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Mens New Balance 990v3 Running Shoe

Men's New Balance 990v3

Item #NBA1532

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Product Description:

Men's NEW BALANCE® 990v3 :: Get all the support and comfort you expect from the premier stability men's New Balance® 990v3. You'll love the revamped new look and appreciate all the familiar comfort features. The sleek new design is a half ounce lighter, putting even more spring in your step. Feel great mile after mile with the cozier interior. 13.4 ounces

! Endangered Shoe [?]

Features & Benefits:

  • Encap: Provides stability and cushioning to the rear of the foot
  • ABZORB®: Provides maximum cushioning for the life of the shoe
  • Ndurance: Maximum durability in high use wear area
  • Dual Density Collar Foam: Soft, supportive cushioning around the ankle
  • Pigskin/Mesh Upper: Premium upper materials provide structure and breathability
  • Reflective Details: Safety for night running
  • Blown Rubber Forefoot: Provides softer yet responsive feel
  • NBW2337
Product NBA1532 Review


  • Predecessor Product Type:  993
  • Country of Origin: United States

Great for some things, not for all.


Age 68, 160 pounds, narrow feet. 3-8 mile runs x4 weekly. The 991 squeezed my toes top to bottom. Also the 992. Had great traction on dirt and grass. The 993 was perfect in terms of fit, traction and support. The new 990 has a screwy width sizing system and I got it squared away in a NB store, then bought here. Important detail: had to buy 2A in order to get narrow and then it felt too tight for about 5-10 miles. Like a glove now. The 990 is poor on slick surfaces and anything with rocks. The carbon fiber in the arch gets beat up on gravel and rocks. Any dirt, leaves, conifer needles especially, on the trail and things deteriorate. That is reason for 4 stars rather than 5. I keep one still-good 991 for wet paved, 993 for usual running on dry paved trails in the woods and now 990 for streets and treadmill along with Nike Air 2011/2012. The sole makes me wonder if NB thinks we all live in the city now and have no need of reliable contact with uncertain surfaces. But, I am the kind of guy who always runs mud and snow tires on my truck. BTW, my trail shoes are Salomon. No narrow NB trail shoes available. Casual wear 990 and most especially the old but still great 998, available at RRS. After all that, the 990 is currently still my favorite running shoe. And, important, made in USA. Another poster mentioned he had found a source for the 993. I certainly would like to know where, because I would buy a bunch of them.


Dallas, OR


The right fit


I have been a runner for 5 years, and put about 30 - 50 miles a week on my shoes as a runner substantially larger than the average (190lbs). These do the trick like no other shoes for me. I have tried others, but keep coming back to the 990s. There are other great shoes to be sure, but for my foot (wider than average) and my build (bigger than average) and my training (longer than average) this is just the right fit. One thing though, and the reason I moved away from 990's this last time, is that my high arch seemed to be falling. These do not support high arches as well as others. But I do pronate, and these do seem to help resolve that. I have put in some extra arch support soles into these baby's and they have worked like a dream. Hope that helps. Happy pain free running!

running fool

Austin, TX


Been wearing 990s for years


I've been wearing 990s since 1998 I think. These new ones fit the same a those did. As I described them then "Limonsines for your feed" - felt great for my narrow flat feet. Like houseshoes when I first put them on. I don't run 20 or so miles per week anymore and not 8 and 10 miles at a time but I have no doubt they will stand up to those distances for 500 miles. Used to have more pig skin, now a lot is mesh but it probably breaths better. Used to have the nice round shoe strings, these new ones had the cheap flat style. Guess you have to cut corners where it isn't hurting quality but for 150.00 bucks? Anyway, they are great shoes for me. Plenty of toe room.




No Problems with this model.


I do a lot of walking. Currently training to walk the 26.2 mile Bataan Memorial Death March so I am walking about 35 - 45 miles/week. I'm not really a runner but I can walk this event through the desert trail it mostly follows. I bought a pair of M990v3 at a local store, liked them and decided I wanted another of a different color than available here. So I ordered online in same size. I later saw online that some people were complaining about fit and the tongue not staying in place or the sole splitting. I have had no such problems on either pair and I have over 100 miles on both pairs now. I like this shoe.

gax the walker

Midland, TX


Runs way small for size 14


My podiatrist suggested trying the NB 1540 shoe for motion control and stability. Normally wear size 14 in any well made in America dress shoe (e.g. Allen Edmonds) and size 14 fits fine. New Balance American made NB 993 in size 14 fits fine. Tried NB 1540 in size 14 and it was way too small. Tried size 15 1540 and my toes were still crushed into the shoe. Held the NB 1540 size 15 against the size 14 NB 993 and the 1540 was smaller. I also tried the new NB 990 replacement for the 993 and it was way small like the 1540. Don't know what New Balance is doing with lasts and sizing but it doesn't relate to larger American sizes. The 1540 and/or 990 be great shoes if they fit you properly but I suggest trying it on before purchasing.

