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Womens Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals Shoe

Women's Sanuk Yoga Mat

Item #SNK101

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Product Description:

Women's SANüK YOGA MAT :: Experience the comfort of your yoga mat without carrying it around with you everywhere you go when you slip on a pair of Sanük's Yoga Mat sandals. Your feet will appreciate the springy, foamy feeling these comfy flip-flops deliver while still providing the shock absorbing power of EVA in the topsoles. And your conscience will enjoy that they're crafted from synthetic leather, so they're vegan- and vegetarian-friendly. Whether you're heading to Bikram or Ashtanga, Hatha or Vinyasa, the Sanük Yoga Mat sandal will carry you there in ease, comfort and mindful style.

Features & Benefits:

  • Enjoy the Zen feeling of walking on springy, resilient yoga mats; the Sanük's Yoga Mat sandals are crafted from the same materials for a soft, cushy ride
  • Smile when you look down at the synthetic leather uppers with printed Jersey for a touch of whimsical style and a splash of color
  • Stay steady on your feet with Happy U outsoles, crafted from hardened, traction enhancing EVA, for just enough gripping power
  • Wrap your feet in the secure comfort of the broad straps, while the nylon and foam linings offer a soft, supple layer next to your skin
  • Feel the smooth comfort of EVA topsoles; they add an extra layer of cushion from heel to toe
  • Absorb shock and protect your feet, legs and joints from impact thanks to a layer of impact-resistant, durable, and lightweight EVA at the midsole for that cushioned ride you crave
  • The Sanük Yoga Mat sandals weigh in at a mere 4 ounces per shoe
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Product SNK101 Review

Love Love Love these sandals!!!


I bought these sandals 2 summers ago and I absolutely love them!! They've lasted me 2 summers so far and they're still in great shape and super comfortable. I bought them when I was going to Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee, where you really need good shoes bacause it's a lot of walking and it can get really muddy/dirty on the ground. The sandals I wore the year before to Bonnaroo were like Crocs and gave me bad blisters and I slipped a lot in the mud, but not with these!!! Having good shoes at events like this really do make all the difference, and I would recommend these to EVERYONE! Not only are they durable, but they are soooo comfortable. Usually with sandals you can feel the ground through the bottom and your feet take a beating, but the soft cushions really absorb any kind of impact from the ground. The straps have good cushioning as well and really hug your feet :) Buy these sandals if you like to be comfortable!!! They're like nothing else I've ever worn, I'm definitely buying a second pair this summer!

Allison the Festival-Goer

New Jersey




I bought a pair of these flip flops at a boutique on the beach at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, without even trying them on. My feet were still wet and sandy after wading in the ocean. The clerk really sold me on the fact that they were made of Yoga mat material. I thought, "what can I lose?" I'm always trying to find a "comfortable" flip flop since I don't have high arches and I have a wide foot. Well! I put them on when I got back to my hotel and have not taken them off since! I wear them every day. I feel that they conform to the shape of my foot, not like orthodic flip flops which are hard and make your feet blister. Every person has a different gaite and these cushion the foot so that you walk in comfort and with stability--not remaking your anatomy! I had my son buy me an extra pair before he leaves Florida and I'm considering buying another pair online from the makers in California. Thanks so much for making a casual shoe that actually is good for your feet! A satisfied customer!

Mary, Poet2

Sterling Heights, MI


Unbelievably comfortable


I wear these flip flops all summer long and everywhere I can. So comfortable and durable. I can't live without them. Doesn't surprise me all the great reviews here. I only wish that they would make even more colors. Maybe a nice sand taupe? Then I could wear them with more dressier clothes. I have been wearing for 3 years now going on my 4th.


Central Massachusetts


Pure flip flop love!


I love every Sanuk I've purchased, however, as flip flops go...this pair is perfect! I plan to get more colors. I live in flip flops year round and must say that my feet are truly happy now. Often my heels will get sore, or the balls of my feet will ache...not in these. Seriously comfortable!


Fredericksburg, VA


i love sanuk!


I bought a pair of these in black at the beach on Summer. They were so comfortable that my mom took them from me. They lasted 2 years and I just threw them away because the thong part started to rip. I have never had another pair of flip flops last this long but still look great. I love these flip flops so much. I had to have a new pair. I bought myself a new pair at Cabela's in West Virigina in brown and I got my mother a pair in white/black as well. They are so comfortable. They go with everything. They last forever. They are durable. I need a lot of arch support and these are the only flip flops I find comfortable that don't hurt my feet. I recommend them to anyone! Im on here shopping for my grandmother and best friend for xmas presents because they tried mine and love them!




