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Mens Nike LunarEclipse+ Running Shoe

Men's Nike LunarEclipse+

Item #NIK1330

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Product Description:

Men's NIKE® LUNARECLIPSE+ :: Another Nike® breakthrough! The genius of this trainer is that it gives you as much cushioning as a Neutral Plus shoe, but features Dynamic Support that activates the perfect amount of stability you need, no more, no less. Wear-testers call the men's Nike® LunarEclipse+ the best fitting Nike® ever! Nike+ ready. 12.0 ounces

*Nike+ sensor sold separately

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! Endangered Shoe [?]

Features & Benefits:

  • Seamless upper with partial inner sleeve construction: Excellent fit and comfort
  • Dynamic Flywire technology saddle: Great midfoot lockdown
  • Neoprene collar foam: Custom heel fit
  • Lunarlite system with bottomless carrier construction: Superior cushioning
  • High-resolution flex groove configuration: Promotes a naturally efficient stride
  • BRS 1000 heel: Provides durable crash pad protection
Product NIK1330 Review


  • Country of Origin: China



Great shoe. A nice upgrade from the Nike Lunar line. If you were a fan of the Lunarglide, this shoe is an overall step in in many ways: durability, stability, cushioning and support.




Still on the fence...


Full disclosure --- I went to my local RRS store and picked these up because of all the hype surrounding it. I'd always been a New Balance fan, and have really enjoyed the 1225 as my most recent high-mileage training shoe. When I tried the LunarEclipse on in the store, they were extremely comfortable. If the only thing I ever did in them was stand and walk, these would undoubtedly be great for that purpose. For running, however, I'm still not quite sure how I feel about them. Out of the box, the toebox felt somewhat narrow for my feet.. and this is keeping in mind that I went size up based on the in-store rep's recommendation. This initial pressure has somewhat alleviated itself now that I've put about 50 miles on them --- perhaps they required a good break-in --- but it's still a snug fit for sure. Heel hold is relatively good. I get slight heel lift from time to time in my right shoe (so I lace up tighter), but that is probably due to the fact that my right foot is just slightly smaller than my left foot. The cushioning is too soft for my taste. Whereas the toe-off in my 1225's was firm and responsive, the Lunar sole feels a little mushy. My understanding of the Lunar sole technology was that it would "adjust" to your running style to provide support, but even on my tempo runs, I felt like I was running on pillows. With that said, the shoes definitely feel "springy"... and I could notice a significant difference in my leg turnover right off the bat. The shoes feel light, and for what it's worth, my avg mile pace improved by over 30 seconds in the 2 weeks I've been using them. I'm going to give them more time before deciding whether to keep them or bring them back to the store and try something else. I've questioned whether my discomfort (not pain) with the sneaker is just due to being able to run faster in them. After all, it's hard to argue with the results. For reference, I'm a very efficient, mid-weight runner (165 lbs) and put in about 20 miles per week on average.


Freehold, NJ

I was extremely excited, but let down.


Well I was extremely excited to learn about the release of these. I have always been a Nike fan with regards to looks, aesthetics and design but as many know they continually seem to neglect the flat footed individual with these regards. I mean Phil Knight has the money to make shoes how he wants why continually year after year do they neglect this need. It's absolutely ridiculous. And trust me, I have tried many nike styles and models and every time I suffer through and keep the shoes or return them. I have never worn a pair that did not hurt my feet which is a shame because design wise they are amazing and it is very dissapointing. The flywire provides good support I guess but when laced takes away from the look as the flywire "bunches" and looks like the shoes are too big when in fact they are not. Even with the flywire again nike has made a too narrow shoe as they always have. I do not like the rigid plastic like toebox of the shoe it gives no leeway as some shoes you can wear in. It kills the toes. Yes I know this is small but when I am paying this much for a shoe I want the full deal all around nice product. I have tried asics kayano's and support is good but designs nah and they always feel clunky, always! So basically I am again at a standstill with no shoe to suit me really. I probably will go back to the NB998 which is ok. Design is great, but they still feel clunky but not as clunky as the Asics so I can manage I guess. I may try the free's I had them when they first came out but before the nice fix on the back end where it used to rip all the time. It still will not be enough support for me as I need probably but may be the next best option and it does not have flywire which honestly is a bit too much and constraining to where it hurts. I would love to know when the new colors and styles of them are coming out though. All in all. In sum, if you have a narrow foot then this shoe is an amazing beast but if you have what I call a bit more at least "normal" foot width and arch to slightly over do not get this shoe. I feel pretty much all Nike models I have ever tried over the years would not even be considered for the "regular, neutral" width foot. If you are not actually very narrow you are out of luck and I have tried many different models over the years for stability, pronation, etc. This is an honest review and again Nike is amazing on this one with design "looks" but I am just very dissapointed as I thought this one from Nike may actually be the one to finally meet the needs of the flat footed individual but this is not the case. Phil Knight and Nike Sportswear PLEASE test on real flat footed individuals with not wide but slightly wider than normal foot and make something for us! The fit of the New Balance 998 with the support they have now added with Nike Lunarlon type technology (no flywire) would be an amazing place to start your research. I also have tried the lunar lites which I will be returning along with these. Review to come later on those. Note I have tried the vomero, these, lunar elite's and lunaracer to no avail. None worked. The racer and elite actually injured my foot and put me out for three weeks and I was not happy about this.