Jim Beam

Chicago, IL


I tried 40 running shoes. The 990 worked best with orthotics


I have very substantial orthotics to prevent pronation. The rubber pad on the forefoot is 5 mm thick. The heel and arch are rigid plastic covered by the same rubber. The heel is 20 mm thick and the arch is 48 mm. I tried every 4 and 5 level cushioned and stability shoe. In every case but one, the midsole gave so much that the orthotic's arch was driven into my foot and was uncomfortable. In the 990 v3 (for $$ reasons), the midsole is firm enough at all points so that the arch is not driven into my foot. Note that the 990 is one of the few shoes with a slip last. Consider it if you have a heavy duty orthotic.




990 best for me


I have run in New Balance 990's more than any other shoe. As a guy who weights more than 180lbs (most of the time and usually 195) and has 4E wide feet, I have stayed in the Stability + category and tried many other models. This shoe has not only run marathons with me, it has provided long term durability well beyond expectations. As a guy that has had surgeries on my left ankle and right knee, along with my "challenging" feet - I believe I have found the best shoe on the market. In fact, I now have three active pair - grey, blue and black !!!

Bob Z

Elon, NC


Have more than one pair


I walk about 20-25 miles a week. These shoes seem to have less cushioning than when I first bought them yrs ago and wear out sooner. The tongue in the right shoe of all the pair I've had in at least the last few years slides and you can see by the way it is sown in it is not straight. Still I have not found another shoe that works for me. I have a problem with over pronation and even with orthotics there is plenty of room. The size runs a little small so I always buy a half size larger.


Sebastopol, CA

Great shoe for Clydesdales


What else can be said about the 990 that hasn't already been said? As a Clydesdale runner (205-210) these are the most durable and supportive shoe around. I have run numerous half marathons and just finished my first full marathon, with all training and races being in a 990. I typically get several hundred miles (300-400?) Out of each pair, and they are still in reasonably good shape after that for walking. I don't personally like them for extended walking, but they are great for hours of running. These shoes have kept me healthy and blister-free!

Big boy runner

Nashville, TN


Very supportive shoe would buy again!!


I am an old (over 60) guy and I have been running on a replaced knee. I use the five toe shoes all the time for my running and they don't hurt my knees. I also wear low cut New Balance military boots for walking and running and don't have any problems with them. The 990's were recommended to me and I liked them when I saw them in the store. They are a great all around shoe, but they hurt my knee when I run. If I didn't have the replaced knee, they would be great. I am going to keep them for everyday type use.


Tucson, AZ


Excellent Shoe


I'm a 20 mile a week runner who has worn the classic NB 998 for more years than I can remember. Lately it hasn't been available in my size so I've gone with the 990. I can't see much difference in the two that would justify moving up in price for the 990, but they are both excellent shoes. I have a policy of going with new shoes after 300 miles, and these models have always looked good at that point. I just feel like that's a good limit for someone who is not as thin as some runners.


Bartlett, TN


Well built shoe


This is my first pair of nb 990s, since receiving this pair in 8 2E I ordered and received a second pair in 7.5 2E and this second pair is as good fit as I've had in in any shoe given that I have narrow heel and wide forefoot. I have not worn the second pair outside but feels like a very solid platform, excellent heel cup, do not have to lace tightly, not binding across the top of the foot feels very comfortable. Untested I'm willing to rate the 7.5 2E at 5 stars based on fit, solid feel and quality construction.

Alex- once a runner

LA ( as in lower Alabama)


Relief, Blessed Relief


I'm in my middle seventies, weigh 230 lbs and still spend a 2-4 hours a day on hard concrete floors. Have been "flat footed" since childhood and have used orthotics most of my adult life. Prior to switching to these shoes my feet hurt constantly and I was beginning to have diabetic (Type II) foot pain at night. Wore my first pair of 990v3 every day for 4-5 months. So happy with them I didn't even consider anything else--just bought another pair.


Manchester, TN


American Made and Quality Assured


I have been using New Balance shoes since 1980. The quality control of their only American made shoe now is the same as it was when I first started using New Balance. This is so rare in any running shoe. When I buy a New Balance 15 B shoe size I always get a 15 B. There is no guessing. Hats off to New Balance for at least keeping one of their shoes as a tribute to American shoe manufacturing.


Charleston, West Virginia


Not nearly as comfortable as the 993


I have two pairs of 990s and I still go back to my 993s all the time. The tongue on the 990s can be really annoying. It either shifts around after a while or it can interfere with one's mobility, adding an extra level of resistance that is unnecessary. Plus, in terms of sheer comfort, the 993s were simply better; they seemed to help to distribute one's weight more evenly. My old 993s still feel much better than either of my newer 990s.

