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Womens New Balance 1400v6 Racing Shoe

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Womens New Balance 1600 Racing Shoe
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What women’s shoes are best for racing?

Women’s cross country racing flats are different than ordinary running shoes. They’re designed for long distance runs, track and field, and in most cases, marathon street races. The biggest difference between women’s racing flats and standing running shoes is their heel-less design—hence the name. Heel-less racing flats for women encourage a more efficient running stride and reduce strain on injury-prone parts of the body. Say goodbye to shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendon pain. Run with a bounce and stay on the ball of your foot wearing women’s racing flats. Their featherweight fabric will have you feeling like you’re flying past your competition. Find women’s spikes or women’s running flats when you want to experience flight.

Do you sell women’s shoes for other sports?

Definitely. If you’re not a long distance runner and not into women’s racing flats, we have plenty of sport shoes for women. Instead of the racing flats women’s collection, browse performance footwear such as Hoka tennis shoes to improve your game on and off the court. If heading into nature is more your thing, don’t miss our offerings in hiking and trail shoes, as well.

Can I find men’s performance shoes as well?

Of course! Male athletes have no shortage of options to choose from at Road Runner Sports. If he’s a track and field runner, he’ll love our men’s cross country spikes. Is he a CrossFit king instead? Equip him with the Nano Reebok—the new shoe at the forefront of CrossFit performance. You’ll find options for any athlete of any gender when you shop with us online.