The Ice Cream Man

Charleston, Sc & New York City, Ny


Not sure if I'm convinced...


I've had these shoes for almost 2 months and I am not sure I am convinced. I run at least 30 miles per week and it took me about a month to break them in. Initially I thought I needed to go another 1/2 size up because the toe box was so narrow. The overall fit of the shoe seems to be too tight for me...and I feel this causes it to get to warm as well. Plus there is something that is poking my small toe on the left foot whenever it slides forward to much. The cushioning and stability are great, but I just think they are too tight and warm. I think these would serve better as walking shoes. I wore Sauconys before and they were more comfortable, just a better fit for me. I'm gonna try to exchange the Nikes this week for some Saucony Hurricanes.

El Cono

San Diego, CA


Truly impressed with this one.


The first couple of runs I was starting to wonder how well this shoe would be (some minor tightness in the right shoe by the big toe). But once they started to break in, I was truly impressed with how comfortable they were. I used to suffer from some pain in my big toe and since I've started running in these the pain is almost completely gone. Granted, I have only had these shoes for roughly 50 miles, so we'll see how long they last. For anyone interested in the long-term performance of these shoes, feel free to email me at [@] I look forward to the comments/questions.


Cheyenne, WY


Is this Really a Nike Runner?


I have worn Saucony stability shoes for over 5 years. I have tried Nike runners over this period only to return them and go back to Saucony. This time I am not going back. My Paramount 2's are collecting dust and my Lunar Eclipe's are on my feet! The cushioning system along with the support provides and stable and comfortable ride, which Saucony's latest shoe could not provide. I run 6 miles per day in this shoe and my legs, knees and ankles are thanking me! I highly recommend this shoe and hope anyone in Saucony stability or any stability line for that matter picks up a pair of these kicks.


Commack, NY




I got this shoe to be my trainer. I had great expectations for this shoe but after approx. 30 miles in this shoe I am still struggling with it. The only good run I have had in it, is when I laced the shoe very loose. I am a neutral runner and the flywire locks my foot in too much. I have a slightly wide foot and the the Flywire doesn't allow your foot to expand during running. I am giving it a 4 because I think they do have it described correctly, it is a Stability+ shoe. I researched the shoe a lot and thought it would be good as a Neutral+ shoe as well, after listening to all of the preliminary reviews. I am going to try the shoe a few more times while lacing the shoe a little looser and see if it fits my needs.

early morning runner


Great fit and feel


I bought these to rotate with my Nike Zoom Equalons. I have run in the Asics Gel Kayanos for years and am on my second pair of the Equalons that I love. I researched this shoe and felt like it might offer some additional cushioning to help with my middle aged foot pain. Well the cushioning if fantastic and these are probably the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on. However, they may have over done it a bit on the cushioning they feel a little mushy and are not near as responsive as the Equalons. I know training speed is not all that important but at my age (48) I don't want anything making me feel slower than I already am. All of that said, I do like the shoe.

Middle Age Mark

Jackson, TN


1st Running Shoes I Love on 1st Run!


