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Womens Saucony ProGrid Kinvara Running Shoe

Women's Saucony ProGrid Kinvara

Item #SCN929

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Product Description:

Women's SAUCONY® PROGRID&trade KINVARA :: For the minimalist in you, the women's Saucony® ProGrid™ Kinvara is a new lightweight performance trainer that's designed for fast training or racing. Featuring hyper-flexible cushioning, and a stripped-down upper, the Kinvara lets you fly! 6.7 ounces


! Endangered Shoe [?]

Features & Benefits:

  • Heel ProGrid LITE: Lightest version of ProGrid absorbs impact, dissipates shock and sets the foot up for a smooth transition
  • Lightweight mesh upper: Ventilation and breathability
  • XT-900: A carbon rubber outsole material that offers exceptional traction properties without sacrificing durability
  • EVA Sockliner
Product SCN929 Review

Better than Barefoot


I train without socks. I have a traumatic bunion on my right foot. I have completed over 35 marathons and 10 Ironman races. I run 35-60 miles per week on track and road. This shoe accommodates it all. It offers the durability of a heavier shoe with the weight and speed of a flat. I have already put the typical 300 miles a racing flat will take on them and they are still going strong. They dry out quickly, have just enough arch for the moderate pronator but enough room to accommodate an orthotic. They fit snug around the heel and give the forefoot enough room for the muscles in the feet and lower legs to work the way they should when running, not working against what the shoe thinks the foot should do. When you stand in them your foot feels as though it is in its natural position, not falling forward or with a negative heel. Price was right too.


Salado, Texas


My New Best Friend


Being a distance runner (I like to do 1/2 marathons and am training for my first marathon) I was so so sad when I began being pagued by a sore foot, no matter what I tried! Inserts, new shoes, different socks, still in pain, I decided to try a minimal shoe. LOVE IT! Makes sense as I have always loved being barefoot, and am a natural forefoot striker. I love this shoe. I just got back from a 7mile run and my foot which usually starts screaming at 3 miles didn't make a peep until 5.5mile, and i think as my training continues the pain will subside. I am going to order a half size up, which is reallya full size larger than my shoe size (non running) and cannot wait to get them! LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Kinvaras


Bermuda DUnes, CA


Interesting ride!


I run a minimum of 30 miles per week, and this includes 2 speed/high intensity work outs per week. This shoe helps me to get on my forefoot and run with better form and foot strength. It has helped some metatarsal pain that I was experiencing from speed work outs. I don't think it is for long runs. But for the speed work, it is great. I would encourage a gradual introduction to the shoe as it could potentially cause an overuse injury by requiring the runner to use alternative muscles.


Muskegon, Michigan


Kinvara is comfy, light shoe


I was torn between the Saucony Kinvara and the Nike Free. Both seem to have a very low heel to toe ratio and be light. I wanted something for speedwork and something flat for weight training/ Crossfit. Trying on both made the choice clear--the Kinvara is much more cushioned and soft. It feels like wearing a bedroom slipper (in a good way). I set a significant PR in an 8K race in them after about a month of short runs. They are incredibly light and flexible. They work well for running 6 or fewer miles and weight training. I haven't gone further than 6 in them yet, but I think they'd be fine maybe up to 8-10. For very long runs, I wear the Saucony Hurricane or Asics Kayanos. These are GREAT for fast running and racing. I didn't give them 5 stars because they are made of an incredibly thin mesh and they may not work well for cold-weather running and I can't speak to their durability since I've only had them 2 or 3 months and used them for fast running only. I have decided if it's below 30 degrees, I'll add an extra pair of socks. I wear a 10 in the Hurricane and Kayano, but the 10's are a little roomy in the Kinvara. Probably should have gotten a 9.5. They are great for wide feet though (and extra socks).

Coach D

Nashville, Tn




Used to run 25-30 miles per week and been trying to get back into it. It wasnt cuttin it with my Mizunos, so bulky and feet hurting, where before my feet were fine. It was like my feet were exhausted from all the effort that I dreaded the run. With lightweight shoes, I feel more in control of my run than my shoes being in control. After trying an 8oz New Balance, thought I'd try out some other brands too. Love the Kinarva. Got Adidas Speedstar too and returned but kept the Kinarvas and got a second pair of them cuz the design is right on the mark too! So lightweight and flexible. Felt like running on air and can keep on going. Perfect for getting my running routine back. Much quicker response time when I want to incorporate quick sprints throughout my run. Nice fit and no annoying inside seams which adds to the comfort factor. As for wear, I'm not quite there yet so I cant comment but I suspect that they will wear out faster than non-minimalist shoes, of course. I havent had any pains or problems so I'm happy so far. I havent tried a run beyond 5 miles yet though. I'm a completely a neutral runner with normal arches. Plus great price! Cheers.