Most comfortable sandal EVER!


Like all the other reviews say, these are the perfect sandals. Comfortable and cute. They do feel like walking on marshmallows or a pillow...softer than a yoga mat! And the straps have a satin-like fabric underneath, so it doesn't bother your feet or toes when they rub against them! I bought them at a music festival in NC after it rained and soaked my sneakers. My friend bought a pair to wear as well. The wet ground didn't phase these shoes, and the rest of the day we kept exclaiming to each other at random moments, "These sandals are sooo comfortable!" They're really amazing. Whenever I wear them out I have all my friends try them on, and they are amazed as well. I highly recommend them, and I'm getting ready to purchase a pair in another color. (I had brown, so I'm going to get black!)


Los Angeles, CA




my best friend works in a surf shop that sells these...one night while out on one of our MANY shopping trips she was telling me about these awesome flops she had at the shop that i just HAD to try...[...]That first pair of yoga mats has been through ALOT! I wore them for a week while visiting the amusement parks in Orlando, and they were great! One of them even got eaten by a dog and i continued to wear them you couldn't even tell anything had happened! My collection has now grown by 3 pair(but i still have my chewed up ones)another black, brown & white...these are the only type of flops i will wear! The only down side I have found is that when they get wet the yoga mat is super absorbant and they STAY wet for a while...but other than that I have NO complaints!


Panama City Beach, FL


The most comfortable flip flops ever!!


Lets me start off by saying I have five pairs of chacos. I always thought the were the most comfortable sandal, well that is until I was at Alvins Island in Panama City Beach, Florida. As soon as I felt of the yoga mat shoe with my hand I had to try it on, and once I tried it on I didn't wanna take it off not even long enough to pay for them. They are so comfortable. They put chaco flip flops to shame. I wear them all the time they're a shoe you can wear day and night and your feet still feel wonderful. I am VERY VERY satisfied with my new sanuk flip flops and i'm sure I will be purchasing more colors soon. [$] vs $100.00 Yeah Sanuk beats Chacos.


Cleveland, TN


Back Surgery Patient


I am a musician that works full time. always always on my feet...putting pressure on strange places of my feet...other shoes cause blisters and straight up discomfort!! I also had a spinal fusion 7 months ago. . . about one month in, my mom and i came across the yoga mat flip flops and my mom talked me into buying them. her argument was that i needed an everyday pair of shoes that would be of decent cushion and comfort. i have not regretted it one bit! I wear them nearly every day. my feet are happy and so is my back. having surgical hardware instead of the normal God-given shock absorber in my back, i have had to substitute with the God-given yoga mats!!!!!

Kat the Music



Best shoes EVER!!!!!!!


I am so happy I found these sandals! They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, and I own almost ever color and wear them everywhere! I started out with one black pair that I wore to work, the beach, out at night, and everywhere else I went (living in Hawaii, you can get away with wearing flip flops everywhere including work!) and they lasted for over a year before one of the straps broke, which is a long time to last after everything I put them through! I now have many family members and friends wearing them too because they tried mine and loved them! I would recommend these to everyone!


Honolulu, Hawaii


Walked across Europe


We celebrated our 25th anniversary in summer '09 by taking a Mediterranean Cruise. I wore these (black) flip-flops 24/7 through Italy, Monaco, Spain, Africa for nine of the ten days we took excursions. The one day I didn't wear them, I got terrible blisters on the tops of my feet from other flip-flops. Even with the blisters, the Yoga Mats didn't hurt the next day! We walked over every terrain imaginable and with no arches on my feet, I was very worried I'd be too uncomfortable to walk those miles everyday. NO WAY! They were awesome and I'll be adding to my black pair with many other colors this spring! THERE IS NO BETTER FLIP FLOP out there! LOVE THEM!!!

Happy Travelin' Feet!