I've been conservative when it comes to changing running shoe brands/models. I was intrigued by the reviews on the LunarEclipse+, and RR's return policy gave me the freedom to try them. These are the best running shoes I've tried. The spring these shoes provides was obvious from the start. I've completed a few long runs in them at this point, and I'm enjoying how they feel and work. For a stability shoe, they offer a rare feeling of freedom. I highly recommend others give them a try. With RoadRunner's great customer service and return policy, it's worth knowing if they'll work as well for you.


Pelham, AL


Suprisingly Good Support


5'6" 160 lbs. mid-overpronator. I'm usually the type of runner that runs heavy on my feet for my height and weight with a good amount of overpronating. Previously ran fine in Equalons 3 & 4, but these things are amazingly supportive. I found that the heel band support mechanism supports the rolling of my ankle VERY well. At first, I would only do short 5Ks with them, but over this past weekend, I just did a 10 miler with no problems at all whatsoever. For 10 miles and under, I'll definitely run in these, but for more than 10 miles, I'll probably stick with the Equalons.


San Diego, CA


Fast and Comfortable


I was skeptical at first, but these shoes actually do a great job of providing stability. These shoes are fast!! Heel cushioning is fantastic. Only reservation is that the forefoot could use a little more, right under the ball of foot. Not bad though. These shoes flex well with your feet, are light, yet provide substantial cushioning and support. I have over 10 pair of Equalons but the latest Equalon was too bulky for me and I could hear my foot slap pavement. These lunars are quiet and fast. Great job Nike. Looking forward to seeing how these evolve. I will buy another pair for sure.

Rob the Rocket

Saratoga Springs, NY


You Will Be Amazed


I been running for a while now and I was running on Brooks Trance 9, great shoe, I dont have a negative thing to say about them. I went in to RRS to replace my Brooks because I could feel pain on my knees and quads, figured it was time to retire the Brooks. Now normally I am not a Nike person, but the saels person brought them out along with the Brooks Trance 10, and two other pairs of shoes. I tried the Nikes first, and was impressed by them, I then proceeded to try the rest of the shoes they brought out, and I kept going back to the Nike simply because i felt more comfortable in the Nikes. I was running 3 miles a day on the Brooks, but I felt I couldnt push myself more because of the knee pain I was feeling. Went out on my first run on the Nikes and I ran close to 5 miles with no pain. I am amazed that the this shoe would allow me to increase the distance. The LE+ feel soft but not too soft, they feel stable but not too much, at times I forget how many miles I have ran simlpy because I am enjoying my run so much!

JonJon the Runner

Los Angeles, Ca


A nice Nike shoe!


I have a pair of Equalon 3 and Equalon 4's I typically alternate between. I heard these may be the Nike replacement shoe for them so I picked up a pair to try out. Out of the box I wasn't too excited about them in comparison in my first few runs, they felt a tad soft and had a little more flex than I wanted. As I've used them more though, they're feeling better and the stability and comfort now feels more to my liking. I give these 4 stars, only because they haven't made me put away my Equalons yet. Nonetheless, I'm happy with these overall.




Comfort and support


Have been a fan of the brooks glycerin for a long time but wanted a shoe that was a little lighter but still maintained the comfort and support. I have found these to be a perfect fit for the more medium type runs (up to 10 km). The shoes are probably not as neutral as I thought they would be but are great otherwise. Oh yeah. You definately need to go half a size bigger with these shoes as the toe box seems to be tighter than other shoes I have worn.I went with the recommendation to go up half a size and they fit perfectly.


Melbourne, Australia


Great Shoe!


This shoe has definitely made my transition into running super smooth! I was originally running in Air Max's that were a few years old, and had a running analysis done at a Road Runner store locally. I found out I needed the stability+ shoes, and these have been great, no complaints at all. I typically run on the road, hills, stairs, and these are perfect for any job really. I will definitely buy these again when the time comes, unless they come out with a newer version!

