    Deborah rated this product 5 stars
Sun, May 20,2007:
It's a great bra. For those of you with chafing issues, buy some Body Glide and it will fix almost everything.
55.    marilyn rated this product 5 stars
Sat, May 12,2007:
This is the best bra for me, & I've tried many, I'm 34d & thought I'd always have to bounce. On long runs I was getting chafing under the chest band but I just put on some body glide & the problem is solved.
56.    Louisa rated this product 5 stars
Wed, May 09,2007:
This bra gives amazing bounce control and support, but is still so comfortable that I forget I'm wearing it. I used to have to layer two bras, but with this one, everything stays in place and I can run comfortably. And it's a nice change from bras that feel like straight jackets. A great find.
57.    Donna rated this product 5 stars
Fri, May 04,2007:
I have tried at least 6 different running systems and stopped with this one. It is the best for larger bust gals. After I lost some weight, I had chaffing too but went down a size and didn't chaff. I am running 16-20 miles on the weekend in this... sure beats wearing three jog bras!
58.    Alice rated this product 4 stars
Thu, April 26,2007:
This bra holds me in tight and is comfortable, yet, on long runs I get chaffing under the breast and along the strap lines.
59.    Carol rated this product 5 stars
Fri, April 20,2007:
Love this bra and the starps are the best.
60.    beth rated this product 4 stars
Tue, April 03,2007:
I'm a full dd-ddd and I was skeptical about this one but it's a decent bra even with no underwire. I bounce but it's not horribly bad and it's worth it for an alternative to the Enell full metal jacket I normally wear. I'm considering buying a few to keep on hand.
61.    Shannon rated this product 5 stars
Mon, March 05,2007:
My all-time favorite running bra. I have 7 of them! I do have a bit of chafing right in the front where the band hits my breastbone, but I was attributing that to my weight loss and needing a smaller size. I switched from a 36 to a 34 and this problem went away. I don't feel any bounce in this at all and it does me great on my long runs and short runs!
62.    Dorothy rated this product 5 stars
Tue, February 13,2007:
This bra is a miracle! At 34DD, I was tired of wearing multiple sports bras to get support. This one holds me in place. I run short distances, so I didn't have any chafing problems. Best sports bra I've ever worn!
63.    Ally rated this product 4 stars
Mon, February 12,2007:
This bra is great for the Broad back with a larger cup size. Its the only one that holds me in place. I am a 36 C and I love it. The only ddraw back is that the back hooks like a regular bra so its kinda "bra" looking when I want to run without a shirt. The straps are adjustable for extra support but they can rub on the collar bone some.
64.    Stacy rated this product 3 stars
Fri, January 19,2007:
I bought this on the Maximum Support rating and Moving Comfort brand. Overall, the bra is good and fits well. I am a 32C and I was still bouncing in this bra. If it had adequate 'cups' that form to you this would help maintain the support. It's a better bra for light cardio or weight lifting, not running.
65.    Julia rated this product 4 stars
Fri, January 19,2007:
I have this bra in 32D, and I normally wear a 34D. This bra keeps me in place, but like the other reviwer said, I chafe a bit in the front under the band.
66.    Elvi Mackintosh rated this product 2 stars
Mon, January 01,2007:
I was very happy with the good support and easy way to put it on. It was excellent for short and medium runs. However, in my long runs (16 to 23 miles) it badly chafed my skin in the front lower part of my chest.
67.    caskey rated this product 5 stars
Sun, April 16,2006:
I am buying another one because this bra is just right. Good support without pain and poking and not too much squash. I am really happy to have found this bra for my aerobics classes.