Haymarket, VA




I love these flip flops! I wasn't even looking for flip flops but when my husband joined me on vacation he needed flip flops and wanted to check out these flip flops. I was only going to buy him a pair, then the sales person asked if I wanted to try on a pair. I was sceptical at first, why did I need another pair of flip flops? The second my feet slid into this pair I was sold!!! These are the only flip flops I will ever buy again!!! Oh and three years later my pair is still holding up great. Oh and I just had a baby and these flip flops were great when I was pregnant. My feet were always tired and sore when pregnant and these flip flops made the difference!!!!




freaking wonderful


this flip flop is the best kept secret in flip flops... in florida it is totally flip flop country. Everyone wears them constantly. I have only had these one day but I can already tell you that they are extremely comfortable from the first moment you try them. not like other flip flops that have to stretch and mold to your foot. they are so inexpensive, but definitely not cheap. If you are the type of person who buys 40-50 dollar flip flops (like me), you will be extremely pleased, and beyond comfortable, in these flip flops, for only half the price. It's enough to make you convert!! I got the brown pair!!!


Orlando, FL


Excellent flip flop for older women!


I am 61 yrs old and love fashion but look for comfort on my feet! These have both!!! I have been wearing them for several years and have just ordered a couple of new ones. Not because the old ones were worn completely out because they are still very wearable!! I am very active and love the comfort these flip flops offer!!!! The yoga mat is great for the feet and they have pretty good arch support as well. I will continue to buy and wear these every summer!! Thank you for making such an excellent flip flop that are helpful to older women who still want to look and feel good!!!!


Greenville, MS


Love Em!!


I still call them thongs 'cause I'm old school :) They are the most comfortable thongs that I have ever bought. I was on vacation in San Diego in July and I walked into a surf shop because my 99 cent thongs were not cutting it. I tried a pair of the Yoga mat Sanuks on and I fell in love with them. I have to admit I have never spent that kind of money for thongs in my life but I knew these were coming home with me. When I got back home I went online and bought another pair! I love the yoga mat feel because I can wear a pair of thongs out quick. These are really durable and comfortable. I would recommend them to everyone!

Lisa the thong lover :)

Tucson, Az


Best purchase of my vacation


I am in my fifth day of visiting themeparks in Orlando and my feet are killing me. I have worn every shoe I brought with me and none are comfortable enough for the amount of walking you do on this type of vacation. I am in a gift shop and see the Sanuk flip flop with a Yoga Mat and try them on. At once my feet have relief and I am smiling. There was only one pair in my size and I did not get my choice of color, but at that point, it did not matter. I also figured, that if this style and brand had the fewest left, it must be the best! I have hardly taken the pair off since I got them and I am even at home now.

The Fam

Colorado Springs


Best flip flops I've ever owned


I purchased my first pair of yoga mats in Las Vegas while on vacation. The minute I put the Yoga Mats on my feet, I bought a pair and haven't looked back! Since then, I've purchased 3 more pair this summer and have recommended them to many friends! My mom tried mine on and now owes 2 pair, my friend tried mine on and bought a pair. Since I've purchased my first pair, I know of at least 5 friends who have bought them! And now my 7 yr old daughter wants HER first pair! Best flip flop I've ever owned! Thank you for a great shoe!!!!


madison, wi


Flippin Fantabulous!!!!!!!


I bought these flip flops when I was pregnant and fell in love with them!!! I have had them for 2 years and recently bought a replacement pair. I never can be without them! I've never gotten a single blister or annoying pain between my toes. Never had to take a break from being on my feet all day. As long as I had these I could walk for miles and not even notice. Thank you so much for creating these incredibly awesome flip flops!!! :o)P.S. PLEASE DON'T EVER DISCONTINUE MAKING THESE!


Jacksonville, NC


Like a Tempur-Pedic Mattress for Feet :)


It's not often that I rave about sandals, but these are truly the most comfortable flip-flops I've ever owned. I live in Florida and wore flip-flops year round for most of my life, and these are amazing! The yoga mat material cushions and conforms to your foot immediately. I plan to wear these on our upcoming vacation to Jamaica. I tried to be objective and think about cons, but I really can't come up with any. (Disclaimer: I received a free pair for review on my blog. After raving about them to my husband, HE wanted a pair, so I came back to the website to buy some for him)

Rachel R

Gainesville, FL




I discovered these sandals quite by accident in Hawaii. These are by far the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn. I have arch problems, yet I can wear these and stand in them all day without any discomfort. I wear these on a daily basis no matter what the weather...except snow.... I have had this pair now for 3 years and they are still going strong!






I was on vacation in February and it was warmer weather than expected. I picked these up at a local shop and have been loving them ever since. I have the white color and I wear them with practically everything. They are way more comfortable than your average flip flop. The soft yoga mat soles are cushy and wonderful. My mom and my teenage son have both bought some for themselves and love them too. If you are going to spend money on flip flops, look no further. These are, in my opinion, the most comfortable, stylish flip flops you can buy. I am trying to decide what color to get next.


