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you need great shoes that fit perfectly

what's shoedog?

A groundbreaking shoe-fit analysis that’s completely free and takes about 10 minutes for a pro-trained Fit Expert to walk you through. Learn more about ShoeDog, then run into your local Road Runner Sports store to experience it.

When you’re wearing the perfect fit: “Bye-bye blisters, injuries & fatigue” and “Hello amazing comfort!”

how shoedog finds your perfect fit

  1. Review your stride, form & balance to find the right shoe category and cushion level
  2. Get fit from Custom Insoles to perfectly shape your shoes to your feet
  3. Pick your favorite socks to protect from blisters, odors, and wetness
  4. Shop confident with the VIP 90-Day Test Run on all shoes. Learn more.

find perfect fitting shoes today

Guiding you to perfect-fitting shoes isn’t just what we do. It’s what we believe in. We’ve fit millions of people with our free fitting process. Count on us whether you’re training for a race, working through an injury, improving fitness, or just need comfy shoes.

Our Shoe Dog gait analysis is fast, fun and free. Plus, you’ll learn more about your feet than you’ve ever known! Only at Road Runner Sports will you find a fitting process this thorough. In just 10 minutes here’s what we do:

  1. Learn About You: Mileage, Injuries, Preferences, and Goals
  2. Size your feet
  3. Map your balance and pressure points
  4. Record your feet in motion
  5. Review your run/walk with you in slow-mo
  6. Balance you with R-Gear Custom Insoles
  7. Help you choose the best socks
  8. Fit you with your perfect-fitting shoes

First, we size up your feet. Feet are the foundation of your body, so fit is crucial. Poorly fitting shoes can lead to blisters, plantar fasciitis, and even knee or back pain. That’s why we take your perfect fit seriously and have continually improved and developed our shoe fitting process for over 30 years. You’ll find the widest range of sizes at Road Runner Sports, from kids’ all the way to Men’s size 16, from 2A narrow, to 2E and 4E widths. Whatever your needs, we got you covered for all running, walking, and workout goals.

Now it’s on to the scanner to check your balance. Take a break, all you gotta’ do is stand there. Usually people put more pressure on one foot or the other, and more front or back. These unequal pressure points can lead to imbalances at your foundation which put your body out of alignment. When you’re out of alignment, you’re more prone to injuries and you’ll often experience pain points as a result. As part of our gait analysis we help put you back into balance. But first, let’s continue your fit process to see what else we can find.

While you walk or run, we record your feet and together we review your stride in super slow-mo. Most of our customers have never seen themselves run or walk from this angle and say, “I never knew I ran like that!”

We study your biomechanics for overpronation, underpronation and supination. Say what?! Your foot might flex inward, or you may stay on the outside of your foot. Essentially, your form may call for more cushion or more support. Some feet are really flexible and some more rigid. These angles at your foundation can cause knee pain, Achilles tendonitis, arch pain, IT band syndrome, hip issues, tight calves and more. But don’t worry, we’ve seen it all and have the tools to keep you pain-free as you train, race, workout, and live an active lifestyle.

As part of your best fit experience we put you back in balance. That’s where our balance station comes in. Here, we heat up flat R-Gear Custom Insoles and then you step on them so the soft foam pads of the balance station contour the warm insoles to your arches. Ready in two minutes, your custom insoles will help balance any unequal pressure while supporting your arches with hand-crafted comfort.

Out on the floor, armed with your shoe recommendation of stability, neutral or motion control, you’ll try all the best brands with a trusty fit expert as your guide. The amazed look on a customer’s face as they test their perfect-fitting shoes for the first time is what keeps us coming back for more!

Run in and experience the power of fit. You’ll believe in it too.

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