E Dub

Huntington Beach, CA




I was a little leery that they would be stable enough, I wear orthotics, and have been for 35 years,but stability is excellent, given the generous amount of cushioning these shoes have. Only time will tell if durability will be an issue, but so far, after a week, they are the best cushioned, stabilty plus shoes I have run in in years. My age, 55, mileage, 20-30mi/week, wt 185#


Sacramento, CA


Nike LunarEclipse


Received the LunarEclipse 3rd week in Sept. Thanks RRS! After 3 weeks of running I decided to write this review. This is without question the best shoe that I have ever run in. The fit, feel, and ride of this shoe is fantastic. If I had one complaint it would be the 12.2 ounce size 10 weight. They don't "feel" heavy, but I wish they were slightly lighter.

Roll Roll

Los Angeles


Great Shoe!!


After many years of loving to run, my running had come to a halt for several years after having two kidney transplants. I longed to run again and when I did, I just could not find the right shoe. That was true until I found this Nike LunarEclipse!! Wonderful shoe, I ran 5 miles the first time out with them and continue to love the cushion ride as I train for my first half marathon!

Trooper 209

Zebulon, Ga


I'm back to Nike


I was running in Asics for 6 straight shoes and 5 Straight Marathons. After my knees started hurting and my legs just not feeling right, I went back to RRS and tried something new. I have not run in Nikes since I threw away the old Shox. What a difference the Lunar Eclipss were! Lightweight, felt like I was running in socks, yet very stable when pounding the pavement. Excellent shoe.

Chicago Jon

Chicago, IL


The search is over


I almost shed a tear when putting these shoes on. Most shoes I've tried didn't provide enough cushion at the balls of the feet. These shoes provide the perfect amount in that area. Love the heel clip too. Furthermore, they look amazing. Most running shoes don't have much style but these definitely do. Amazing! Must try for yourself.


Charlotte, NC




I ran ten miles on a treadmill right outta the box in these. Super awesome! Then I did a 10 miler on the lakefront in Chicago a couple days ago... Amazing. Make sure you buy a 1/2 size up. I love how your heel is locked in. Great fit. Very nice cushion and stability. I only gave it four stars, because I wish it was just a little lighter.




Great shoe overall


I'm used to running in Karhu shoes and these are a good change of feel. They had the great combination of cushion and support that we've come to know from the Lunar series of shoes. I'd recommend these for training. The only drawback was that the Nike+ module did not fit in the sole slot. But I can't take anything away from the shoe's ride; which is great.


San Antonio, TX


Cushioned and light


Ran my last 200 miles in 2010 air max which I like. These shoes are quite cushioned as well but feel faster and lighter. First shoe with lunar sole and I like it. Might try less cushioning next time. First 5 miles have earned these a spot in the rotation. Would buy again


Ephrata, PA


Awesome performance, nauseating look


Really comfortable for me (slightly narrow - but I love that), good support, one of my favorites. But really, what happened in the design department? I suppose looks are subjective, but really - this was the best look for such a fine and capable shoe?


Woodland Hills, CA

Only Nike I've ever liked


I've worn the Ascii Kayano for years and normally don't like nike running shoes. I took a chance and tried these shoes. I was very supprised, I actually like these at least as well. They have the same support but are lighter and provide cushion that I actually like


West Virginia


Excellent shoe!


I have been looking for a shoe to rotate with my Brooks Trance 9 shoes. I've tried the Gel-Kayano's (good shoe) and the Mizuno Wave Nirvava 6 (alright shoe), but the Nike Lunar Eclipse are a great shoe. Very comfortable and light. I definitely recommend this shoe.


Indianapolis IN


Fantastic running shoe.


I run fifteen miles a week with this shoe and nothing at all bad to say about this shoe. It is very comfortable and light and I get a lot of good commits about the look of the shoe.I will purchase another pair.


Orange, Tx.




I run 15+ miles daily (Except Sundays) and compete in the 5K and 10K. These shoes have been up to my training and always feel great. They great cushioning, and softer upper feels amazing.


Los Banos, CA




These shoes are awesome. My feet are as flat as Kansas and it took some time to find the right shoe...well!! The search is over!! I am so pleased with these knees and feet no longer hurt. [...]




Very good so far!


Good shoe so far. Only have about 40 miles on them. Very comfortable not quite as good as my vomero 4 better than the vomero5 in my opinion. I am very large runner so I need the extra cushion and support.


Washington DC


Mens Nike LunarEclipse+ Running Shoe

4.6 46


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