Seattle, WA


Love the Yoga Mat flip flop


I wear a 9 1/2 had to get a 10. It fits very well. I would suggest if you are a half size go the next size up. Love the way they look and feel.

Cathy the bookkeeper

Lawton, Oklahoma




I found this flip flop while looking for a replacement of others that I've cherished for several years. Wow! What an upgrade. This is the most comfortable flip flop I've ever worn...and I date back to the zorrie days of the 1960s!!! Get these now...You won't regret it. It's the nicest thing you could ever do for your feet. I'm going to buy a second pair soon. They are so comfy you don't want to even take them off at the end of the day!

Yoga mama

Manhattan Beach, CA




I bought these at a beach side shop when in desperate need of new flip flops in San Diego. I couldn't fathom spending this much on sandals but OMG am I glad I did! I tried them on, and I was sold. They live up to their name of "yoga" mat...except I think these are more comfy than a yoga mat. Foam flip flops start showing wear and tear within a few weeks if worn every day, but after wearing 99 % of the time since a year ago, my shoes are BARELY showing any wear. I need more colors! :)


Phoenix, AZ


By far the most comfortable shoe


This is the most comfortable shoe I've ever owned, and I can't believe I'm saying that about a flip flop. These sandals are cushy and comfy and great for anything, including a lot of walking. In the summer I wear them just about every day and after two summers, they are just starting to look a little warn. I tell everyone about these sandals, I even got my mom and grandmother to buy a pair. I used to wear old navy flip flops and they were so uncomfortable and would break all the time. These are so worth the money! If you want to treat your feet, buy these sandals.




Best flip flops EVER!


I wore the wrong flip flops to 6 Flags and needed a new pair that I could wear all day with no break in period. I left the park and came across the Sanuk Yoga Mat and knew right away that they would work. All day in the blazing heat and they were super comfy and didn't chafe at ALL! They actually felt like they offered cushion and support which most of my flip flops lack. I actually live in Vancouver BC and did a little hike called the Grouse Grind in them when I got home. (look it up on the internet for a laugh!) They have lasted an entire year of abuse and still look new. Buy them before someone else does!


Vancouver BC


Most Comfortable FlipFlops EVER!!!


Love, love, LOVE these flip flops! I can walk around in them all day and my feet absolutely do not get tired or sore at all. I'm a lifeguard and I'm always on the search for comfortable shoes that I can wear to work and stand in all day. The only problem is that our shoes are required to have a strap across the back. I really really wish that Sanuk would make a shoe with the same sole as these with a strap around the back. I'd buy ten pairs, and all of my lifeguard friends would be hooked! Even so, I'm buying a pair of these in every color.


Orlando, FL


Good comfort, need to work out kinks


I brought these because I was wearing out my other too fast, and needed another pair of slippers. I brought these, and boy are they comfortable. However the material they use is also their curse. Because of the cushioniness of the foot pad material, when you get the slippers wet they suck up the water, making the slipper heavier and making the cushion less cushiony until the water dries in the slippers. Overall though for use on dry land they are comfortable, however I think adding a heel arch would make this a primo sandal.

Red stapler

Honolulu, HI


8 Months Pregnant


I'm 8 months pregnant and my poor feet were killing me! I had outgrown all my shoes (my feet have grown an entire size during my pregnancy) and have been wearing nothing but Old Navy flip flops. I like the price tag on Old Navy flip flops but they were not cushy enough anymore for my sensitive feet. I tried on the Sanuk flip flops and didn't care how expensive they were, my feet NEEDED them. My only complaint is that they make the bottom of my feet hot (probably partially due to my pregnant state). I am considering buying a pair in another color (and I just bought the first pair today!).

Pregnant Feet

Boerne, Texas


The shoe that keeps giving and giving!


I bought the flip flop because it felt very cushioned and I was heading to Disney World for a 7-day vacation. I wore this sandal EVERYDAY except one afternoon. The only day I had leg or foot pain was that afternoon. I am prone to leg aches and soreness from standing for long periods of time. I was able to spend hours upon hours of standing pain free with no problem AT ALL. I am completely sold and plan to buy one of every color. I am a middle school teacher who could use this sandal to lighten the load at school.

Busy Mom of 3

Rock Hill, SC



4.7 745


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