Steve T

Omaha, NE


993 minus 3


These shoe companies always have to change something, so this time they choose to change the number of the shoe back to 990 (which was the number of the shoe about 10+ years ago). They kept the ugliness, comfort, performance, and wear-out-ability of the previous model so I can't complain. If it were not for these shoes I'd be even fatter than I already am so all I can say is THANK YOU NEW BALANCE! [*]

Dr. Drunkenstein

New Orleans, LA


excellent walking shoe!


I've bought these shoes again and again over the past 10 years. Prior to finding these shoes, I had metatarcil calouses on the balls of my feet, and now I walk briskly an average of 30 miles per week without any discomfort. As far as wear, I replace my shoes approximatley twice a year. The 990's also have superior reflectivity for early morning/late evening visibility.

maggie's dad

burlington on


This Site Rocks


I was searching the net fora pair of NB's I was so schocked at the price I bought two pairs. This site give everything quality products and outstanding service. I don't know any store that give there guarantee.. If you haven't done business with these folks give them a try you won't be disappointed. Mr. Satisfified!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Franklin Park, New Jersey


Love them.


I'm a Clydesdale with flat feet, so i have to be very selective with what I wear in order to avoid injuries. Have always had great luck with this series and really enjoy these 990 version 3's. This is my 2nd pair and I bought them 1/2 size bigger than my first pair. I am glad I did. Helps keep my feet from "falling asleep" as much on the longer runs.


Olathe, KS




I run 20 miles per week and a few races each year, these shoes are durable, supportive and well cushioned .Over forty years of running I have been encouraged to try many other running shoes the result has most often been injuries and missed days. These are not pretty but they are certainly steady.


Monticello il


990 New Balance Great Shoe for years


I have been using the product to protect my fairly fragile feet(arthritis in toe joints and 1 full year of plantar fasciitis) at the recommendation of my podiatrist with great results for years. I have been walking most of that time and circuit training 3 times a week since 9/2014. Not one problem with my feet or legs which have remained injury free.


Upstate NY


Consistent quality


Same great product as 993. Excellent workmanship. Only complaint is that it is recommended to buy half size up. I bought 11.5 B instead of 11.0 B like my 993s. I should have stayed with the 11s. I am getting by wearing thick Thorlo socks instead of my typical thin runner's socks. Otherwise excellent product, made in the USA! Cheers, Joe

Joe Mac

Austin, TX


comfort and support for bigger athelete


I bought these for my son so it is his review. He is 6'1' and 193 and bought a pair for running when he was 240lbs and these were great to support him and cushion his running. Loved them so much he bought his second pair. Great shoe for bigger people and people on their feet a lot. He wears them to work where he stands for 8 hours.




Best working shoe ever!


I am a full time RN and put 40 hours of use per week! The shoe is comfortable and does not require any 'break in' time. The shoe provides great support for about 6 months of heavy use and still looks good. I have used this particular model for 5-6 years and would never consider another model or brand.

JR the nurse

Dallas, Tx




Hi! I purchased these shoes as an all purpose sneaker and they did not disappoint! Highly comfy, stylish and cushy. They do fit slightly snug, so .5 size up if you don't like the snug. I personally don't mind so I found them just right. Would definitely recommend to everyone.


Brooklyn, NY


Traditionally consistent


Have worn these for years, several years ago and am ecstatic about how good they are. They fit, comfortable,cushioned, right out of the box. I have worn 2-3 different makes and wonder now why. The others were very good but sometimes you shouldn't fix it if it's not broke.


nashville tn.


Great shoe, poor outsole


The 990 is a good shoe and would be a great shoe if the outsole kept up with the upper...I walk in this shoe every day and rotate them with an identical pair...the outsole wears down quickly, all the way down to the white foam in less than two months. As far as the comfort of the shoe itself, no complaints whatsoever.


Casper, WY


Old Faithful


I have used the NB 990 series for many years in a row, and find that the shoes provide great stability as well as impact force reduction. They have been great for marathon training, but also for yard work and bumming around after they get "worn out" for running purposes.


Fargo, ND


best ever


I'm on my third pair of 990's. They are built tough, great with a multitude of activities. I won't buy anything else for serious exercise. The CS rep, Matt was most helpful by steering me in the right direction with information concerning these shoes. Thanks Matt for all of your help.


Marion, KY


Super Comfortable - Just wish they'd last a little longer


Several times a week my wife and I go walking, usually 3-5 miles at a time. These shoes are super comfortable, better than even my custom made orthotic inserts for my 51 year old feet. I just wish they lasted a bit longer. I get about 500 miles on a pair and the rubber is completely gone off the bottom and I'm into the foam!

Walk On

Lakeside CA



4.6 126


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