Happy Camper

Cherry Hill, NJ




These are so light and fast! I bought them because my pregnant feet grew and I needed a larger size shoe. Also, I have bunions and my second toes are super long (attractive, I know), so I have always had trouble with proper fit. Took these out of the box for a 7 mile run. Comfy. A couple of caveats: If you are not used to wearing performance shoes, you will want to ease into these and alternate with your regular shoes. I regularly train in performance shoes, but the heel on the Kinvara is still lower than what I am used to. I had sore calves after about a week of consistently running in them. Also, if you are looking for support, look elsewhere. These do have some arch support and other support features, but not many. They are designed for neutral runners with fairly good biomechanics. That said, if you're looking for a light, fast training/racing shoe, this is a great one to try.

Waddle racer



Best Running Shoe


I am an ultra runner and have done nearly 60 marathons and ultras over the years, including one 100 mile race. Training for my next 100m, I have done 3 marathons in the past month. I have worn the kinvara for each of these marathons. Because I am an ultra runner, I have had to deal with a lot of blistered toes (under the nails) and in other places on the forefoot, too. This problem has to do with not enough room in the toebox. Furthermore, my toes can't move in regular running shoes. The kinvaras are an answer to my prayers because of the flexible toebox-not to mention the comfort and lightness of them. They are incredible. I wish I would have discovered them a long time ago. I plan on trying them in my 100 for at least part of the time (the 100 is on easy trails but some rocks so not sure how they will do compared to trail shoes)

Ultra Beth

Dacula, GA


Fast, light & oh-so-comfy!


I wear-tested shoes for a shoe manufacturer & test & review for a national magazine, so I know what I like & I know what to critique. The Kinvara is comfortable, light & responsive. My feet & toes move more naturally, my stride is lighter, and my whole body feels more at ease. I'm a trail runner, but I bought this shoe to run groomed trails & occasionally short distances on the road. I'm really hoping Saucony will come out with a trail version of the Kinvara next, since I am particular to technical terrain! I am anxious to see how many miles I can put on them. Everyone notices my orange Kinvaras & asks what kind they are and how I like them. I tell them why they are great for my particular type of foot & gait and why they might be great for them. I love them & I highly recommend them.

Sheri, trail runner

Broomfield, CO


Light as air


I've been going to less and less support with each pair of running shoes that I buy, and being an avid Saucony wearer, I couldn't wait to try these. My ProGrids were size 8.5 (my reg street shoe size) but I ordered these in a 9. Just right. These are as light as air! The sole is remarkably comfortable (cushiony, but not TOO much), and remarkably quiet. The mesh fabric is so lightweight and flexible that I know these shoes won't hold up as long as a more traditional shoe, but that's OK because they weren't meant to be a "sturdy," supportive shoe. They are designed for racing or long training runs, and for those (like me) who are gravitating to a more natural, minimal shoe. It's not quite a "barefoot" type shoe, but it's approaching that genre. Just what I wanted. Wish I had been bold enough to order the bright pink!




This shoe did not fail to impress me


The couple reviews I looked at said this shoes felt a half size too small so I got a half size bigger just in case and they fit perfectly. They are great on the trails and smooth on the pavement. I forget I'm wearing them at times because they are so light, but yet very comfortable. The heel part of the shoe is the best part for me, it doesn't dig into my heel like other shoes have. The are very flexible at the top of the shoe and I feel like my feet actually roll forward enough to give me the range of motion I want in my stride. I like them and there isn't really anything bad I have to say, except the size. I think that could be easily adjusted though from what you decide to choose.

J-fer the superhero

Long Beach


Very comfortable shoe


I run between 30-35 miles a week and run a few half marathons per year. I used to run in Nike Air Pegasus but they were too hard under the ball of my foot and caused a tingling feeling in my feet after about 5 miles. I switched to Nike Lunar Trainers and loved them but they are now discontinued. I was looking for a light weight shoe like the Nike Lunar and thought I would give this shoe a try. I absolutely loved them from my first run. My only complaint is that compared to Nike they run large (especially in the toebox). If you are transitioning from Nike to these go one half size smaller. I rated them as true to size because I ordered these shoes one half size larger than my "street shoes" (I do the same with my Nikes) and these shoes are much roomier than my Nikes.

Retired Marine Runner

Gainesville, VA




I run about 25-35 miles per week, work out 3-4 times a week in the gym and cycle 30-50 miles per week. I have been wearing these shoes for about a month now and am still in LOVE with them! Comfortable, minimalist shoe that lets your foot naturally guide itself and therefore reducing injury from over correction. I am using these to transform into barefoot running from my former use of over cushioned/over correcting running shoes and have found a whole new love for running. I do my shorter runs (3-6) miles in these, but still use Saucony Pro Grid Guide 3 and my long distance shoe until my barefoot/minimal form improves.

Batfish Runner

Corpus Christ, TX


Light sneaker!


I love the coolness and lightness of this sneaker. I don't feel like I have anything on my feet. Especially nice in the hot weather. I just switched to these sneakers and I do a lot of distance running. They seem to be holding up well and they feel good on my feet. I do however use an orthotic in them. They tend to run a little narrower than the Saucony Triumph ( which i was using) and 1/2 size smaller. I had to send the first pair back because they were too small/tight.


Buffalo, NY


Try It!


I'd been eyeing the minimalist saucony for a while, when I finally made the purchase. After my first run I was hooked. I felt like I was gliding when I ran and that my foot moved in more fluid motion....it's hard to explain. My foot was sore the following day, but not from the pounding, but rather from my foot muscles being stretched in a way they were never allowed to do in a traditional running shoe. You definately get more push off from you toes. Even my nagging neuroma didn't bother me in these shoes, which in and of itself is a small miracle!


Dover, DE


Lightweight and Fast


The Kinvaras are very lightweight. A thin material in the uppers makes them very breathable. The heel to toe drop is very small (4mm accoring to Saucony) which makes them very good for midfoot and forefoot strikers. If you're a heel striker or you're used to heavy, well cushioned running shoes, you'd want to make a slow transition to these. I've only worn them a couple of times but they sure do feel fast! Because I've only had them a short time, I can't comment on their durability, but other Saucony products I owned have held up very well.

The Fire Runner

Mechanicsburg, PA


Best Shoe I've Ever Owned


This is the BEST shoe I've ever owned. Great for the shorter distance races & speedwork. Incredibly light & comfortable. Unlike may other lightweight shoes...this one has a lot of cushioning. I have high arches & these shoes fit like a dream. I have NO complaints at all. Plus, I've had a lot of unsolicitated compliments on these shoes from men & women. I hope Saucony wont't ever try to "improve" on these shoes. There is no need to improve on perfection!






I have run in most lightweight Saucony models and have always liked them. This is about the lightest running shoe I have ever used and it is great for interval training and race day. It's minimalist, so don't expect support; but I do use it with my orthotics and that's fine. Saucony seems to have moved away from its traditionally larger toe boxes and this shoe is no exception. I wish it were just a tad wider in the toe box, but since it has no seams, it allows for enough stretch across my bunions.

Transcontinental runner

Monterey Peninsula, CA


Great minimalist shoe!


Did 14 miles in these today with no discomfort. Great minimalist shoe; great option if you like Nike Free 7. Helps promote more forward strike I'm working on without forward thrust of the Newton (which I also love).

Bug Light

South Portland, Maine


Incredible performance!


Purchased Kinvara in lieu of 5 Fingers. Every day my feet felt a little better. Previous cramping in arches or tired feet at the end of a standing day disappeared. After 3 runs of 7, 7, and 9 miles, ran a marathon and felt great! Two weeks later ran another marathon! I love these shoes and already have a 2nd pair. Wish the flourescent green came in womens (hint!).

Maniac Mary

Sarasota, FL


new convert to the minimalist shoe


I have run in Saucony's for years and love the feel but the Kinvara is very different. It does a great job of providing increased flexibility but it still feels very cushioned. I am hoping it will provide the same durability as the other more traditional styles. I have been trying to gradually increase the distance I run in the shoes to try to prevent injuries as I adjust to the new style. I do find myself wanting to go farther than I should in this adjustment period because my feet feel so good.


Columbia, TN




I loved the original Nike LunaRacer. When they came out with the LunaRacer 2 I was very disappointed in the updated model. Now I have found the Kinvara and heaven once again. This shoe is everything the original LunaRacer was but better. It doesn't rub my heel raw and it is a bit wider in the toe box so no more bloody toes. The ride is cushiony soft. I love the mesh upper, it is so breathable. The shoe has a wider platform and feels very stable. This is my new training shoe as well as a race shoe for 5K through Half Marathons.






I absolutely love these shoes! They are extremely lightweight and comfortable, and at the same time, I feel like they provide great support for my feet. Additionally, the porous nature of the shoe keeps my feet dry and comfortable even during extremely long runs. I got the bright orange and have received numerous compliments on the color...definitely bright and unique! However, like others have mentioned, this shoe runs small. An 8.5 in this shoe fits great, when I normally where a 7.5 in other brands..order a size up!


Blacksburg, VA


Great Shoe!!!


I usually wear Mizuno Wave Riders, and I ordered these for my last half marathon. I actually wore them straight from the box to the race, and they were great. I had only a couple of small blisters, which i attribute to wearing them without being broken in. They were so lightweight and comfortable, while still supportive. I had been struggling with knee pain and these really got me through the race. I will wear them from now on to all of my marathons!


Las Vegas


Great choice


I bought these shoes specifically to use for track workouts, shorter tempo runs, and for 5K road-racing. They are very lightweight and comfortable. They provide more support than a racing flat, but are not as heavy as a regular running shoe. I would suggest rotating them into your training once a week with shorter easy runs until you become used to them as they do have a different feel from a regular running shoe and may work your muscles differently.

Pug Runner

Bergen County, NJ


Nice shoe, very breathable


I found this shoe to be very comfortable, and used it for a half marathon, I felt great afterward. None of the usual aches. I ordered a half size larger based on the site info but ended up exchanging them for a half size smaller because they were too big and sloppy for my taste. Overall this shoe was light and flexible enough to carry me through the miles but cushioned enough to provide protection toward the end of the race.


Chicago IL


If you like the old Lunar Racer..


You'll love this shoe. It's light, it's fast and it's so comfortable. I was torn between a half size up and my normal size and decided to stick with the half size up...but it was very close. I don't think there was a wrong decision on that. Anyway, this shoe is more like the old Lunar racer that wasn't as shallow but felt amazing under foot. It's light. It's fast and it's cute.


Tualatin, OR


Great shoe


I have been running in the Kinvara for a couple of weeks, about 4-6 miles per day, and so far I love the shoe. Now, I did put Superfeet insoles in them, but I do that for every pair of running shoes. The shoe is very light and breathable but doesn't feel sloppy at all. The sole has great traction. I can't speak to their durability - they are more of a minimalist shoe and that is what I like best about them.

Le Dub

Austin, TX


Best Minimalist shoe EVER!!!!!


I used to run in the Nike Free 5.0. I changed due to they are narrow and rub a callous on the side of my foot. I have ran in Saucony before and loved the room in their toe box, so I thought I give them a try. I found true love in a shoe...I hope they keep it around a long time. I run ultramarathons and when the feet swell I will need the extra room. Saucony KINVARA ROCK!!!!!!


Danville, KY


A Little Too Much Shoe For Me


For someone just moving into minimalist shoes - these are probably great. They are very lightweight, but not nearly flexible enough for me. I usually run barefoot on in Vibrams but with winter here I wanted something a bit more protective. (I'm a wimp when it comes to snow) I just couldn't get a natural movement in these shoes. They did look good though. I got a lot of compliments at the gym when I was trying them out.


Kansas City, MO

Who knew?!


Who knew that such a lightweight shoe would work just as well as my pricier running shoes? These are wonderfully ventilated and super duper lightweight. Still, they provide great cushioning and make my feet feel like they're flying (okay, maybe a little exaggeration on the flying). I was skeptical but they were reasonably priced enough to try them out. Definitely worth it!


Midwest, USA


Womens Saucony ProGrid Kinvara Running Shoe

4.6 104


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